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20th Anniversary International Conference on
Transparent Optical Networks ICTON 2018
10th Anniversary Sub-Wavelength Photonics Conference SWP 2018


Bucharest, Romania, July 1-5, 2018



PLENARY (Monday, July 2, 9:30-10:15) Chair: Marian Marciniak

Mo.A.1 Ultraslow waves and photonic quantum dynamics  on the nanoscale (Invited)
O. Hess


ICTON I (Monday, July 2, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Leonid Kazovsky

Mo.B1.1 Limits of optical fibre communication systems (Invited)
A. Ellis, F. Ferreira, Tingting Zhang, and M. Al Khateeb

Mo.B1.2 Improving the capacity of terrestrial and submarine systems via channel power optimization (Invited)
J. Krause Perin, I. Roberts, and J. M. Kahn

Mo.B1.3 Nonlinearity compensation through optical phase conjugation for improved transmission reach/rate (Invited)
F. Da Ros, M. P. Yankov, E. P. da Silva, M. Lillieholm, P. M. Kaminski, P. Guan, Hao Hu, A. T. Clausen, M. Galili, and L. K. Oxenløwe

Mo.B1.4 Interplay of pulse shaping and pre-emphasis for high symbol rate coherent transmission systems (Invited)
D. Rafique

Mo.B1.5 Impact of linear mode coupling on the nonlinear transmission performance of few-mode fibres (Invited)
F. M. Ferreira, C. S. Costa, S. Sygletos, and A. D. Ellis


ICTON II (Monday, July 2, 13:50-15:30) Chair: Uri Mahlab

Mo.C1.1 Optimal constellation shaping in optical communication systems (Invited)
Zhen Qu and I. B Djordjevic

Mo.C1.2 LDPC codes derived from quasi-cyclic code design suitable for optical communications (Invited)
Xiaole Sun and I. B. Djordjevic

Mo.C1.3 Rotationally-invariant multi-dimensional trellis coded modulation for optical transmission systems (Invited)
S. Alreesh, S. Dris, and A. Richter

Mo.C1.4 Training-aided joint frame and frequency synchronization for THP FTN coherent optical systems (Invited)
Shu Zhang, O. Omomukuyo, O. A. Dobre, Xiang Lin, and Deyuan Chang

Mo.C1.5 Impact of analogue pre-filtering for spectral roll-off improvement in spectral efficient transmitters (Invited)
A. Kaur and F. C. Garcia Gunning


ICTON III (Monday, July 2, 16:00-17:50) Chair: Andrew Ellis

Mo.D1.1 In-fiber fractional signal processing: Recent results and applications (Invited)
C. Cuadrado-Laborde, L. Poveda-Wong, A. Carrascosa, J. L. Cruz, A. Díez, and M. V. Andrés

Mo.D1.2 Reconfigurable microring resonator-based optical transmitter for elastic optical networks (Invited)
P. Doddaballapura Lakshmijayasimh, M. Hammad, C. Blumm, A. Moscoso-Martir, F. Merget, J. Witzens J. van de Belt, P.M. Anandarajah, and A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah

Mo.D1.3 Out of the 1550 nm window transmission (Invited)
J. P. Turkiewicz

Mo.D1.4 Chirp management in communication systems with picosecond data carriers using SOA (Invited)
M. S. Ahmed and I. Glesk

Mo.D1.5 All-optical demultiplexing of a 640 Gbit/s OTDM signal using bulk SOA turbo-switched Mach-Zehnder interferometer with improved differential scheme
I. Rendón-Salgado, E. Ramírez-Cruz, and R. Gutiérrez-Castrejón

Mo.D1.6 Improved design of all-optical function for 2R regeneration in high bit rate optical transmission systems
L. Graini and K. Saouchi


ICTON IV (Tuesday, July 3, 8:30-9:50) Chair: Krzysztof Walkowiak

Tu.A1.1 Comparison of different multicast approaches in elastic optical networks (Invited)
Anliang Cai, Kai Xu, and M. Zukerman

Tu.A1.2 DEPLOY tool: Incrementally planning marginless elastic optical networks (Invited)
A. Kretsis, P. Soumplis, K. Christodoulopoulos, and E. Varvarigos

Tu.A1.3 Processing and bandwidth resource allocation in multi-provider NFV cloud infrastructures interconnected by elastic optical networks (Invited)
V. Eramo and F. G. Lavacca

Tu.A1.4 Non-orthogonal multiple access for long-haul elastic optical networks (Invited)
E. Omiyi, D. Dahan, and U. Mahlab


ICTON V (Tuesday, July 3, 10:10-11:50) Chair: Ivan Glesk

Tu.B1.1 Optical white box: Modeling and implementation (Invited)
P. Castoldi, A. Giorgetti, A. Sgambelluri, G. Cecchetti, A. Ruscelli, N. Sambo, F. Paolucci, A. Morea, I. Cerutti, and F. Cugini

Tu.B1.2 Zero-touch network slicing through multi-domain transport networks (Invited)
R. Vilalta, P. Alemany, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, C. Parada, J. Bonnet, F. Vicens, and R. Muñoz

Tu.B1.3 Network-level strategies for best use of optical functionalities (Invited)
A. Minakhmetov, H. Chouman, L. Iannone, M. Lourdiane, and C. Ware

Tu.B1.4 Optical technology options for programmable S-BVT (Invited)
M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. M. Fàbrega, L. Nadal, and L. Martín

Tu.B1.5 Optical performance monitoring systems in disaggregated optical networks (Invited)
J. M. Fàbrega, M. Svaluto Moreolo, and L. Nadal


ICTON VI (Tuesday, July 3, 13:10-14:50) Chair: Ivan Djordjevic

Tu.C1.1 Precise noise calibration for CV-QKD (Invited)
H. H. Brunner, S. Bettelli, L. C. Comandar, F. Karinou, D. Hillerkuss, F. Fung, Dawei Wang, S. Mikroulis, A. Poppe, and M. Peev

Tu.C1.2 Telecom compatibility of QKD in high capacity SDM/WDM systems (Invited)
R. Lin, A. Udalcovs, O. Ozolins, X. Pang, L. Gan, L. Shen, M. Tang, S. Fu, S. Popov, C. Yang, W. Tong, D. Liu, T. Ferreira da Silva, G. B. Xavier, and J. Chen

Tu.C1.3 40 Gb/s secure optical communication system based on optical code technology (Invited)
Xu Wang, Zhensen Gao, Bo Dai, and G. Buller

Tu.C1.4 Intensity jitter suppression and quantum fluctuation for resolution improvement in photonic analog-to-digital conversion (Invited)
T. Konishi and Y. Yamasaki

Tu.C1.5 A plug-and-play synchronisation scheme for quantum networks (Invited)
B. Fedrici, L. A. Ngah, O. Alibart, F. Kaiser, L. Labonté, V. D’Auria, and S. Tanzilli


ICTON VII (Tuesday, July 3, 15:10-17:05) Chair: Moshe Zukerman

Tu.D1.1 Performance evaluation of a reconfigurable optical add drop multiplexer design for high-order regular and offset-QAM signals (Invited)
K. Vlachos, F. Ferreira, and S. Sygletos

Tu.D1.2 Anti-aliasing and data compressing techniques for time-stretch imaging system (Invited)
Xu Wang and Bo Dai

Tu.D1.3 FBG-based multidimensional QKD
I. B. Djordjevic

Tu.D1.4 FPGA implementation of real-time secure OFDM transmission using digital chaos
Ying Wang, Xuelin Yang, and Weisheng Hu

Tu.D1.5 Multi-fold physical layer data encryption using chaotic frequency hopping
Cong Geng, Xuelin Yang, Weiqiang Sun, and Weisheng Hu

Tu.D1.6 Inter-core crosstalk dependence on design parameters in coherent detection weakly-coupled multicore fiber systems
B. R. P. Pinheiro, J. L. Rebola, and A. V. T. Cartaxo

Tu.D1.7 Destination conflicts decrease in high-capacity optical LANs
P. Baziana



ICTON VIII (Wednesday, July 4, 8:30-10:25) Chair: Miguel Andrés

We.A1.1 Technology of complex optical interference filters: A survey and outlook (Invited)
J. Lumeau, T. Begou, F. Lemarchand, F. Lemarquis, and A. Moreau

We.A1.2 Fabrication of doubly-corrugated zero-contrast-grating for broadband pixelated filtering in the mid‑IR range (Invited)
L. Macé, O. Gauthier-Lafaye, A. Monmayrant, H. Camon, P. Dubreuil, L. Mazenq, M. Oussalah, A. Hervy, F. Pradal, and H. Leplan

We.A1.3 Real-time measurements of ultrafast instabilities in nonlinear fiber optics: Recent advances (Invited)
J. M. Dudley, M. Närhi, P. Ryczkowski, C. Billet, J-M. Merolla, G. Genty, and P.-A. Lacourt

We.A1.4 Optimal switching operation of PT-symmetric dimmers with nonuniform gain/loss and coupling profiles (Invited)
A. Lupu, V. V. Konotop, and H. Benisty

We.A1.5 Transforming the fiber-optic network into a dense and ultrasensitive seismic sensor array (Invited)
A. Garcia-Ruiz, R. Magalhães, L. Costa, F. J. Cobo, H. F. Martins, M. R. Fernández-Ruiz, S. Martin-Lopez, and M. Gonzalez-Herraez

We.A1.6 The fiber-wireless sensor system for temperature monitoring using Sagnac-loop interferometer
M. Mądry, P. Bąk, D. Kowalczyk, and E. Bereś-Pawlik


ICTON IX (Wednesday, July 4, 10:55-12:50) Chair: Anatole Lupu

We.B1.1 High-frame-rate single-shot spectrum measurement for ultrafast optical pulses based on optical signal processing (Invited)
N. Wada, H. Furukawa, and J. M. Delgado Mendinueta

We.B1.2 New mechanism of generation of high energy pulses from passively mode-locked fiber laser (Invited)
F. Ben Braham, G. Semaan, A. Niang, M. Salhi, A. Komarov, K. Komarov, and F. Sanchez

We.B1.3 Experimental evaluation of resonant tunnelling diode oscillators employing advanced modulation formats (Invited)
J. S. Tavares, L. M. Pessoa, and H. M. Salgado

We.B1.4 A hybrid method for solving scattering problems by complex bodies (Invited)
A. Gourdin, P. Genevet, and D. Felbacq

We.B1.5 Guided modes in periodical arrays of waveguides (Invited)
A. A. Anastasiev, A. L. Burin, M. I. Gozman, I. Ya. Polishchuk, Yu. I. Polishchuk, and E. A. Tsyvkunova

We.B1.6 Waveguide shape modelling and optimization for high channel Y-branch splitter in optical transmission systems
C. Burtscher, M. Lucki, and D. Seyringer


SDM  I (Wednesday, July 4, 14:00-15:20) Chair: Krzysztof Walkowiak

We.C1.1 Spectrally and spatially flexible optical networks: Recent developments and findings (Invited)
B. Shariati, D. Klonidis, J. Comellas, L. Velasco, and I. Tomkos

We.C1.2 Recent advances using homogeneous single-mode multicore fibers for spatial division multiplexing (Invited)
R. S. Luis, G. Rademacher, B. J. Puttnam, Y. Awaji, and N. Wada

We.C1.3 Impact of crosstalk in SDM short-reach systems in presence of multicarrier transmission (Invited)
M. Rapisarda, A. Gatto, P. Parolari, and P. Boffi

