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EU FP7 Projects ASTRON/FOX-C Special Session on
“Physical Layer Technologies for Flexible/Elastic Optical Networks"

Cartagena, Spain, June 23-27, 2013


Recent research advancements propose new technologies for the Future Network to cope with the high-capacity requirements. “Flexible”, “elastic”, “tunable”, “gridless” or “adaptive” are a few examples of the terms used by the research community to describe solutions that migrate from the fixed WDM optical networks to systems with improved and heterogeneous transmission characteristics. Conventional fixed-grid WDM networking leads to the stranded bandwidth issue, due to the coarse and rigid granularity of the system (that is, the granularity at the wavelength level), where frequently only a small portion of the fully allocated wavelength channel capacity is used.

This workshop aims at providing an insight into the emerging physical layer technologies for nodes and transceivers in a flexible network. The goal of this workshop is to educate the ICT specialists on the ongoing technological developments and pose a general question: How Close is the End of the Fixed-Grid WDM Networking Era?

The goal is to organize a fruitful discussion where experts on the topic will venture an answer to the question of the realization of the flexible networking paradigm by exploring the physical implementation of the key building blocks. In this context the FP7-ICT-2011-8 projects FOX-C and ASTRON envision the realization of the flexible network in a complementary manner; the former explores the design of the key transport and switching system solutions that can be the enablers for true bandwidth flexible and spectrally optimized optical networking while the latter the development of an integrated optical transceiver (Tx/Rx) that will enable the wide and cost-efficient deployment of flexible core networks.


Organisation Committee:

Marianna Angelou    Optronics, Greece
Panagiotis Zakynthinos    Athens Information Technology, Greece
Shalva Ben-Ezra
Finisar, Israel
Ioannis Tomkos Athens Information Technology, Greece