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11th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


1st Annual Conference of COST Action MP0702:
Towards Functional Sub-Wavelength Photonic Structures


June 28 - July 2, 2009 - Ponta Delgada, Island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal



EURO-FOS Workshop on Photonic Systems

Su.A.1 Organizers introduction
I. Tomkos, E. Kehayas

Su.A.2 EURO-FOS: Pan-European photonics task force: Integrating Europe’s expertise on photonic subsystems
E. Kehayas

Su.A.3 Non-linear processes enabling optical signal processing
R. Manning

Su.A.4 Approaching terabit/second switching
H.C. Hansen Mulvad

Su.A.5 Progress of photonic switching systems for enabling advanced routing functionalities: From bulk UNIs to fully integrated photonic routers
L. Stampoulidis

Su.A.6 Scalable photonic packet routers
H. Dorren


Plenary Session Chair: Hans-Georg Unger 

Mo.A.1 Fiber-optic sensors – An overview (Invited)
O. Strobel, D. Seibl, J. Lubkoll, R. Rejeb

Mo.A.2 Optical flow switching: A new “green” transport mechanism for fiber networks (Invited)
V.W.S. Chan

Mo.A.3 Soft glass microstructured optical fibers: Recent progress in fabrication and opportunities for novel optical devices (Invited)
H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem, T.M. Monro


SWP WG3 I (Supercontinuum Generation) Chair: Krassimir Panajotov

Mo.B1.1 Enhanced supercontinuum generation in the nanosecond pump regime using specialty microstructured fibers (Invited)
J. Cascante-Vindas, A. Díez, S. Torres-Peiró, J.L. Cruz, M.V. Andrés

Mo.B1.2 Shaping the supercontinuum spectral profile (Invited)
J.J. Miret, E. Silvestre, P. Andrés

Mo.B1.3 Effects of pulse self-focusing on supercontinuum generation in multimode optical fibers (Invited)
P. Horak, F. Poletti

Mo.B1.4 Rogue waves in femtosecond supercontinuum generation (Invited)
G. Genty, M. Erkintalo, J.M. Dudley

Mo.B1.5 High brilliance fiber lasers for the scribing of photovoltaic modules (Invited)
S. Selleri, A. Cucinotta, F. Poli, D. Passaro


SWP WG3 II (Quantum Dots) Chair: Jose Pozo 

Mo.C1.1 Quantum dot waveguides: ultrafast dynamics and applications (Invited)
Y. Chen, J. Mørk

Mo.C1.2 Polarization instabilities and nonlinear dynamics in a quantum dot laser (Invited)
Ł. Olejniczak, M. Sciamanna, H. Thienpont, K. Panajotov, A. Mutig, F. Hopfer, D. Bimberg

Mo.C1.3 Optimum filtering schemes for performing wavelength conversion with quantum-dot SOA (Invited)
S. Sygletos, R. Bonk, T. Vallaitis, A. Marculescu, P. Vorreau, J. Li, R. Brenot, F. Lelarge, G.H. Duan, W. Freude, J. Leuthold

Mo.C1.4 Optical fibre sensing and analytical imaging with semiconductor nanocrystals (Invited)
P.A.S. Jorge, C. Maule, H. Rodrigues, J.C.G. Esteves da Silva, F. Farahi

Mo.C1.5 Ultrafast processes in InAs/GaAs quantum dot based electro-absorbers (Invited)
T. Piwonski, J. Pulka, G. Madden, J. Houlihan, G. Huyet, E.A. Viktorov, T. Erneux, P. Mandel


SWP WG3 III (VCSELs) Chair: Severine Philippe 

Mo.D1.1 Recent developments in long wavelength VCSELs based on localized wafer fusion (Invited)
E. Kapon, A. Sirbu, V. Iakovlev, A. Mereuta, A. Caliman, G. Suruceanu

Mo.D1.2 Vectorial analysis of dielectric photonic crystal VCSEL (Invited)
Il-Sug Chung, J. Mørk

Mo.D1.3 Characterization of GaSb based VCSE and MQW lasers for 2.3 μm sensing application (Invited)
S. Civiš, J. Cihelka, I. Matulková

Mo.D1.4 VCSEL laser characterization and modelling for future optical transceiver at the Super Large Hadron Collider
S. Silva, H.M. Salgado

Mo.D1.5 Temperature reduction in vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting-lasers (VECSEL) active region
M. Wasiak, R.P. Sarzała, A. Jasik


ICTON I (Systems I) Chair: Armin Ehrhardt

Mo.B2.1 An optically powered fibre network for heterogeneous subscribers (Invited)
W. Freude, M. Röger, M. Dreschmann, M. Huebner, A.W. Bett, J. Becker, J. Leuthold