 We.C1.4 Crosstalk-induced penalty in coherent space-division multiplexing transmission (Invited)
P. Martelli and P. Boffi


SDM II (Wednesday, July 4, 15:40-17:10) Chair: Ruben Luís

We.D1.1 Nonlinear optical signal processing and generation of quantum states using intermodal four-wave mixing (Invited)
K. Rottwitt, M. A. U. Castaneda, E. N. Christensen, J. B. Christensen, and J. G. Koefoed

We.D1.2 Optical and digital key enabling techniques for SDM-based optical networks (Invited)
N. J. Muga, G. M. Fernandes, M. J. N. Lima, A. N. Pinto, P. B. André, M. Facão, and A. M. Rocha

We.D1.3 Connection provisioning in spectrally-spatially flexible optical networks with physical layer considerations (Invited)
G. Savva, K. Manousakis, B. Shariati, I. Tomkos, and G. Ellinas

We.D1.4 Impact of inter-core crosstalk on performance of spectrally-spatially flexible optical networks with B2B regeneration
K. Walkowiak, P. Lechowicz, and M. Klinkowski

We.D1.5 Coupled vs. uncoupled SDM solutions: A physical layer aware networking comparison
A. Ferrari, M. Cantono, and V. Curri


Access  I (Thursday, July 5, 8:30-9:50) Chair: Josep Segarra

Th.A1.1 Backhaul communications at 10’s of Gbps data-rate (Invited)
H. Hemmati

Th.A1.2 Filterless and semi-filterless solutions in a Metro-HAUL network architecture (Invited)
O. Ayoub, S. Shehata, F. Musumeci, and M. Tornatore

Th.A1.3 Towards 50 Gb/s in high-speed PON: Optimization of modulation formats using pre-chirping (Invited)
P. Torres-Ferrera, H. Wang, V. Ferrero, R. Mercinelli, and R. Gaudino

Th.A1.4 A new DSP-based physical layer encryption technique applied to passive optical networks (Invited)
M. L. F. Abbade, L. Silva Lessa, M. de Oliveira Santos, A. J. do Prado, and I. Aldaya


Access  II (Thursday, July 5, 10:20-11:20) Chair: Omran Ayoub

Th.B1.1 Flexible mobile fronthaul with coherent UDWDM-PON (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, and J. Prat

Th.B1.2 Direct phase modulation for UDWDM ONU with beat signals (Invited)
J. C. Velásquez, I. N. Cano, J. Tabares, V. Polo, and J. Prat

Th.B1.3 XGPON statistical multiplexing analysis with heterogeneous users (Invited)
A. Gupta, C. Mas Machuca, and A. Dixit


GOWN I (Monday, July 2, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Carmo Medeiros

Mo.B2.1 Performance analysis of radio-over-fiber based on phase-modulation and direct-detection for the future 5G network (Invited)
M. Emmaeinna, S. Faci, A.-L. Billabert, A. Kabalan, C. Algani, and M. L. Diakité

Mo.B2.2 Enhanced capacity of radio over fiber links using polarization multiplexed signal transmission (Invited)
N. Badraoui and T. Berceli

Mo.B2.3 Flexible fog computing and telecom architecture for 5G networks (Invited)
L. Velasco and M. Ruiz

Mo.B2.4 Design and planning for fiber-based small cell backhauling (Invited)
C. Lim, C. Ranaweera, E. Wong, and A. Nirmalathas

Mo.B2.5 Supporting low-latency applications through hybrid cost-optimised cloudlet placement (Invited)
S. Mondal, G. Das, and E. Wong

Mo.B2.6 Analog radio-over-fiber solutions for 5G communications in the beyond-CPRI era (Invited)
G. Giannoulis, N. Argyris, N. Iliadis, G. Poulopoulos, K. Kanta, H. Avramopoulos, and D. Apostolopoulos


GOWN II (Monday, July 2, 14:10-16:05) Chair: Christina Lim

Mo.C2.1 A method to increase the capacity of a millimeter wave radio-over-fiber system (Invited)
M. K. Eghbal, F. Aminian, and M. Shadaram

Mo.C2.2 Graphene for optically transparent telecommunication devices (Invited)
M. Grande, G. V. Bianco, D. Laneve, P. Capezzuto, V. Petruzzelli,  M. Scalora, F. Prudenzano, G. Bruno, and A. D’Orazio

Mo.C2.3 A comparative analysis of community developed resource models for the optical transport network: A series of findings from the field (Invited)
D. King and D. Hutchison

Mo.C2.4 On upper bound for the third order intercept point of mixers (Invited)
J. Ladvánszky

Mo.C2.5 Semiconductor laser models suitability to assess laser noise effects on optically generated millimeter wave signals (Invited)
B. M. Oliveira, P. Almeida, and M. C. R. Medeiros

Mo.C2.6 Mitigation of nonlinear distortions in a mmWave OFDM photonic link employing digital signal pre-processing
B. M. Oliveira, A. Lorences-Riego, P. M. Monteiro, and M. C. R. Medeiros


OWW I (Monday, July 2, 16:35-17:35) Chair: Norbert Hanik

Mo.D2.1 Optical wireless communications and optical sensing and detection technologies for increasing the reliability and safety in autonomous driving scenarios (Invited)
E. Leitgeb, T. Plank, P. Pezzei, H. Ivanov, and R. Pérez-Jiménez

Mo.D2.2 On-chip wireless optical communication: From antenna design to channel modelling (Invited)
G. Calò, G. Bellanca, F. Fuschini, M. Barbiroli, A. E. Kaplan, M. Bozzetti, B. Alam, P. Bassi, and V. Petruzzelli

Mo.D2.3 An optical network communication system performance using silicon photo multipliers (SiPM) (Invited)
R. M. Gutierrez and A. I. Hernandez

Mo.D2.4 (Cancelled)


OWW II (Tuesday, July 3, 8:30-9:50) Chair: Jan Latal

Tu.A2.1 Estimating the modulation characteristics of white LEDs by their color temperature (Invited)
K. Richter, S Aleksic, and C.-A. Bunge

Tu.A2.2 High-bandwidth organic light-emitting diodes for ultra-low cost visible-light communication links (Invited)
P. de Souza, N. Bamiedakis, K. Yoshida, P. P. Manousiadis, G. A. Turnbull, I. D. W. Samuel, R. V. Penty, and I. H. White

Tu.A2.3 InGaN/GaN laser diodes and their applications (Invited)
S. Watson, S. Gwyn, S. Viola, G. Giuliano, T. J. Slight, S. Stanczyk, S. Grzanka, A. Yadav, D. Rowe, L. Laycock, K. E. Docherty, E. Rafailov, P. Perlin, S. Najda, M. Leszczynski, and A. E. Kelly

Tu.A2.4 Illumination and communication characteristics of YAG:Ce phosphor powders (Invited)
J. Vitasek, J. Jargus, J. Latal, T. Stratil, and Z. Wilček


OWW III (Tuesday, July 3, 10:20-11:35) Chair: Christian-Alexander Bunge

Tu.B2.1 Variable data rate for free space optical low earth orbit downlinks (OLEODL) (Invited)
A. Shrestha, D. Giggenbach, and N. Hanik

Tu.B2.2 Simulation and measurement of atmospheric effect on optical beam (Invited)
J. Latal, J. Vitasek, M. Bojko, J. Skrinsky, T. Stratil, Z. Wilcek, and J. Kolar

Tu.B2.3 A simple user grouping and pairing scheme for non-orthogonal multiple access in VLC system
E. M. Almohimmah, M. T. Alresheedi, A. F. Abas, and J. Elmirghani


FiWiN5G (Tuesday, July 3, 12:45-14:25) Chair: Malik Muhammad

Tu.C2.1 Performance evaluation of NETCONF-based low latency cross-connect for 5G C-RAN architectures (Invited)
B. Andrus, A. Autenrieth, S. Pachnicke, S. Zou, J.J. V. Olmos, and I. T. Monroy

Tu.C2.2 A C-RAN based 5G platform with a fully virtualized, SDN controlled optical/wireless fronthaul (Invited)
K. Ramantas, A. Antonopoulos, E. Kartsakli, P.-V. Mekikis, J. Vardakas, and C. Verikoukis

Tu.C2.3 Medium-transparent packet-based fronthauling for 5G Hot-spot networks (Invited)
G. Kalfas, P. Maniotis, A. Mesodiakaki, S. Papaioannou, Ch. Vagionas, M. Gatzianas, E. Kartsakli, and J. Vardakas

Tu.C2.4 Optical access network solutions for 5G fronthaul (Invited)
F. Ponzini, K. Kondepu, F. Giannone, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi

Tu.C2.5 Millimeter-wave real-time all-digital transmitter with electro-optical upconversion (Invited)
S. S. Pereira, A. Lorences-Riesgo, D. C. Dinis, A. S. R. Oliveira, J. N. Vieira, and P. P. Monteiro


GOC (Tuesday, July 3, 14:55-17:00) Chair: Piero Castoldi

Tu.D2.1 Optimal design of 5G networks in rural zones with UAVs, optical rings, solar panels and batteries (Invited)
L. Chiaraviglio, L. Amorosi, N. Blefari-Melazzi, P. Dell’Olmo, C. Natalino, and P. Monti

Tu.D2.2 Design considerations for an energy-aware SDN-based architecture in 5G EPON nodes (Invited)
H. Khalili, P. S. Khodashenas, D. Rincon, S. Siddiqui, J. R. Piney, and S. Sallent

Tu.D2.3 Models for evaluating power saving techniques in flexible optical access networks (Invited)
S. Garg and A. Dixit

Tu.D2.4 Long wavelength VCSELs exploitation for low-cost and low-power consumption metro and access networks (Invited)
P. Parolari, A. Gatto, and P. Boffi

Tu.D2.5 Energy efficiency of server-centric PON data center architecture for fog computing
S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Tu.D2.6 Energy efficiency of fog computing health monitoring applications
I. S. M. Isa, M. O. I. Musa, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, A. Q. Lawey, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Tu.D2.7 Energy efficient service distribution in internet of things
B. Yosuf, M. Musa, T. El-Gorashi, A. Q. Lawey, and J. M. H. Elmirghani


5GT I (Wednesday, July 4, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Piero Castoldi

We.A2.1 End-to-end 5G service deployment and orchestration in optical networks with QoE guarantees (Invited)
R. Montero, F. Agraz, A. Pagès, and S. Spadaro

We.A2.2 Testing facilities for end-to-end test of vertical applications enabled by 5G networks: Eindhoven 5G Brainport testbed (Invited)
I. Tafur Monroy, T. R. Raddo, S. Rommel, C. Okonkwo, N. Calabretta, U. Johannsen, G. Dubbelman, J. Scholtes, and B. Rutten

We.A2.3 Recent developments in service function chaining (SFC) and network slicing in backhaul and metro networks in support of 5G (Invited)
A. Farrel

We.A2.4 Optical fronthaul options for meeting 5G requirements (Invited)
N. J. Gomes and P. Assimakopoulos

We.A2.5 Planning of resilient OFDM-PON in support of 5G backhaul (Invited)
Yejun Liu and Lei Guo


5GT II (Wednesday, July 4, 10:30-12:25) Chair: Carlos Natalino da Silva

We.B2.1 Encapsulation techniques and traffic characterisation of an Ethernet-based 5G fronthaul (Invited)
F. Civerchia, K. Kondepu, F. Giannone, S. Doddikrinda, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi

We.B2.2 Photonic systems and devices for 5G (Invited)
R. Sabella and L. Potì

We.B2.3 Dimensioning of OTN/WDM rings for the transport of Ethernet/CPRI flows in 5G scenario
V. Eramo, M. Listanti, F.G. Lavacca, and P. Iovanna

