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The procedures to ensure the ethics of publication and prevent the bad practices:

  1. Copyright must be transferred by the author(s) to JTIT prior to publication.
  2. The work can not contain any plagiarism or has been previously published or submitted for a consideration in other journal.
  3. The work can not include content that is abusive, defamatory, libelous, obscene, fraudulent, or in violation of applicable laws, including international and national laws against the authorized disclosure of personal and private information.
  4. All papers are reviewed by suitably qualified reviewers who are appropriately selected for submissions (i.e. individuals who are able to judge the work and are free from disqualifying competing interests).
  5. Double blind review is fair, unbiased and timely. For details see Peer-review Process.
  6. See also Ghostwriting, guest authorship and plagiarism policy.

mnisw-logo_enImprovement of language quality; Assigning DOIs; Subscription to the plagiarism detection system – tasks financed under 556/P-DUN/2017 agreement from the budget of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education under the science dissemination fund.