Mo.B2.2 Remote functionalities in next generation networks (Invited)
G.M. Tosi Beleffi, A.L.J. Teixeira, N. Wada

Mo.B2.3 Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) in optical communications with direct detection for metro networks (Invited)
W. Rosenkranz, A. Ali, J. Leibrich

Mo.B2.4 PAPR reduction techniques for coherent optical OFDM transmission (Invited)
B. Goebel, S. Hellerbrand, N. Haufe, N. Hanik

Mo.B2.5 All-optical processing, still a chance with DP-DQPSK (Invited)
R. Morais, P. Monteiro, P. Marques


ICTON II (Systems II) Chair: Madeleine Glick 

Mo.C2.1 40 Gb/s optical single-sideband transmission resorting to pseudolinear regime and electrical dispersion compensation (Invited)
D. Fonseca, A. Cartaxo, P. Monteiro

Mo.C2.2 Recent developments in 40 Gsymbol/s coherent WDM (Invited)
F.C. Garcia-Gunning, A.D. Ellis, J. Zhao, S. Ibrahim, P. Frascella, B. Cuenot

Mo.C2.3 Field trial to improve the fibre infrastructure towards 40 Gbit/s transmission and beyond and decrease economically efficient the link PMD by exploitation of a POTDR (Invited)
A. Ehrhardt, M. Paul, L. Schürer, C. Gerlach, W. Krönert, D. Fritzsche, D. Breuer, V. Fürst, N. Cyr, H. Chen, G.W. Schinn

Mo.C2.4 Analysis of NRZ- and RZ-DQPSK for 112 Gb/s DWDM transmission
L. Wang, M. Forzati, J. Martensson

Mo.C2.5 Estimation of non-linear effects and chromatic dispersion compensation on propagation of 100 Gb/s signals
M. Karásek, J. Vojtěch, J. Radil


ICTON III (Networks) Chair: Roger Green 

Mo.D2.1 Increasing scope for circuit switching in the optical Internet (Invited)
M. Zukerman

Mo.D2.2 A generic time driven fractional wavelength OCS (Invited)
Z. Rosberg, D. Ostry

Mo.D2.3 Management and control of transparent optical network considering physical impairments (Invited)
M. Suzuki, T. Tsuritani

Mo.D2.4 Performance analysis of Harmony: An optical, multi-domain network resource broker (Invited)
S. Figuerola, J.A. García-Espín, J. Ferrer, A. Willner

Mo.D2.5 Method for placing bypass capable nodes in two-layer networks
M. Schlosser, E. Patzak


WAOR I Chair: Josep Solé-Pareta

Mo.B3.1 Power reduction techniques in multilayer traffic engineering (Invited)
B. Puype, W. Vereecken, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Mo.B3.2 Control plane issues in cross-layer optimized dynamic optical networks (Invited)
C. Vijaya Saradhi, E. Salvadori, A. Zanardi, S. Dalsass, R. Piesiewicz, I. Tomkos

Mo.B3.3 Differentiated resilience for anycast flows in MPLS networks
T.E.H. El‑Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Mo.B3.4 Efficient traffic routing for current and future demands in optical networks
K.D.R. Assis, K.C. Cruz, M.S. Savasini, H. Waldman

Mo.B3.5 Differentiated resilience with dynamic traffic grooming for WDM mesh networks
T.E.H. El‑Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Mo.B3.6 The performance for heuristic algorithms for virtual topology design in all optical WDM networks
F. El‑Khamy, M. Nasr, H.M.H. Shalaby, H.T. Mouftah


BONE-SARDANA I (PON) Chair: Mark S. Leeson 

Mo.C3.1 A performance survey on deflection routing techniques for OBS networks (Invited)
O. Pedrola, S. Rumley, D. Careglio, M.  Klinkowski, P. Pedroso, J. Solé‑Pareta, C. Gaumier

Mo.C3.2 Adaptive burst admission and forwarding in OBS networks (Invited)
S. Rumley, O. Pedrola, M. Klinkowski, P. Pedroso, C. Gaumier, D. Careglio, J. Solé‑Pareta

Mo.C3.3 Routing with prioritization based on statistics in OBS networks (Invited)
M. Escolar Díaz, X. Hesselbach

Mo.C3.4 Evaluation of resource reservation protocols for IP over OBS networks (Invited)
J.J.P.C. Rodrigues, B. Vaidya

Mo.C3.5 Traffic grooming in OBS networks based on virtual optical memories (Invited)
N. Boudriga, W. Abdallah, M. Hamdi