We.B2.4 Survivable BBU placement for C-RAN over optical aggregation networks
M. Shehata, O. Ayoub, F. Musumeci, and M. Tornatore

We.B2.5 A low-latency traffic estimation based TDM-PON mobile front-haul for small cell cloud-RAN employing feed-forward artificial neural network
A. M. Mikaeil, Weisheng Hu, and S. B. Hussain

We.B2.6 Experimental validation of hybrid WDM/SDM signal delivery for mobile fronthaul over PONs using SDN-enabled sliceable bitrate variable transceivers
J. M. Fabrega, L. Nadal, R. Casellas, M. Svaluto Moreolo, F. J. Vílchez, R. Vilalta, R. Martínez, R. Muñoz, S. Sales, I. Gasulla, and J. Capmany

We.B2.7 Transmission of CPRI signals along weakly-coupled multicore fibers for support of 5G networks
A. S. Marques, J. L. Rebola, and A. V. T. Cartaxo


MARS (Wednesday, July 4, 13:35-15:10) Chair: Berta Neto

We.C2.1 Recent progresses in Chinese telecom and photonics (Invited)
Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu

We.C2.2 The social-economic impact of fiber broadband penetration: A hype or a reality? (Invited)
Jie Li and M. Forzati

We.C2.3 Techno-economics for optimal deployment of optical fronthauling for 5G in large urban areas (Invited)
G. Arévalo, R. Gaudino, and M. Tipan

We.C2.4 Introduction of 12 cores optical amplifiers in optical transport network: Performance study and economic impact (Invited)
J. Thouras, E. Pincemin, D. Amar, P. Gravey, M. Morvan, and M.-L. Moulinard

We.C2.5 An insight into the total cost of ownership of 5G fronthauling
A. Udalcovs, M. Levantesi, R. Gaudino, P. Urban, D. A. A. Mello, O. Ozolins, and P. Monti


RONEXT I (Wednesday, July 4, 15:30-16:50) Chair: Jose Marzo

We.D2.1 Resilient optical networks (Invited)
V. W. S. Chan

We.D2.2 A proactive restoration strategy for optical cloud networks based on failure predictions (Invited)
C. Natalino, F. Coelho, G. Lacerda, A. Braga, L. Wosinska, and P. Monti

We.D2.3 Pre-emptive detection and localization of failures towards marginless operations of optical networks (Invited)
C. Delezoide, K. Christodoulopoulos, A. Kretsis, N. Argyris, G. Kanakis, A. Sgambelluri, N. Sambo, P. Giardina, G. Bernini, D. Roccato, A. Percelsi, R. Morro, H. Avramopoulos, E. Varvarigos, P. Castoldi, P. Layec, and S. Bigo

We.D2.4 Integrated OAM and transport SDN architecture for automatic and dynamic restoration of signal-degraded connections within flexi-grid optical networks (Invited)
R. Martínez, R. Casellas, J. M. Fàbrega, R. Vilalta, R. Muñoz, F. J. Vilchez, L. Nadal, M. Svaluto Moreolo, A. Villafranca, and P. Sevillano


RONEXT II (Thursday, July 5, 8:30-10:05) Chair: Josep Fàbrega

Th.A2.1 Implementing CoS in EON protection and restoration schemes to preserve network resources (Invited)
M. Stapleton, K. Maamoun, and H. T. Mouftah

Th.A2.2 Upgrading links with ultra-low loss fibers in a survivable elastic optical network (Invited)
Yongcheng Li, Kai Xu, Xiaodong Fu, Sanjay K. Bose, and Gangxiang Shen

Th.A2.3 Capacity increase and hardware savings in DWDM networks exploiting next-generation optical line interfaces (Invited)
J. Pedro and S. Pato

Th.A2.4 Performance of hitless defragmentation scheme in quasi 1+1 path protected elastic optical networks (Invited)
B. C. Chatterjee and E. Oki

Th.A2.5 Impact of link failures on the performance of MapReduce in data center networks
S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani


RONEXT III (Thursday, July 5, 10:35-11:55) Chair: Vincent Chan

Th.B2.1 Generation and distribution of oblivious keys through quantum communications (Invited)
A. N. Pinto, M. F. Ramos, N. A. Silva, and N. J. Muga

Th.B2.2 Key generation and distribution using phase fluctuation in classical fiber channel (Invited)
A. A. E. Hajomer, Xuelin Yang, A. Sultan, Weiqiang Sun, and Weisheng Hu

Th.B2.3 Resilient controller location under targeted attacks (Invited)
S. Gomez-Cosgaya, E. Calle, and J. L. Marzo

Th.B2.4 Optimized Clos OXC architecture and performance (Invited)
M. Bănică and V. Croitoru


Flex-ON (Monday, July 2, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Armando Nolasco Pinto

Mo.B3.1 Geometrically-shaped 64-point constellations via achievable information rates (Invited)
B. Chen, C. Okonkwo, D. Lavery, and A. Alvarado

Mo.B3.2 Quality of transmission estimator enabling the transparency paradigm in legacy IMDD networks (Invited)
E. Virgillito, S. Straullu, M. Cantono, A. Castoldi, R. Pastorelli, P. Savio, S. Abrate, and V. Curri

Mo.B3.3 Impact of crosstalk estimation methods on the performance of spectrally and spatially flexible optical networks (Invited)
M. Klinkowski and K. Walkowiak

Mo.B3.4 Scalability analysis of spectrally-spatially flexible optical networks with back-to-back regeneration (Invited)
K. Walkowiak, M. Klinkowski, and P. Lechowicz

Mo.B3.5 On the capacity and scalability of metro transport architectures for ubiquitous service delivery (Invited)
A. Eira, N. Costa, and J. Pedro

Mo.B3.6 Disaggregation of the optical layer for more cost-effective metro networks
T. Lameiras, M. Mussolin, P. S. André, and B. Pereira


NetOrch (Monday, July 2, 14:05-15:55) Chair: Andrea Fumagalli

Mo.C3.1 Latency-aware network service orchestration over an SDN-controlled multi-layer transport infrastructure (Invited)
S. Fichera, R. Martínez, B. Martini, M. Gharbaoui, R. Casellas, R. Vilalta, R. Muñoz, and P. Castoldi

Mo.C3.2 Monitoring intent for optical channel defragmentation in software-defined elastic optical networks (Invited)
Q. Pham_Van, D. Verchere, P. Layec, A. Dupas, F. Ilchmann, L. Dembeck, H. Tran-Quang, and D. Zeghlache

Mo.C3.3 A two-layer network solution for reliable and efficient host-to-host transfer of big data
A. Ferrari, M. Cantono, B. Mirkhanzadeh, Zhen Lu, A. Shakeri, Chencheng Shao, M. Tacca, M. Razo, A. Fumagalli, G. Martinelli, G. M. Galimberti, and V. Curri

Mo.C3.4 Accelerating VNF-based deep packet inspection with the use of GPUs
I. M. Araújo, C. Natalino, Á. L. Santana, D. L. Cardoso

Mo.C3.5 Metro-Haul: SDN control and orchestration of disaggregated optical networks with model-driven development (Invited)
R. Casellas, R. Martínez, R. Vilalta, and R. Muñoz

Mo.C3.6 Hierarchical and recursive NFV service platform for end-to-end network service orchestration across multiple NFVI domains (Invited)
R. Muñoz, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, F. Vicens, J. Martrat, V. López, and D. López



BigNeO I (Monday, July 2, 16:25-18:05) Chair: Marc Ruiz

Mo.D3.1 When and how to apply statistics, machine learning and deep learning techniques (Tutorial)
J. L. Berral

Mo.D3.2 Examples of machine learning algorithms for optical network control and management (Invited)
A. P. Vela, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco


BigNeO II (Tuesday, July 3, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Luis Velasco

Tu.A3.1 Automated optical networks with monitoring and machine learning (Invited)
F. Boitier and P. Layec

Tu.A3.2 Enabling data analytics and machine learning for 5G services within disaggregated multi-layer transport networks (Invited)
R. Casellas, R. Martínez, L. Velasco, R. Vilalta, P. Pavón, D. King, and R. Muñoz

Tu.A3.3 Deep learning-based traffic prediction for network optimization (Invited)
S. Troia, R. Alvizu, Y. Zhou, G. Maier, and A. Pattavina

Tu.A3.4 Evaluating machine learning models for QoT estimation (Invited)
R. M. Morais and J. Pedro

Tu.A3.5 Machine learning based optimal modulation format prediction for physical layer network planning (Invited)
D. Rafique


BigNeO III (Tuesday, July 3, 10:40-12:00) Chair: Alba Vela

Tu.B3.1 CASTOR: A monitoring and data analytics architecture to support autonomic domain and slice networking (Invited)
L. Gifre, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Tu.B3.2 Optimization-as-a-service for traffic-engineering SDN applications (Invited)
J.-L. Izquierdo-Zaragoza and L. Velasco

Tu.B3.3 Maximizing the capacity of installed optical fiber infrastructure via wideband transmission (Invited)
J. K. Fischer, M. Cantono, V. Curri, R.-P. Braun, N. Costa, J. Pedro, E. Pincemin, P. Doaré, C Le Boüetté, and A. Napoli

Tu.B3.4 Net2Plan-GIS: An open-source Net2Plan extension integrating GIS data for 5G network planning (Invited)
J.L. Romero-Gazquez, M.V. Bueno-Delgado, F.J. Moreno-Muro, and P. Pavon-Marino


BigNeO IV (Tuesday, July 3, 13:10-14:45) Chair: Jaume Comellas

Tu.C3.1 Make-before-break wavelength defragmentation (Invited)
B. Jaumard, H. Pouya, and D. Coudert

Tu.C3.2 Anticipating BER degradation in optical networks (Invited)
A. P. Vela, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Tu.C3.3 Optimizing backup fibers in passive optical networks (Invited)
M. Żotkiewicz

Tu.C3.4 Soft failure localization in elastic optical networks (Invited)
A.P. Vela, B. Shariati, M. Ruiz, J. Comellas, and L. Velasco

Tu.C3.5 Impact of selected input features for lightpath feasibility validation using artificial neural networks
R. M. Morais and J. Pedro


BigNeO V (Tuesday, July 3, 15:05-17:05) Chair: Behnam Shariati

Tu.D3.1 Genetic algorithm for effective service mapping in the optical backhaul of 5G networks (Invited)
L. Ruiz, R. J. Durán, I. de Miguel, P. S. Khodashenas, J. J. Pedreno-Manresa, N. Merayo, J. C. Aguado, P. Pavon-Marino, S. Siddiqui, J. Mata, P. Fernández, R. M. Lorenzo, and E. J. Abril

Tu.D3.2 Distributed location algorithms for flexible BBU hotel placement in C-RAN (Invited)
C. Raffaelli, B. M. Khorsandi, and F. Tonini

Tu.D3.3 Metro-flow traffic modelling for cognitive adaptation of core virtual network topologies (Invited)
F. Morales, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Tu.D3.4 Performance evaluation of the VNT reconfiguration algorithm based on traffic prediction (Invited)
F. Morales, P. Festa, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Tu.D3.5 Combining electronic layer protection and pre-planned optical restoration for improved and resource efficient reliability (Invited)
Zhen Lu, A. Shakeri, M. Razo, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli, G. M. Galimberti, and G. Martinelli

