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W kwietniu 2012 r. ukazał się Annual Report 2011 Instytutu Łączności.

Dear Reader,

in 2011 we were acting full year under new legal frames established by the Parliament for research institutions in Poland. This is why we have changed some internal rules in the Institute: we have proposed a new Charter of the NIT (Statute, approved in May) to our supervising Ministry of Infrastructure, we have established a new Scientific Council with 24 members (in June) and a Disciplinary Commission and Spokesman responsible for the quality of our scientific activities, publications, etc. were elected (September). In paral­lel, we have implemented other new arrangements in order to improve our economic standing and operations. We have negotiated and agreed with the Trade Union Solidarity a new Collective Agreement (in August) on new rules of earnings, posts structures and work regulations.

Besides these important changes and regulations our main effort was concentrated on intense research work in our basic field, that is telecommunication. We have conducted 8 new projects, the total number of them achieved 20, in comparison to 12 only two years earlier. Financial value of them also increased from 8,0 mln PLN to 35,6 mln PLN, as a result we have achieved gross financial result 42% better than a year before (however it is still adverse, nevertheless there can be observe a significantly positive tendency of improving it from year to year).

In July 2011 we have finished Next Generation Data Communication Services and Net­works Project PBZ, ordered by the Ministry of Science and conducted during three years in co-operation with main technical universities in Poland. NIT has played important role in several subjects: decision support systems, electromagnetic compatibility, traffic management in IP nets, metrology and monitoring, digital radio networks, design tools and methods. Research results of PBZ Project were presented during the most important national conferences KKRRiT in Poznań and KSTiT in Łódź.

Another significant result was the practical implementation of the Information System for Broadband Infrastructure Inventory SIIS developed in the NIT. Production phase of this system started in March 2011, it was used by more than 9000 telecommunication companies and other entities for telecommunication infrastructure inventory destined for the Electronic Communication Office (UKE). Official report announced by the President of UKE in June 2011 noted more than 350 thousands of telecommunication objects registered in SIIS system (lines, cables, fibers, buildings, cabinets, radio stations and masts, collocation places, etc. The aim of this project is to develop useful IT tool for telecommunication investments planning and its optimal realization. The project is still on-going and will be continued in 2012, with the aim to develop next user friendly interfaces, for all parties involved in the inventory process and investments projects, based on infrastructure visualization on digital maps and with some GIS applications.

In 2011, several products developed in NIT have got new awards for best quality and innovation. Among these are: Ministry of Science Award for IT Platform for Propagation and EMC Analysis and Optimization of Wireless Telecommunication Systems (PIAST), Gold Medal on International Electronic Communication Fairs in Łódź for Control Equipment of Power Systems based on VRLA Batteries, Silver Medal in Geneva Salon International des Inven­tions and Gold Medal in Kuala Lumpur International Exhibition ITEX 2011 for the TBA 160 Equipment, and some other. We are proud of all these honorable mentions, as they prove practical importance of research works performed in NIT.

Visible result of our research and scientific activity are the publications and participation in the conferences. NIT was co-organizing 13th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks ICTON 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, together with the Royal Technical University KTH. For several years this conference has been important for the promotion of NIT competences in the world, especially in the field of optical telecommunication technology. In 2011, more than 160 articles have been also published by the Authors from NIT, 25 of them were mentioned in Journal Citation Reports and 99 were published in peer-to-peer reviewed journals. International Readers interested in this activity are kindly asked to refer also to our Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology issued by NIT quarterly, available also on our web page.

The year 2011 brought us many changes and was of significant importance for the activity of our Institute. Interested Reader will find more details further in this Annual Report and we hope you will be encouraged to contact us for any additional information.

Traditionally, let me thank to my Colleagues and Staff in the Institute for their support and achieved results, which give us good perspectives for the next year 2012.

Let me also express great thanks to the Readers of this Annual Report, especially to those who follow the third edition already. This encourages us for further work for you on more detailed and attractive form and content of these Reports.

Wojciech Hałka

Director of the Institute

Warsaw, April, 2012

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