BONE-SARDANA II (OCDMA) Chair: Ioannis Tomkos 

Mo.D3.1 Lightpath establishment in PCE-based dynamic transparent optical networks assisted by end-to-end quality of transmission estimation (Invited)
N. Sambo, Y. Pointurier, F. Cugini, P. Castoldi, I. Tomkos

Mo.D3.2 Optimized node dimensioning in OBS networks using contention minimization in the wavelength domain (Invited)
J. Pedro, P. Monteiro, J. Pires

Mo.D3.3 Anycast routing in OBS based grid networks under heterogeneous traffic
W. Adlan, T.E.H. El‑Gorashi, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Mo.D3.4 On avoiding-minimizing burst collisions in optical burst-switched networks without wavelength conversion
J. Triay, J. Perelló, C. Cervelló‑Pastor, S. Spadaro

Mo.D3.5 An optical burst switched access and distribution architecture
G. Franzl


MARS I Chair: Giorgio M. Tosi Beleffi

Mo.B4.1 Economics and markets of semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)
L. Spiekman

Mo.B4.2 The prospects of FTTH deployments and their impact on our (broadband) world (Invited)
I. Tomkos, M. Angelou

Mo.B4.3 Economic analysis of future access network deployment and operation (Invited)
B. Lannoo, M. Kantor, L. Wosinska, K. Casier, J. Van Ooteghem, S. Verbrugge, J. Chen, K. Wajda, M. Pickavet

Mo.B4.4 The market, rationale and technology options for flexible transparent optical networks (Invited)
R. Dorward

Mo.B4.5 A new approach to provide the differentiated levels of network survivability under a double node failure (Invited)
J. Rak, W. Molisz


MARS II Chair: Bostjan Batagelj 

Mo.C4.1 A statistical model for CapEx fast calculation in optical transport networks (Invited)
A.N. Pinto, C. Pavan, R.M. Morais

Mo.C4.2 Importance of reliability when dimensioning an optical transparent network with physical impairments awareness (Invited)
A. Morea, T. Zami, F. Leplingard

Mo.C4.3 Management platform for next generation optical networks (Invited)
K. Janicki, P. Mrozicki, P. Wiatr

Mo.C4.4 Rationale for polymer optical fibres in-building cabling (Invited)
S. Abrate, R. Gaudino, A. Nocivelli

Mo.C4.5 Mechanisms for cost-effective P2P traffic management
M. Kantor, J. Derkacz, P. Chołda, S. Soursos, G. Stamoulis


MARS III Chair: Wojciech Molisz 

Mo.D4.1 FTTH networks deployment in Slovenia (Invited)
B. Batagelj

Mo.D4.2 ICT and telecommunication competencies in the Mediterranean (Invited)
R. Angeletti

Mo.D4.3 Effects of liberalization of telecom markets in developing countries: Armenia 1998-2008 case study (Invited)
V. Baghdasaryan

Mo.D4.4 Optical packet switch and transport: A new metro platform to reduce costs and power by 50% to 75% while simultaneously increasing deterministic performance levels (Invited)
J. Dunne, T. Farrell, J. Shields

Mo.D4.5 Optical transport networks: An industry perspective (Invited)
Á. Carvalho


FSO Chair: Craig Michie

Mo.B5.1 Channel models for optical wireless communication systems (Invited)
H. Joshi, R.J. Green, M.S. Leeson

Mo.B5.2 Reliable optical wireless links used as feeder links between earth and satellite (Invited)
E. Leitgeb, P. Brandl, T. Plank, M. Löschnigg, F. Ozek, M.S. Awan, M. Wittig

Mo.B5.3 Advances and prospects in high-speed information broadcast using phosphorescent white-light LEDs (Invited)
K.-D. Langer, J. Vučić, C. Kottke, L. Fernández del Rosal, S. Nerreter, J.W. Walewski

Mo.B5.4 UMTS radio-over-fiber pico-cell interconnection employing low-cost VCSELs and multi-mode fibre
R. Alemany, R. Llorente

Mo.B5.5 MEO optical intersatellite network: Performance evaluation
V. Carrozzo, G. Parca

Mo.B5.6 Background noise limitations on optical intersatellite links for data relay applications
E. Duca


GOWN I Chair: Eszter Udvary 

Mo.C5.1 Convergence of optical and millimeter-wave broadband wireless access networks (Invited)
M.C.R. Medeiros, R. Avó, P. Laurêncio, I. Darwazeh, J.E. Mitchell, P.M.N. Monteiro, H.J.A. da Silva

Mo.C5.2 Experimental analysis of temperature dependence in multimode optical fiber links for Radio-over-Fiber applications
D.S. Montero, I. Gasulla, I. Möllers, D. Jäger, J. Capmany, C. Vázquez