Tu.D3.6 An improved analytical model for the estimation of blocking probability in WDM networks with first-fit wavelength assignment (Invited)
Tianliang Zhang, A. Samadian, A. Shakeri, M. Razo, M. Tacca, and A. Fumagalli


DACINT I (Wednesday, July 4, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Aleksejs Udalcovs

We.A3.1 Multidimensional multiplexing in multicore fibre for hybrid optical backhaul provision: The XCORE approach (Invited)
R. Llorente, M. Morant, J. S. Bruno, V. Almenar, J. L. Corral, J. M. Fuster, and J. Valls

We.A3.2 Design trade-offs of high-speed energy-efficient modulators for short-range optical interconnect (Invited)
S. Hosseini, N. K. Kamutam, M. Catuneanu, and K. Jamshidi

We.A3.3 Application of all-optical memory for advanced modulation formats in communication intra-datacenter networks (intra-DCNs) (Invited)
Y. Ben Ezra and B. I. Lembrikov

We.A3.4 Sub-μs latency high-port optical packet switch fabrics for disaggregated computing: The Hipoλaos OPS architecture (Invited)
M. Moralis-Pegios, N. Terzenidis, G. Mourgias-Alexandris, K. Vyrsokinos, and N. Pleros

We.A3.5 Short reach optical interconnects with single externally modulated laser operated in C-band (Invited)
O. Ozolins, Xiaodan Pang, A. Udalcovs, Lu Zhang, R. Schatz, U. Westergren, G. Jacobsen, S. Popov, and Jiajia Chen


WAOR I (Wednesday, July 4, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Josep Solé-Pareta

We.B3.1 Classes of service defined by soft trunk reservation technique in elastic optical networks (Invited)
L. H. Bonani, J. C. F. Queiroz, and M. A. Deffert

We.B3.2 Periodic defragmentation in elastic optical networks (Invited)
J. Comellas, L. Vicario, and G. Junyent

We.B3.3 Network function virtualization aware offline embedding problem using squatting-kicking strategy for elastic optical networks (Invited)
A. El-mekkawi, X. Hesselbach, and J.-R. Piney

We.B3.4 Optical RAM and optical CAM architectures for disintegrated computing and high-speed routing applications (Invited)
T. Alexoudi, C. Vagionas, P. Maniotis, and A. Miliou

We.B3.5 Supervised machine learning techniques for quality of transmission assessment in optical networks (Invited)
J. Mata, I. de Miguel, R. J. Durán, J. C. Aguado, N. Merayo, L. Ruiz, P. Fernández, R. M. Lorenzo, E. J. Abril, and I. Tomkos


WAOR II (Wednesday, July 4, 13:30-15:05) Chair: Manos Varvarigos

We.C3.1 Elastic networks thematic network results I: Planning and control of flex-grid/SDM (Invited)
F. J. Moreno-Muro, R. Rumipamba-Zambrano, J. Perelló, P. Pavón-Mariño, J. Solé-Pareta, R. Martínez, R. Casellas, R. Vilalta, R. Muñoz, J. Mata, L. Ruiz, N. Merayo, I. de Miguel, and R. J. Durán

We.C3.2 Elastic networks thematic network results II: Edge computing and wireless support (Invited)
X, Masip, E. Marín, A. Jurnet, P. Reviriego, R. Flores, C. Lentisco, D. Fernández, L. Bellido, S. Gómez, E. Calle, G. Otero, J. Hernandez, and D. Larrabeiti

We.C3.3 Optimal design of filterless optical networks (Invited)
B. Jaumard and Yan Wang

We.C3.4 Enabling multipath optical routing with hybrid differential delay compensation (Invited)
R. Alvizu, V. Soto, S. Troia, and G. Maier

We.C3.5 Performance of dispersion-reduced wavelength assignment in wavelength-routed optical networks
B. C. Chatterjee, N. Sarma, A. Mitra, A. Srivastava, N. Stol, and E. Oki


WAOR III (Wednesday, July 4, 15:30-17:10) Chair: Xavier Hesselbach

We.D3.1 ALLIANCE project: Architecting a knowledge-defined 5G enabled network infrastructure (Invited)
D. Careglio, S. Spadaro, A. Cabellos, J. A. Lazaro, J. Perelló, P. Barlet, J. M. Gené, and J. Paillissé

We.D3.2 Wavelength and space division packet super-channel switching system for future data center optical networks with a switching capacity of 53.3 Tb/s/port (Invited)
J. M. Delgado Mendinueta, S. Shinada, Y. Hirota, R. Soares Luís, H. Furukawa, and N. Wada

We.D3.3 Analysis of artificial intelligence-based metaheuristic algorithm for MPLS network optimization (Invited)
M. Masood, M. M. Fouad, and I. Glesk

We.D3.4 Overview of South-Bound interfaces for software-defined optical networks (Invited)
M. Garrich and A. Bravalheri

We.D3.5 Advanced routing strategy with highly-efficient fabric-wide characterization for optical integrated switches (Invited)
Qixiang Cheng, Yishen Huang, M. Bahadori, M. Glick, S. Rumley, and K. Bergman


DACINT II (Thursday, July 5, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Jarosław Turkiewicz

Th.A3.1 The Synopsys software environment to design and simulate photonic integrated circuits: A case study for 400G transmission (Invited)
E. Ghillino, E. Virgillito, P. V. Mena, R. Scarmozzino, R. Stoffer, D. Richards, A. Ghiasi, A. Ferrari, M. Cantono, A. Carena, and V. Curri

Th.A3.2 Cost and power consumption comparison of 400Gbps intra-datacenter transceiver modules (Invited)
T. Rokkas, I. Neokosmidis, and I. Tomkos

Th.A3.3 Towards high speed and low power silicon photonic data links (Invited)
D. J. Thomson, K. Debnath, Weiwei Zhang, Ke Li, Shenghao Liu, Fanfan Meng, A. Z. Khokhar, C. Littlejohns, J. Byers, L. Mastronardi, M. K. Husain, F. Y. Gardes, S. Saito, Xia Chen, M. M. Milosevic, Y. Franz, A. F. J. Runge, S. Mailis, A. C. Peacock, P. Wilson, and G. T. Reed

Th.A3.4 Multi-section semiconductor optical amplifiers for data centre networks (Invited)
M. Hammad, A. Anchal, S. O’Duill, P. Landais, A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, and P. M. Anandarajah

Th.A3.5 Silicon modulators for the generation of advanced modulation formats (Invited)
D. Perez-Galacho, L. Bramerie, C. Baudot, M. Chaibi, S. Messaoudène, N. Vulliet, L. Vivien, F. Boeuf, C. Peucheret, and D. Marris-Morini


DACINT III (Thursday, July 5, 10:40-12:15) Chair: Jarosław Turkiewicz

Th.B3.1 Transceiver scaling and the IPSR-I roadmap (Invited)
M. Glick, H. Rastegarfar, R. C. Pfahl Jr., and L. C. Kimerling

Th.B3.2 PAM-4 and DMT for inter-data center connections and 5G fronthaul applications (Invited)
H. Griesser, N. Eiselt, A. Dochhan, M. Eiselt, and J.-P. Elbers

Th.B3.3 400G Interconnects for data centres and high-performance computing – What is now and what is next? (Invited)
J. J. Vegas Olmos, J. J. Mohr, S. B. Christensen, K. E. Skouby, and J. P. Turkiewicz

Th.B3.4 Probabilistically shaped 8-PAM suitable for data centers communication
Xiao Han and I. B. Djordjevic


SWP I (Monday, July 2, 10:40-12:00) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

Mo.B4.1 Graphene/silicon Schottky junction solar cells (Invited - moved to NAON III session)
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell’Olio, G. Brunetti, D. Conteduca, and M. N. Armenise

Mo.B4.2 Photocurrent generation with transition metal nitrides and transition metal carbides (Invited)
S. Ishii, S. L. Shinde, and T. Nagao

Mo.B4.3 Solar module using dye-sensitized solar cells (Invited)
M. H. Buraidah, L. P. Teo, Shahan Shah, M. A. Careem, I. Albinsson, B.-E. Mellander, and A. K. Arof

Mo.B4.4 Advanced light harnessing features in solar cell device simulations (Invited)
A. Quandt, T. Aslan, I. Mokgosi, and R. Warmbier

Mo.B4.5 Tamm polaritons and cavity modes in the FIR range (Invited)
J. Silva and M. Vasilevskiy


SWP II (Monday, July 2, 13:50-15:30) Chair: Alexander Quandt

Mo.C4.1 Effect on the coupling between patterned disordered emitters and surface plasmons (Invited)
K. Chevrier, J.M. Benoit, C. Symonds, and J. Bellessa

Mo.C4.2 Phonon-polariton-based route to enhanced directional thermal emission (Invited)
S. Foteinopoulou and G. C. R. Devarapu

Mo.C4.3 Modulated 3D cross-correlation dynamic light scattering of magnetic nanoparticle inks (Invited)
E. Frau and S. Schintke

Mo.C4.4 Structuring of magnetic nanoparticle fluids for decorative and functional printing and coating (Invited)
N. Fosso, E. Frau, and S. Schintke

Mo.C4.5 Novel effects and functionalities in subwavelength photonic and plasmonic (nano)structures (Invited)
P. Kwiecien, I. Richter, J. Petráček, V. Kuzmiak, and J. Čtyroký


SWP III (Monday, July 2, 16:00-17:55) Chair: Radu Hristu

Mo.D4.1 Nonlinear optical phenomena in silicon-smectic A liquid crystal (SALC) waveguiding structures (Invited)
B. I. Lembrikov, D. Ianetz, and Y. Ben-Ezra

Mo.D4.2 Third harmonic generation of azo-based thin films (Invited)
K. Waszkowska, S. Slassi, A. Amine, A. El-Ghayoury, and B. Sahraoui

Mo.D4.3 Second-harmonic generation by Mie-resonant nanoparticles with bulk quadratic nonlinearity (Invited)
D. A. Smirnova, I. I. Volkovskaya, and A. I. Smirnov

Mo.D4.4 Optical nonlinearities in strained silicon (Invited)
L. Vivien

Mo.D4.5 Nonlinear optical properties of oxide thin films (Invited)
A. Zawadzka, P. Płóciennik, K. Waszkowska, D. Guichaoua, and B. Sahraoui

Mo.D4.6 Physical properties of oxide thin films
P. Płóciennik, A. Zawadzka, K. Wiśniewski, and Z. Łukasiak


SWP IV (Tuesday, July 3, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Denis Tranca

Tu.A4.1 Functionalized methacrylic thiazolidinone polymer for optical applications (Invited)
D. Guichaoua, K. Waszkowska, V. Smokal, O. Kharchenko, B. Kulyk, O. Krupka, A. Migalska-Zalas, and B. Sahraoui

Tu.A4.2 Three-dimensional photonic structures fabricated by two-photon polymerization for microfluidics and microneedles (Invited)
C. Plamadeala, S. R. Gosain, S. Purkhart, B. Buchegger, W. Baumgartner, and J. Heitz

Tu.A4.3 Recent advances in unusual optical coatings for flexible device applications (Invited)
Young Min Song, Gil Ju Lee, and Young Jin Yoo

Tu.A4.4 Ultrafast scanning electron microscopy (USEM) to probe charge dynamics  at surfaces of  oxide thin films (Invited)
S. M. Pietralunga, V. Sala, C. Manzoni, G. Cerullo, G. Lanzani, G. Irde, M. Zani, and A. Tagliaferri

Tu.A4.5 Management of light patterns based on local Hilbert transform (Invited)
K. Staliunas, W. Ahmed, M. Botey, R. Herrero, Z. Hayran, and H. Kurt


SWP V (Tuesday, July 3, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Catalin Stoichita

Tu.B4.1 Tapered optical fibers for optogenetics: Ray tracing modeling (Invited)
E. Maglie, M. Pisanello, F. Pisano, E. Bellistri, L. Sileo, M. De Vittorio, and F. Pisanello

Tu.B4.2 Optical approaches to study cell invasiveness: From 2 photon lithography to optogenetics (Invited)
B. Spagnolo, M. Pisanello, L. Sileo, F. Pisano, F. Pisanello, and M. De Vittorio

Tu.B4.3 Al2O3 microresonator based passive and active biosensors (Invited)
M. de Goede, L. Chang, M. Dijkstra, R. Obregón, J. Ramón-Azcón, E. Martínez, L. Padilla, J. Adan, F. Mitjans, and S. M. García-Blanco

Tu.B4.4 Geometrical-optics based spectrophotometry (Invited)
M. Marsan, M. Lucidi, and G. Cincotti

Tu.B4.5 Methods and applications of near-field subsurface diagnostics (Invited)
K. P. Gaikovich


SWP VI (Tuesday, July 3, 13:30-15:05) Chair: Johannes Heitz

Tu.C4.1 Light confinement in resonators based on Bloch surface waves (Invited)
D. Aurelio, T. Perani, and M. Liscidini

Tu.C4.2 Polymeric strip to double slot waveguide coupler (Invited)
J. Chovan and F. Uherek

Tu.C4.3 Towards optical sensors for the characterization of liquid sprays (Invited)
C. Vigreux, A. Taleb-Bendiab, R. Escalier, A. Pradel, R. Kribich, A. Ducanchez, and R. Bendoula

Tu.C4.4 Non-invasive respiration monitoring system based on smart sensor mat embedded with optical fiber interferometer (Invited)
Changyuan Yu, Shihang Bian, Ying Shen, Wei Xu, and Cheungchuen Yu

Tu.C4.5 Optical sensing device through monitoring cut-off wavelength of asymmetric transmission
N. Yilmaz, A. Ozer, F. T. Bagci, O. O. Kilic, T. Yildirim, A. Ozdemir, H. Kocer, and H. Kurt


SWP VII (Tuesday, July 3, 15:25-17:00) Chair: Trevor Benson

Tu.D4.1 Initial investigation for the fabrication of hyperbolic metamaterials based on ultra-thin Au layers (Invited)
J. Sukham, O. Takayama, A. Lavrinenko, and R. Malureanu

Tu.D4.2 Controlling the near-field of metasurfaces for free-electron multi-harmonic hard X-ray sources (Invited)
G. Rosolen, Liang Jie Wong, N. Rivera, B. Maes, M. Soljacic, and I. Kaminer

Tu.D4.3 Harmonic generation in semiconductor superlattices with applications to the 100 GHz to the 1 THz range (Invited)
M. F. Pereira, V. Anfertev, and V. Vaks

Tu.D4.4 Differential charge carrier lifetime investigated in a blue InGaN LED at operational conditions (Invited)
R. Tomašiūnas, I. Reklaitis, L. Krencius, P. Vitta, S. Karpov, H. J. Lugauer, and M. Strassburg

Tu.D4.5 Off-axis vortex beams diffracted by a circular grating
D. A. Savelyev and A V. Ustinov


SWP VIII (Wednesday, July 4, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Crina Cojocaru

We.A4.1 Cloaking on demand based on scattering cancelation (Invited)
Z. Hayran, R. Herrero, M. Botey, H. Kurt, and K. Staliunas

We.A4.2 All-dielectric metasurfaces as an efficient tool for electromagnetic waves manipulation (Invited)
P. Kapitanova, A. Sayanskiy, M. Odit, A. Miroshnichenko, A. Lavrinenko, and P. Belov

We.A4.3 Light manipulations with metasurfaces in visible and infrared spectrum: Asymmetric transmission and tunability with phase change materials (Invited)
H. Kurt, A. Özer, and H. Kocer

We.A4.4 2-level hierarchical metamaterials obtained using segregation process and nanostructurization (Invited)
T. Stefaniuk

We.A4.5 Parity-time (PT) symmetry in chiral metamaterials (Invited)
M. Kafesaki, I. Katsantonis, S. Droulias, E. N. Economou, and C. M. Soukoulis


DCN I (Wednesday, July 4, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Weiqiang Sun

We.B4.1 The orbital angular momentum of light for ultra-high capacity data centers (Invited)
M. Scaffardi, M. N. Malik, Jiangbo Zhu, G. Goeger, Ning Zhang, C. Klitis, Yabin Ye, P. Rydlichowski, V. Toccafondo, M. Lavery, N. Andriolli, Siyuan Yu, M. Sorel, and A. Bogoni

We.B4.2 Direct-detection single-sideband systems: Performance comparison and practical implementation penalties (Invited)
D. Pilori and R. Gaudino

We.B4.3 On energy efficiency of networks for composable datacentre infrastructures (Invited)
O. Ajibola, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

We.B4.4 Experimental evaluation of passive optical network based data centre architecture (Invited)
A. E. A. Eltraify, M. O. I. Musa, A. Al-Quzweeni, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

We.B4.5 NEPHELE: Vertical integration and real time demonstration of an optical datacenter network (Invited)
C. Spatharakis, K. Tokas, I. Patronas, P. Bakopoulos, D. Reisis, and H. Avramopoulos


DCN II (Wednesday, July 4, 13:50-15:40) Chair: Jiajia Chen

We.C4.1 Planning of geo-distributed cloud data centers in fast developing economies (Invited)
Ruiyun Liu, Weiqiang Sun, and Weisheng Hu

We.C4.2 Auto-scaling mechanism in the ICT converged cross stratum orchestration architecture for zero-touch service and network management (Invited)
Young Lee, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, and R. Muñoz

We.C4.3 Infrastructure cost evaluation of intra-data centre networks (Invited)
R. Romero Reyes and T. Bauschert

We.C4.4 Performance assessment of OPSquare data center network with elastic allocation of WDM transceivers (Invited)
Xuwei Xue, Fulong Yan, Bitao Pan, and N. Calabretta

We.C4.5 Intra-data center network optimization by means of application-based traffic modeling and optical circuit switching
M. Balanici and S. Pachnicke

We.C4.6 Decomposed request scheduling in SnF OCS networks
Chenchen Zhao, Xiao Lin, Shengnan Yue, and Weiqiang Sun


PAM (Wednesday, July 4, 16:10-17:10) Chair: Oksana Shramkova

We.D4.1 Superabsorption as a time-reversal of superradiance (Invited)
Kyungwon An

We.D4.2 Modal interactions in microstadium optical cavities (Invited)
T. Fukushima

We.D4.3 Ultraprecise resonance nanophotonics at the fibre surface (Invited)
M. Sumetsky


NOA I (Thursday, July 5, 8:30-9:45) Chair: Paweł Rosa

Th.A4.1 Strategies for optimized Raman amplification deployment in DWDM mesh networks (Invited)
J. Pedro and N. Costa

Th.A4.2 Polarization control in closed cavity Raman fiber lasers (Invited)
G. Rizzelli, P. Corredera Guillén, and J. D. Ania-Castañón

Th.A4.3 RIN transfer mitigation technique using broadband incoherent pump in distributed Raman amplified transmission systems (Invited)
M. A. Iqbal, Mingming Tan, and P. Harper

Th.A4.4 Soliton transmission with 5 eigenvalues over 2000 km of Raman-amplified fiber
B. Leible, Yingkan Chen, M. I. Yousefi, N. Hanik


NOA II (Thursday, July 5, 10:15-11:30) Chair: Paweł Rosa

Th.B4.1 Multi-band nonlinear Schrödinger equation for efficient simulation of parametric optical amplifiers and oscillators (Invited)
I. Begleris and P. Horak

Th.B4.2 Mitigation of amplitude and phase distortions by using conjugate-NOLM regenerator (Invited)
Feng Wen, Baojian Wu, Feng Yang, and S. Sygletos

Th.B4.3 Nonlinearity mitigation of DQPSK signal by frequency-shift free spectral inversion using counter-propagating dual pump four-wave mixing in a semiconductor optical amplifier (Invited)
A. Anchal, P. Kumar, S. O’Duill, P. M. Anandarajah, and P. Landais

Th.B4.4 Cross-gain modulation mitigation in semiconductor optical pre-amplifiers using a new synthetic filter for NRZ-based WDM transmission systems
E. Ramírez-Cruz, I. Rendón-Salgado, D. E. Ceballos-Herrera, and R. Gutiérrez-Castrejón


CTS I (Monday, July 2, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Vladimir Rastorguev

Mo.B5.1 Automated network selection for moving devices with respect to user preferences (Invited)
K. Kastell

Mo.B5.2 90-GHz linear-cell systems for public transportation systems (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, A. Kanno, and N. Yamamoto

Mo.B5.3 5G connected vehicles supported by optical fiber access (Invited)
J. A. Lazaro, M. Coves, S. Sarmiento, J. A. Altabas, and A. Lerín

Mo.B5.4 Remotized control of power electronic devices exploiting a plastic optical fiber photonic bus (Invited)
A. Varatharajan, P. Savio, E. Vizzaccaro, S. Abrate, G. Pellegrino, and V. Curri

Mo.B5.5 On the variability of launching and detection in POF transmission systems (Invited)
A. López, M. A. Losada, J. Mateo, and J. Zubia


CTS II (Monday, July 2, 13:50-15:40) Chair: Kira Kastell

Mo.C5.1 Deployment of air quality monitoring sensors over a delay tolerant mobile ad-hoc network in public transportation systems (Invited)
R. Asorey-Cacheda, A. J. Garcia-Sanchez, C. Zúñiga-Cañón, P. Marco-Jornet, P. A. Moreno-Riquelme, and J. Garcia-Haro

Mo.C5.2 Algorithm for determining road boundaries in the radar system of an unmanned car (Invited)
Bui Shi Han, V. V. Rastorguev, and V. Schneider

Mo.C5.3 Possibilities to observe small-size UAVs in the prospective airfield radar (Invited)
A. E. Ananenkov, D. V. Marin, V. M. Nuzhdin, V. V. Rastorguev, and P. V. Sokolov

Mo.C5.4 An optical wireless communication based 5G architecture to enable smart city applications (Invited)
W. Boubakri, W. Abdallah, and N. Boudriga

Mo.C5.5 Packet insertion attack detection in optical UAV networks
N. Ramdhan, M. Sliti, and N. Boudriga

Mo.C5.6 Jamming attack detection in optical UAV networks
M. Sliti, W. Abdallah, and N. Boudriga


PICAW I (Monday, July 2, 16:10-17:50) Chair: Sylwester Latkowski

Mo.D5.1 Slow light in waveguide gratings on silicon-on-insulator (Invited)
M. Passoni, D. Gerace, L. O’Faolain, and L. C. Andreani

Mo.D5.2 Optical signal processing based on 4x4 multimode interference structures (Invited)
Duy-Tien Le, Trung-Thanh Le, and L. W. Cahill

Mo.D5.3 Electro-optic organic-inorganic hybrids for signal modulation (Invited)
A. R. N. Bastos, C. M. S. Vicente, M. Lima, P. S. André, and R. A. S. Ferreira

Mo.D5.4 Designing anisotropy with waveguide sub-wavelength structures (Invited)
R. Halir, A. Herrero-Bermello, J. M. Luque-González, A. Ortega-Moñux, G. Wangüemert-Pérez, A. V. Velasco, Í. Molina-Fernández, J. H. Schmid, and P. Cheben