Mo.C5.3 Experimental evaluation of the transmission in a low cost SCM/WDM radio over fiber system employing optical broadband sources and interferometric structures
F. Gras Extension of a 40 Gbps link with a directly detected 2.5 Gbps subcarrier channel
M. Chaciński, R. Schatz, U. Westergren, A. Djupsjöbacka

Mo.C5.5 A heuristic for fault-tolerance provisioning in multi-radio hybrid wireless-optical broadband access network
G. Schütz, N.S.C. Correia

Mo.C5.6 Hybrid communication system applying electric CDMA over optical WDM
A. Amador, A. Teixeira, M. Lima


GOWN II Chair: Carmo Medeiros 

Mo.D5.1 External modulator linearization techniques for high performance radio over fiber transmission systems (Invited)
A. Ferreira, T. Silveira, D. Fonseca, R. Ribeiro, P. Monteiro

Mo.D5.2 Multifunctional SOAs in optical communication systems (Invited)
E. Udvary, T. Berceli

Mo.D5.3 Microwave photonics processing controlling the speed of light in semiconductor waveguides (Invited)
W. Xue, Y. Chen, S. Sales, S. Blaaberg, J. Mørk, J. Capmany

Mo.D5.4 Simulation of mm-wave over fiber systems employing up-conversion using external modulators
H. Vargues, R. Avó, P. Laurêncio, M.C.R. Medeiros

Mo.D5.5 Novel photonic RF instantaneous frequency measurement system using a HiBi fiber-based interferometer
M. Drummond, P. Monteiro, R. Nogueira


SWP WG3 IV (Nonlinearity) Chair: Katia Gallo 

Tu.A1.1 Phase locked harmonics etalon localization in opaque materials (Invited)
C. Cojocaru, V. Roppo, G. D’Aguanno, F. Raineri, J. Trull, R. Raj, R. Vilaseca, M. Scalora

Tu.A1.2 Some selected and functionalised organometallic molecules for NLO applications (Invited)
B. Sahraoui, R. Czaplicki, J. Luc, J-L. Fillaut

Tu.A1.3 Sensitivities of different nonlinear optical characterization techniques
G. Boudebs, K. Fedus

Tu.A1.4 Second harmonic generation signal from full deep shade moisture plants using the two-photon laser scanning microscope (Invited)
A.H. Reshak

Tu.A1.5 Nonlinear optical response of water dispersions of iron oxide nanoparticles (Invited)
S. Couris


SWP WG3 V (Fibers) Chair: Crina Cojocaru 

Tu.B1.1 Highly functional all optical control using ultrafast nonlinear phenomena in optical fibers (Invited)
N. Nishizawa

Tu.B1.3 Photonic crystal fiber devices fabricated by air hole control using CO2 laser irradiation technique (Invited)
H. Yokota, Y. Imai, Y. Sasaki

Tu.B1.4 Control of modal properties and modal effects in air guiding photonic bandgap fibres (Invited)
M.N. Petrovich, F. Poletti, D.J. Richardson

Tu.B1.5 Transmission properties of highly nonlinear photonic crystal fiber with huge air-fraction volume and doped core
M. Lucki

Tu.B1.6 Negative chromatic dispersion in selected types of photonic crystal fibers obtained by bending
M. Lucki


SWP WG3 VI (Modelling) Chair: Igor Nefedov 

Tu.C1.1 Gain/loss periodic spatial modulated materials on a wavelength scale (Invited)
K. Staliunas, R. Herrero, R. Vilaseca

Tu.C1.2 Scattering of transformed frequency on partial spherical waves induced by time change of the medium (Invited)
A. Nerukh, N. Sakhnenko, T. Remayeva

Tu.C1.3 Cylindrical multilayer dielectric waveguide with time-varying material properties (Invited)
N. Sakhnenko, A. Nerukh

Tu.C1.4 Numerical analysis of impact of DBRs’ outermost layers on optical characteristics of a surface-normal electro-absorption modulator by the method of single expression (Invited)
H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.S. Berberyan, T.T. Hovhannisyan, M. Marciniak

Tu.C1.5 Electromagnetic wave propagation in active and passive multilayered nanostructures (Invited)
O. Shramkova, A. Bulgakov, V. Kononenko

Tu.C1.6 Quasi-optical description of wave beams in smoothly inhomogeneous anisotropic media (Invited)
A.I. Smirnov, A.A. Balakin, L.A. Smirnov