Mo.D5.5 Efficient coupling interfaces in photonic systems enabled by printed free-form micro-optics (Invited)
C. Koos, W. Freude, S. Randel, P.-I. Dietrich, M. Blaicher, Y. Xu, M. Billah, T. Hoose, M. Trappen, and A. Hofmann


PICAW II (Tuesday, July 3, 8:30-10:05) Chair: Ganapathi Subramania

Tu.A5.1 Ge-rich graded-index SiGe alloys: Exploring a versatile platform for mid-IR photonics (Invited)
J. M. Ramirez, Q. Liu, V. Vakarin, J. Frigerio, A. Ballabio, D. Chrastina, X. Le Roux, C. Alonso-Ramos, G. Isella, L. Vivien, and D. Marris-Morini

Tu.A5.2 Transparent conducting oxides for optoelectronics and biosensing applications (Invited)
J. Parra, I. Olivares, J. L. Frieiro, O. Blázquez, S. Hernández, B. Garrido, and P. Sanchis

Tu.A5.3 Towards applications of stimulated Raman scattering in nanophotonics (Invited)
L. Sirleto, M. A. Ferrara, and A. Vergara

Tu.A5.4 Polymer halide perovskites-waveguides integrated in nanocellulose as a wearable amplifier-photodetector system (Invited)
I. Suárez, E. Hassanabadi, A. Maulu, N. Carlino, C. A. Maestri, M. Latifi, P. Bettotti, I. Mora-Seró, and J. P. Martínez-Pastor

Tu.A5.5 Integration of non-volatile ferroelectric actuators in silicon photonics circuits
I. Maqueira-Albo, S. Varotto, M. Asa, C. Rinaldi, M. Cantoni, R. Bertacco, and F. Morichetti


PICAW III (Tuesday, July 3, 10:35-12:10) Chair: Robert Halir

Tu.B5.1 Programmable transfer function optical-DAC using an InP segmented Mach-Zehnder modulator (Invited)
A. Aimone, S. Dris, J. Sundermeyer, Jung Han Choi, C. Zerna, A. Richter, and K.-O. Velthaus

Tu.B5.2 Open innovation development for photonic integration technology: A practical case of RF interconnects (Invited)
V. Dolores-Calzadilla, Weiming Yao, T. de Vries, and K. Williams

Tu.B5.3 InP-on-silicon electronically tunable lasers (Invited)
S. Dhoore, G. Roelkens, and G. Morthier

Tu.B5.4 Cavity-resonator-integrated guided-mode resonance filters for compact WDM light source (Invited)
J. Inoue, S. Ura, and K. Kintaka

Tu.B5.5 Automatic configuration and wavelength locking of coupled micro-ring resonators in presence of thermal cross-talk
M. Milanizadeh, D. Aguiar, F. Morichetti, and A. Melloni


PICAW IV (Tuesday, July 3, 13:25-15:00) Chair: Laurent Vivien

Tu.C5.1 Test methods and processes in manufacturing chain of photonic integrated circuits (Invited)
S. Latkowski, D. Pustakhod, Weiming Yao, X. Leijtens, and K. Williams

Tu.C5.2 Fabrication of monolithic add-drop filters in pure silica by femtosecond laser writing (Invited)
P. V. S. Marques, V. A. Amorim, J. M. Maia, D. Alexandre, and D. Viveiros

Tu.C5.3 CMOS-compatible plasmonics integrated with Si3N4 photonic waveguides (Invited)
D. Tsiokos, G. Dabos, A. Manolis, E. Chatzianagnostou, D. Ketzaki, L. Markey, J.C. Weeber, A. Dereux, A. L. Giesecke, C. Porschatis, B. Chmielak, and N. Pleros

Tu.C5.4 Thermally stable external cavity laser based on silicon nitride periodic nanostructures (Invited)
S. Iadanza, A. Bakoz, D. Panettieri, A. Tedesco, G. Giannino, M. Grande, and L. O’Faolain

Tu.C5.5 Silicon-on-insulator fundamental to first-order dual polarization mode converter based on Si-Si3N4 phase plate waveguide
B. E. Abu-elmaaty, M. S. Sayed, H. M. H. Shalaby, R. K. Pokharel, and A. Srivastava


NAON I (Tuesday, July 3, 15:20-17:00) Chair: Włodzimierz Nakwaski

Tu.D5.1 Photonic topological structures at optical frequencies (Invited)
G. Subramania

Tu.D5.2 Nonradiative energy transfer and photocurrent enhancements in hybrid quantum dot-MoS2 devices (Invited)
J. J. Gough, N. McEvoy, M. O’Brien, A. P. Bell, J. McManus, D. McCloskey, J. B. Boland, J. N. Coleman, G. S. Duesberg, and A. L. Bradley

Tu.D5.3 Spin-orbit interaction and phonon-mediated spin dynamics in quantum dots (Invited)
M. Vaughan and J. M. Rorison

Tu.D5.4 Localized photonic jets generated by step-like dielectric microstructures (Invited)
O. Shramkova, V. Drazic, M. Damghanian, A. Boriskin, V. Allié, and L. Blondé

Tu.D5.5 Ultrafast nanooptical near-field probing with photoelectrons (Invited)
P. Dombi


NAON II (Wednesday, July 4, 8:30-10:40) Chair: Judy Rorison

We.A5.1 Tailoring disordered structures for light management (Invited)
A. Abass, S. Nanz, P. M. Piechulla, A. Sprafke, R. B. Wehrspohn, and C. Rockstuhl

We.A5.2 Efficient algorithms for optical properties of short period semiconductor superlattices (Invited)
M. F. Pereira

We.A5.3 Progress on III-V-Bi alloys and light emitting devices (Invited)
Shumin Wang, Li Yue, Lijuan Wang, Yanchao Zhang, Chang Wang, Xiaolei Zhang, Chaodan Chi, Hao Liang, Xiaoyan Wu, Juanjuan Liu, Wenwu Pan, Chunfang Cao, and Yaoyao Li

We.A5.4 VCSEL-based optical frequency combs: Study of its polarization dynamics under gain switching and polarization selective optical injection locking (Invited)
A. Quirce, C. de Dios, A. Valle, E. Prior, L. Pesquera, K. Panajotov, J. Palací, P. Meissner, and P. Acedo

We.A5.5 Quantum-cascade vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (QC-VCSEL) (Invited)
W. Nakwaski, M. Gębski, M. Wasiak, M. Dems, M. Marciniak, A. K. Sokół, R. P. Sarzała, and T. Czyszanowski

We.A5.6 Antiresonant oxide island as a measure for improved single-mode emission in VCSELs
W. Nakwaski, M. Dems, R.P. Sarzała, S. Grzempa, and T. Czyszanowski

We.A5.7 Modes distribution in quantum-cascade vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL)
S. Grzempa, W. Nakwaski, M. Dems, and T. Czyszanowski


NAON III (Wednesday, July 4, 11:10-12:50) Chair: Maciej Dems

We.B5.1 Optics at the nanoscale: Not the usual electromagnetic problem (Invited)
M. Scalora, M. A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, N. Akozbek, M. J. Bloemer, C. De Angelis, J. W. Haus, R. Vilaseca, J. Trull, and C. Cojocaru

We.B5.2 Stabilization of broad area semiconductor amplifiers and lasers by double modulation of pump and refractive index (Invited)
W. W. Ahmed, S. Kumar, J. Medina, M. Botey, R. Herrero, and K. Staliunas

We.B5.3 Femto-farad optoelectronic coupling and low-latency nanophotonic computing (Invited)
M. Notomi, K. Nozaki, S. Kita, and A. Shinya

We.B5.4 Structured light in optical components with arbitrary index distribution (Invited)
A. Anuszkiewicz, K. Świtkowski, A. Filipkowski, J. Lisowska, D. Pysz, R. Stępień, W. Królikowski, and R. Buczyński

Mo.B4.1 Graphene/silicon Schottky junction solar cells (Invited – moved from SWP I session)
C. Ciminelli, F. Dell’Olio, G. Brunetti, D. Conteduca, and M. N. Armenise


MWP I (Wednesday, July 4, 14:00-15:15) Chair: Tibor Berceli

We.C5.1 Microwave photonic advances for photonic signal processing (Invited)
R. Minasian and Xiaoke Yi

We.C5.2 Generation of mmWave 5G signals using microwave photonics (Invited)
D. Perez-Galacho, V. Nacher-Castellet, and S. Sales

We.C5.3 Photonic-assisted G-band wireless links for 5G backhaul (Invited)
B. Vidal Rodríguez

We.C5.4 Third-order dispersion compensation for resolution enhancement in RF interferometry
J. Benítez and J. Mora


MWP II (Wednesday, July 4, 15:45-17:00) Chair: Robert Minasian

We.D5.1 Integrated microphotonic tunable delay lines for beam steering in phased array antennas (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, G. Brunetti, D. Conteduca, F. Dell’Olio, and M. N. Armenise

We.D5.2 Modulation transparent wireless data link using photonic-based transmitter and envelope detector (Invited)
G. Carpintero, R. Guzman, A. Rivera, L.-E. García, H. Lamela, and D. Segovia

We.D5.3 Performance analysis of analog optical link array with optical Blass matrix beamformer for multi-beam operation (Invited)
C. Tsokos, P. Groumas, E. Mylonas, V. Katopodis, L. Gounaridis, H. Avramopoulos, and Ch. Kouloumentas

We.D5.4 Directional invisibility of elliptical shaped all dielectric structure induced by evolutionary optimization approach
C. Babayiğit, E. Bor, H. Kurt, K. Staliunas, and M. Turduev


QPhot I (Thursday, July 5, 8:30-10:30) Chair: Edmund Harbord

Th.A5.1 Integrated quantum photonics in compound semiconductors (Invited)
D. M. Beggs

Th.A5.2 Cavity-enhanced superconducting single photon detectors (Invited)
J. Münzberg, A. Vetter, W. Hartmann, N. Gruhler, F. Beutel, S. Ferrari, C. Rockstuhl, and W. H. P. Pernice

Th.A5.3 Superconducting single photon detectors for integrated quantum photonics (Invited)
D. Sahin, M. H. Johnson, B. Slater, N. A. Tyler, J. G. Barreto, and M. G. Thompson

Th.A5.4 Giant Rydberg excitons in synthetic and artificial cuprous oxide (Invited)
S. A. Lynch, C. Hodges, W. W. Langbein, L. Gallagher, J. Rogers, C. S. Adams, M. P. A. Jones, and R. P. Singh

Th.A5.5 Fast, noise-free memory for photon synchronization at room temperature (Invited)
E. Poem, R. Finkelstein, O. Michel, O. Lahad, and O. Firstenberg

Th.A5.6 Multimode strong coupling of laser-cooled atoms to a nanofiber-based ring resonator (Invited)
J. Volz, A. Johnson, M. Blaha, A. Ulanov, P. Schneeweiss, and A. Rauschenbeutel


QPhot II (Thursday, July 5, 10:50-12:30) Chair: Daryl Beggs

Th.B5.1 On-chip quantum photonics using integrated quantum dot emitters (Invited)
A. M. Fox

Th.B5.2 Integrated quantum photonics using single InAs quantum dots in tapered InP nanowires (Invited)
K. Mnaymneh, D. Dalacu, J. McKee, J. Lapointe, P. J. Poole, S. Haffouz, G. C. Aers,  and R. L. Williams

Th.B5.3 Recent developments in quantum-dot-based single photon sources at telecom wavelengths (Invited)
A. Musiał, P. Mrowiński, Ł. Dusanowski, and G. Sęk

Th.B5.4 Tamm plasmons and confined Tamm plasmons coupled to telecom wavelengths quantum dots (Invited)
E. Harbord, M. Parker, P. Androsanvitaneas, A. Young, E. Clarke, J. Rarity, and R. Oulton

Th.B5.5 Radiated fields by polygonal core-shell nanowires (Invited)
M. A. Urbaneja Torres, A. Sitek, V. Gudmundsson, and A. Manolescu


Novel Glasses I (Monday, July 2, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Elena Romanova

Mo.B6.1 Energy-transfer processes among non-homogeneously distributed rare-earth ions and impact on amplification and lasing (Invited)
I. Carrasco, L. Agazzi, P. Loiko, and M. Pollnau

Mo.B6.2 Photodarkening in Yb-doped silica fibers – Mitigation by co-doping and thermal effects (Invited)
M. Leich, S. Jetschke, S. Unger, A. Schwuchow, and M. Jäger

Mo.B6.3 Processing and characterization of bioactive borosilicate glasses and scaffolds with persistent luminescence (Invited)
P. Roldán Del Cerro, M. Saarinen, J. Massera, I. Norrbo, M. Lastusaari, and L. Petit

Mo.B6.4 Time domain modeling of multimode selenide-chalcogenide glass fiber based mid infrared spontaneous emission sources (Invited)
S. Sujecki, L. Sojka, Z. Tang, E. Barney, D. Furniss, T. M. Benson, and A. B. Seddon

Mo.B6.5 Continuous-wave and pulsed optical fiber lasers for medium infrared applications (Invited)
M. C. Falconi, D. Laneve, M. Bozzetti, T. T. Fernandez, G. Galzerano, and F. Prudenzano


Novel Glasses II (Monday, July 2, 13:50-15:10) Chair: Laeticia Petit

Mo.C6.1 The effects of deformation in large step index fibres (Invited)
D. K. Kumar, S. C. Creagh, S. Sujecki, and T. M. Benson

Mo.C6.2 1.5 – 2.1 µm broadband ASE in rare-earth co-doped glasses and double-clad optical fibers (Invited)
M. Kochanowicz, J. Żmojda, P. Miluski, D. Mazur, A. Baranowska, M. Sołtys, W. A. Pisarski, J. Pisarska, T. Ragin, M. Ferrari, G. C. Righini, M. Jäger, M. Sitarz, and D. Dorosz

Mo.C6.3 Multicomponent rare earth-doped phosphate glasses for compact lasers and amplifiers (Invited)
D. Pugliese, N. G. Boetti, E. Ceci-Ginistrelli, D. Gallichi-Nottiani, D. Janner, J. Lousteau, and D. Milanese

Mo.C6.4 Glass thin films for planar optical components fabricated using ultrafast laser plasma doping (Invited)
B. D. O. Richards, E. K. Barimah, T. Mann, E. H. Dos Santos, A. Boontan, C. Russell, P. Steenson, and G. Jose


Novel Glasses III (Monday, July 2, 15:40-17:15) Chair: Francesco Prudenzano

Mo.D6.1 Thin films of barium strontium titanate from the viewpoint of light-based applications (Invited)
J. Müllerová, P. Šutta, L. Prušáková , and R. Medlín

Mo.D6.2 Enhancing optical nonlinear processes performance of silicon nitride waveguides (Invited)
C-S. Brès, E. Tagkoudi, and D. Grassani

Mo.D6.3 Near-IR laser and Raman spectroscopy of colon mucosal tissues: A comparative study on metabolite characterisations for early diagnosis of inflammation and ulceration (Invited)
J. G. Addis, N. Mohammed, O. Rotimi, V. Subramanian, and A. Jha

Mo.D6.4 Novel approach for design of fiber-based evanescent wave sensors for the mid-infrared spectroscopy (Invited)
E. Romanova, S. Korsakova, A. Rozhnev, A. Velmuzhov, and  V. Shiryaev

Mo.D6.5 Infrared-sensor based on selenide waveguide devoted to water pollution
M. Baillieul, T. Halenkovič, A. J. Gutierrez-Arrovo, E. Baudet, E. Rinnert, J. Gutwirth, P. Nẽmec, J. Charrier, L. Bodiou, F. Colas, K. Boukerma, C. Boussard, B. Bureau, K. Michel, and V. Nazabal


ESPC I (Tuesday, July 3, 8:30-9:50) Chair: Romuald Houdré

Tu.A6.1 Hollow core antiresonant fibers: Novel designs, materials and applications (Invited)
W. Belardi, A. Lewis, F. De Lucia, and P. J. Sazio

Tu.A6.2 Ultrafast all-optical switching using all-solid dual-core photonic crystal fiber (Invited)
I. Bugar, M. Longobucco, J. Cimek, L. Curilla, D. Pysz, and R. Buczyński

Tu.A6.3 Optical modes in monolithic high contrast gratings (Invited)
M. Dems, M. Gębski, and T. Czyszanowski

Tu.A6.4 Single- and double-mode light generation in DFB fiber laser: Wavelength-scale electromagnetic modelling by the method of single expression (Invited)
H. Baghdasaryan, T. Knyazyan, T. Hovhannisyan, M. Marciniak, E. Leitgeb, S. Sujecki, S. Taccheo, and T. Benson


ESPC II (Tuesday, July 3, 10:20-11:20) Chair: Ignac Bugar

Tu.B6.1 Which computational methods are good for analyzing large photonic crystal membrane cavities? (Invited)
R. Malureanu, J. Rosenkrantz de Lasson, L. Hagedorn Frandsen, P. Gutsche, S. Burger, O. S. Kim, O. Breinbjerg, A. Ivinskaya, Fengwen Wang, O. Sigmund, T. Häyrynen, A. V. Lavrinenko, J. Mørk, and N. Gregersen

Tu.B6.2 Finite-size and disorder effects on slow-light propagation in an extended photonic crystal coupled-cavity waveguides with group-index bandwidth product exceeding 0.47 (Invited)
M. S. Abdel-Aliem, Yiming Lai, M. Minkov, V. Savona, A. Badolato, and R. Houdré́

Tu.B6.3 Fano resonances for realizing compact and low energy consumption photonic switches (Invited)
D. A. Bekele, Yi Yu, Hao Hu, L. K. Oxenløwe, K. Yvind, and J. Mørk


ESPC III (Tuesday, July 3, 12:50-13:50) Chair: Radu Malureanu

Tu.C6.1 All dielectric mode order transformation photonic structure design by evolutionary optimization approach
E. Bor, C. Babayiğit, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

Tu.C6.2 Directional cloaking by quadruple Luneburg lens system
A. S. Evren, C. Babayiğit, E. Bor, H. Kurt, and M. Turduev

Tu.C6.3 Optimization of epsilon-and-mu-near-zero refractive index photonic structure to design unidirectional transmission device
M. Turduev, E. Bor, U. G. Yasa, and H. Kurt

Tu.C6.4 LP11 excitation using asymmetric directional coupler based on microstructured cane
M. Sammouda, F. Bahloul, P. Di Bin, and K. Oh


LFSRS I (Tuesday, July 3, 14:20-16:15) Chair: Katsumasa Fujita

Tu.D6.1 Label-free super-resolution microscopy with coherent nonlinear structured-illumination (Invited)
M. J. Huttunen, A. Abbas, J. Upham, and R. W. Boyd

Tu.D6.2 Surpassing the diffraction limit in Raman microscopy (Invited)
K. Fujita

Tu.D6.3 Nanoplasmonics and surface enhanced Raman scattering for in vivo label free diagnosis in oncologic surgery (Invited)
C. E. A. Grigorescu, M. I. Rusu, C. R. Stefan (Iordanescu), L. O. Scoicaru, C. Rizea, B. A. Vitalaru, A. Tonetto, and R. Notonier

Tu.D6.4 Coherent Raman scattering microscopy: Technology developments and biological applications (Invited)
I. Pope, F. Masia, J. Bradley, K. Ewan, A. Karuna, L. Payne, I. Guschina, J. Harwood, K. Swann, T. Dale, P. Watson, W. Langbein, and P. Borri

Tu.D6.5 Stimulated Raman imaging of lipids droplets
M. A. Ferrara, A. Filograna, A. D’Arco, R. Ranjan, C. Valente, M. Larobina, and L. Sirleto

Tu.D6.6 Label free super-resolution by nonlinear photo-modulated reflectivity (Invited)
O. Tzang, D. Hershkovitz, and O. Cheshnovsky


LFSRS II (Wednesday, July 4, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Paola Borri

We.A6.1 Imaging and tracking single plasmonic nanoparticles in 3D background-free with four-wave mixing interferometry (Invited)
P. Borri, G. Zoriniants, N. Giannakopoulou, F. Masia, I. Pope, and W. Langbein

We.A6.2 Systematic wavelength-scale errors in the localization of nanoscale emitters due to spin-orbit coupling of light (Invited)
J. Volz, S. Walser, G. Araneda, Y. Colombe, D. B. Higginbottom, R. Blatt, and A. Rauschenbeutel

We.A6.3 Integrated dielectric scatterers for speeding up classification of cell diffraction patterns (Invited)
A. Lugnan, J. Dambre, and P. Bienstman

We.A6.4 Recent advances in digital holographic microscopy (Invited)
G. Saavedra, M. Martinez-Corral, J. I. Garcia-Sucerquia, E. Sanchez-Ortiga, and A. Doblas

We.A6.5 Isotropic-resolution tomographic diffractive microscopy (Invited)
B. Simon, M. Debailleul, M. Houkal, C. Ecoffet, J. Bailleul, J. Lambert, A. Spangenberg, Hui Liu, O. Soppera, and O. Haeberlé


LFSRS III (Wednesday, July 4, 10:40-12:20) Chair: Vasily Astratov

We.B6.1 Unlimited resolution of saturated excitation microscopy with unusual nonlinear responses (Invited)
Shi-Wei Chu

We.B6.2 In-liquid SERS detection of biomolecules by optical aggregation of plasmonic nanoparticles (Invited)
P. G. Gucciardi

We.B6.3 Plasmonics and superresolution in microspherical nanoscopy (Invited)
V. N. Astratov, A. Brettin, F. Abolmaali, L. Poffo, and A. V. Maslov

We.B6.4 Microsphere-assisted microscopy: From 2D to 3D super-resolution imaging (Invited)
P. Montgomery, S. Perrin, and S. Lecler

We.B6.5 High aspect plasmonic nanotrench structures as sensors in the near- and mid-IR frequency range (Invited)
E. Shkondin, T. Repän, R. Malureanu, A. V. Lavrinenko, and O. Takayama


OMT I (Wednesday, July 4, 13:30-15:10) Chair: George Stanciu

We.C6.1 Optimizing dark field Z-scan for third order optical nonlinear measurements in a microscopic configuration (Invited)
M. Chis, C. Cassagne, Hongzhen Wang, C. Ciret, and G. Boudebs

We.C6.2 Photonic integrated nanojet (Invited)
A. Belarouci, M. Calvo, A. Mavel, P. Rojo Romeo, and R. Orobtchouk

We.C6.3 Pump-probe nanoscopy by means of transient absorption saturation (Invited)
P. Bianchini, K. Korobchevskaya, G. Zanini, and A. Diaspro

We.C6.4 Super-resolution microscopy based on nonlinear plasmonics (Invited)
Shi-Wei Chu

We.C6.5 Label-free imaging of thick specimens using gradient light interference microscopy (GLIM) (Invited)
G. Popescu


OMT II (Wednesday, July 4, 15:30-17:10) Chair: Chrysanthe Preza

We.D6.1 Which information can be obtained from collagen-based tissues imaged with polarization-sensitive second harmonic microscopy? (Invited)
J. M. Bueno, F. J. Ávila, and P. Artal

We.D6.2 Towards automated tissue characterization using parallel bag-of-features experts dealing with two-photon excitation fluorescence and second harmonic generation microscopy datasets (Invited)
S. G. Stanciu, R. Hristu, A. Dumitru, R. M. Buga, T. Totu, M. Popescu, and M. Costache

We.D6.3 Changes in the collagen structure of thyroid nodule capsules determined by polarization-resolved second harmonic generation microscopy (Invited)
R. Hristu, B. Paun, L. Eftimie, S. G. Stanciu, D. E. Tranca, and G. A. Stanciu

We.D6.4 A new technique in scanning near field optical microscopy used for investigations on the biological samples (Invited)
G.A. Stanciu, D. E. Tranca, R. Hristu, S. G. Stanciu, A. M. Holban, A. Toma, and C. Stoichita

We.D6.5 Nanoscale investigations of optical fiber by using scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (Invited)
D. E. Tranca, C. Stoichita, R. Hristu, S. G. Stanciu, C. V. Sammut, and G. A. Stanciu


OMT III (Thursday, July 5, 8:30-10:10) Chair: Paolo Bianchini

Th.A6.1 Recent advances in 3D structured illumination microscopy (Invited)
A. Doblas, H. Shabani, G. Saavedra, and C. Preza

Th.A6.2 Advances in optical coherence tomography (Invited)
A. Podoleanu

Th.A6.3 Near-field optical microscopy: Imaging and spectroscopy at 10 nm spatial resolution (Invited)
A. Cernescu

Th.A6.4 Time resolved imaging with stimulated emission in pump-probe microscopy (Invited)
Subir Das, Bo-Wei Ho, and Fu-Jen Kao

Th.A6.5 Coherent narrow-band light source for ultraslim endoscopes (Invited)
Zhan-Yu Chen, Ankur Gogoi, Shao-Yu Lee, Yuan Tsai-Lin, Po-Wei Yi, Ming-Kuan Lu, Chih-Cheng Hsieh, Jin Chang Ren, Stephen Marshall, and Fu-Jen Kao


OMT IV (Thursday, July 5, 10:40-11:30) Chair: Antonela Toma

Th. B 6.1 Deep tissue multiphoton microscopy based on advanced femtosecond fiber sources (Invited)
Shih-Hsua Chia, Hsiang-Yu Chung, Wei Liu, F. X. Kärtner, and Guoqing Chang

Th.B6.2 (Cancelled)

Th.B6.3 (Cancelled)

Th.B6.4 Application of the hollow core fiber ended with fiber microlens in the multiphoton excitation setup
H. Stawska, M. Popenda, Ł. Langer, and E. Bereś-Pawlik

Th.B6.5 Microscopy direct Escherichia coli live/dead cell counting
M. Lucidi, M. Marsan, D. Visaggio, P. Visca, and G. Cincotti


PLENARY II (Thursday, July 5, 12:40-13:25) Chair: George A. Stanciu

Th.C.1 The future of electronics: Silicon to cloud technologies (Invited)
A. M. Ionescu


Poster Session I (Tuesday, July 3, 13:30-15:30)

Tu.P.1 Optimization of silicon-nitride-based nanowires in nonlinear Mach-Zehnder interferometers
G. Giannino, A. Tedesco, A. D’Orazio, L. O’Faolain, and M. Grande

Tu.P.2 Stabilization of broad area semiconductor laser sources
J. Medina, W. W. Ahmed, S. Kumar, M. Botey, R. Herrero, and K. Staliunas

Tu.P.3 (Cancelled)

Tu.P.4 Passive phase shifters based in 1x1 MMI for cost-effective photonic integrated circuits
T. M. Morgado, B. Neto, C. M. S. Vicente, C. Pinho, and A. L. J. Teixeira

Tu.P.5 Software tool to design MMI splitters/couplers for photonic integrated circuits
T. M. Morgado, C. Pinho, B. Neto, F. Rodrigues, and A. L. J. Teixeira

Tu.P.6 Cost-effective magic-T using organic-inorganic hybrid materials for image compression
T. M. Morgado, B. Neto, C. Pinho, C. M. S. Vicente, and A. L. J. Teixeira

Tu.P.7 Fluorescent fiber implementation of an angle sensor
P. Faragó, R. Gălătuș, M. Cîrlugea, and S. Hintea

Tu.P.8 Effect of modifiers on optical and structural properties of barium gallo-germanate glasses doped with RE ions
R. Jadach, M. Kochanowicz, J. Żmojda, A. Baranowska, P. Miluski, M. Leśniak, M. Sołtys, J. Pisarska, W. A. Pisarski, A. Łukowiak, M. Sitarz, L. Mochalov, A. Nezhdanov, M. Ferrari, G. Righini, and D. Dorosz

Tu.P.9 Plasma preparation of the top-quality phase change materials based on As-Se-Te chalcogenide system
A. Nezhdanov, L. Mochalov, D. Usanov, M. Kudryashov, A. Logunov, and A. Mashin

Tu.P.10 Plasma prepared arsenic sulfide luminescent quantum dots
A. Nezhdanov, L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, M. Kudryashov, D. Usanov, I. Krivenkov, and A. Mashin

Tu.P.11 Dispersion measurement of photonic crystal fiber infiltrated with toluene
Van Thuy Hoang, R. Kasztelanic, A. Anuszkiewicz, G. Stępniewski, A. Filipkowski, S. Ertman, Van Cao Long, Khoa Dinh Xuan, and R Buczyński

Tu.P.12 Development of an all-solid dual-core photonic crystal fibre for all-optical switching applications
M. Longobucco, J. Cimek, L. Curilla, D. Pysz, R. Buczyński, and I. Bugar

Tu.P.13 Numerical analysis of OAM generation with flat vortex masks
J. Lisowska, A. Anuszkiewcz, A. Filipkowski, R. Kasztelanic, and R. Buczyński

Tu.P.14 Synthesis, characterization and biosensing-applications of gold nanoparticles – Experiments for photonics and other non-chemistry curricula in the higher education of engineers
Hongyan Bi and S. Schintke

Tu.P.15 Simulation of tight focusing of laser light by gold zone plate
E. S. Kozlova and V. V. Kotlyar

Tu.P.16 Analysis of the conservation of the orbital angular momentum of multimode Laguerre-Gaussian beams propagating in a random medium
E. O. Monin and D. A. Savelyev

Tu.P.17 Energy backflow in tightly focused optical vortex
S. S. Stafeev, A. G. Nalimov, and V. V. Kotlyar

Tu.P.18 Vertical plasmonic nanoantenna for emission and redirection
J. M. Benoit, J. Paparone, K. Chevrier, C. Symonds, J. Laverdant, and J. Bellessa

Tu.P.19 Electrical properties of plasticized sodium-carboxymethylcellulose (NaCMC) based polysulfide solid polymer electrolyte
N. N. S. Baharun, M. A. Mingsukang, M. H. Buraidah, H .J. Woo, and A. K. Arof

Tu.P.20 Highly anisotropic wave propagation in all-dielectric active waveguides
C. D. Aviñó, Carlos J. Zapata-Rodríguez, I. Suarez, and J. P. Martínez-Pastor

Tu.P.21 General expression of the Poynting vector appropriate for evanescent wave region: Intrinsic function in the method of single expression
H. Baghdasaryan, T. Knyazyan, T. Hovhannisyan, and M. Marciniak


Poster Session II (Wednesday, July 4, 13:30-15:30)

We.P.1 Relaxing the ADC sampling rate in high-resolution radar systems through photonic analogue-to-digital conversion
P. E. D. Cruz, T. M. F. Alves, and A. V. T. Cartaxo

We.P.2 Design of hollow optical fiber for mode division multiplexing
M. Kasmi, F. Bahloul, Y. S. Lee, K. K. Oh, S. Mhatli, and R. Attia

We.P.3 Performances of an optical OFDM-DMT system over multimode optical fiber
M. Kasmi, S. Mhatli, F. Bahloul, and I. Dayoub

We.P.4 Offsetting self-phase modulation in optical fibre by sinusoidally time-varying phase
S. Boscolo, F. Audo, M. Sumetsky, and C. Finot

We.P.5 Resource optimization in fully flexible optical node architectures
S. Kozdrowski, M. Żotkiewicz, and S. Sujecki

We.P.6 Advanced modulation techniques for low PAPR in VLC system
R. Ahmad, A. Srivastava, and H. A. I. Selmy

We.P.7 MIMO-WDM visible light communications based on commercial RGBA LEDs
R. Krishna and I. B. Djordjevic

We.P.8 Initialization of hybrid underwater optical/acoustic network with asymmetrical duplex link
Yuanhao Liu and Tao Shang

We.P.9 Network service slicing supporting ubiquitous access in passive optical networks
Wei Wang, Wei Guo, and Weisheng Hu

We.P.10 Fog influence simulation on light distribution from street lighting
J. Vitasek, J. Latal, T. Stratil, J. Jargus, and Z. Wilcek

We.P.11 Measurement of IPTV services on a hybrid access network
J. Latal, Z. Wilcek, J. Kolar, and J. Vojtech

We.P.12 Performance enhancement of relayed hybrid FSO/mmW fronthaul network in C-RAN architecture
M. A. Hasabelnaby, H. A. I. Selmy, M. Dessoky, and A. Srivastava

We.P.13 Optical channel estimation based on Kalman filtering for VLC systems adopting DCO-OFDM
E. Shawky, M. A. El-Shimy, H. M. H. Shalaby, A. Mokhtar, E.-S. A. El-Badawy, and A. Srivastava

We.P.14 Outage and power saving analysis for hybrid cellular-visible light communication and direct cellular downlink
A. Singh, A. Srivastava, V. A. Bohara, and G. S. VRK Rao

We.P.15 Performance analysis of fairness oriented dynamic bandwidth algorithm in integrated fiber-wireless architecture based on XG-PON and Wi-Fi
R. Kaur, A. Srivastava, B. C. Chatterjee, A. Mitra, and B. Ramamurthy

We.P.16 Real-time emissions of telecom core networks
H. A. Alharbi, M. Musa, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

We.P.17 DSP-assisted channel aggregation options for next-generation mobile fronthauling
M. Befekadu, P. Torres-Ferrera, and R. Gaudino

We.P.18 Estimation of stochastic intercore crosstalk in homogeneous MCF based on Gaussian filtering
M. Jaworski

We.P.19 Planning of 5G C-RAN with optical fronthaul: A scalability analysis of an ILP model
M. Klinkowski

We.P.20 Simultaneous monitoring of chromatic dispersion and optical signal to noise ratio in optical network using asynchronous delay tap sampling and convolutional neural network (deep learning)
T. Mrozek

We.P.21 Physical properties of metalorganic thin films
M. Lougdali, P. Płóciennik, Y. El Kouari, A. Korcala, and B. Sahraoui

We.P.22 The impact of lighting on electrical properties of metals and 8-hydroxyquinoline complexes thin films
A. Aamoum, A. Korcala, M. Bakasse, and A. Zawadzka

We.P.23 Impact of optical parameters on nonlinearity measurement of bend insensitive fiber – Erratum
A. Maity and S. Jeripothula