SWP WG3 VII Chair: Gaetano Assanto 

Tu.D1.1 Efficient physical random bit generation with lasers (Invited)
T. Harayama, A.  Uchida, K. Yoshimura, P. Davis

Tu.D1.2 Chaotic quantum-dot InAs/InGaAsP/InP (100) twin-stripe lasers for secure encrypted communication (Invited)
J. Pozo, E. Smalbrugge, T. de Vries, M.K. Smit, D. Lenstra, R. Nötzel

Tu.D1.3 Polarized single photon emission for quantum cryptography based on colloidal nanocrystals (Invited)
F. Pisanello, L. Martiradonna, P. Spinicelli, A. Fiore, J‑P. Hermier, L. Manna, R. Cingolani, E. Giacobino, A. Bramati, M. De Vittorio

Tu.D1.4 High order harmonic passive mode-locking in double-clad fiber laser (Invited)
F. Amrani, A. Haboucha, M. Salhi, H. Leblond, A. Komarov, P. Grelu, F. Sanchez

Tu.D1.5 Generation of parabolic pulses and applications for optical telecommunications (Invited)
C. Finot, J.M. Dudley, D.J. Richardson, G. Millot


ICTON IV (Amplification) Chair: Leo Spiekman 

Tu.A2.1 Ultra-long Raman fibre laser transmission links (Invited)
V. Karalekas, J‑D. Ania‑Castañón, P. Harper, S.K. Turitsyn

Tu.A2.2 Raman amplification challenges for next generation networks (Invited)
P.S. André, B. Neto, C. Reis, A.M. Rocha, N. Wada, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, A. Teixeira

Tu.A2.3 Spontaneous emission from saturated parametric amplifiers (Invited)
K. Rottwitt, J. Raunkjær Ott, H. Steffensen, S. Ramachandran

Tu.A2.4 All-optical conversion to vestigial sideband through self-phase modulation in semiconductor optical amplifier (Invited)
T. Silveira, A. Ferreira, A. Teixeira, P. Monteiro

Tu.A2.5 Transmission of 20x10GE channels over 334 km in a cascade of three TDM-pumped RFAs
M. Karásek, J. Vojtěch, J. Radil

Tu.A2.6 Experimental evaluation of modulation induced by continuous waves in a semiconductor optical amplifier
S. Di Bartolo, E. Duca, D.M. Forin, S. Betti, A.L.J. Teixeira


ICTON V (Systems III) Chair: Werner Rosenkranz 

Tu.B2.1 Simplified back-propagation equalization in WDM coherent polarization multiplexed systems (Invited)
L.M. Pessoa, H.M. Salgado, I. Darwazeh

Tu.B2.2 Rate-adaptive non-binary-LDPC-coded polarization-multiplexed multilevel modulation with coherent detection for optically-routed networks
M. Arabaci, I.B. Djordjevic, R. Saunders, R.M. Marcoccia

Tu.B2.3 Impact of inter-symbol interference on optical DQPSK systems performance evaluation using equivalent differential phase
N.M.S. Costa, A.V.T. Cartaxo

Tu.B2.4 Transience analysis of bursty traffic with erbium doped fiber amplifiers
C. Reis, B. Neto, R. Dionisio, G. Incerti, G. Tosi Beleffi, D. Forin, A. M. Rocha, A.L.J. Teixeira, P.S. André


ICTON VI (Systems IV) Chair: Norbert Hanik 

Tu.C2.1 Enhancing performance of optical communication systems with advanced optical signal processing (Invited)
I. Glesk

Tu.C2.2 Performance analysis of 2D optical CDMA system with non-ideal optical hard-limiters (Invited)
J. Chovan, F. Uherek

Tu.C2.3 Important device limitations of transmitter and receiver concepts when designing 100G transmission systems (Invited)
C. Arellano, H. Louchet, I. Koltchanov, A. Richter

Tu.C2.4 Testbed methods to study physical layer path establishment in long haul optical wavelength switched networks (Invited)
A. Morea, D.C. Kilper, I.S. Lin, F. Leplingard, S. Chandrasekhar, T. Zami, J-C. Antona

Tu.C2.5 Optical frequency domain reflectometry: A review (Invited)
K. Yuksel, M. Wuilpart, V. Moeyaert, P. Mégret


ICTON VII (Signal Processing and Cryptography) Chair: Wolfgang Freude 

Tu.D2.1 All-optical signal processing techniques with fiber based devices (Invited)
R.N. Nogueira, M. Drummond, C. Marques, A. Teixeira, P. André, P. Monteiro

Tu.D2.2 Signal processing based on trigonometric transforms for high-speed optical networks (Invited)
M. Svaluto‑Moreolo, V. Sacchieri, G. Cincotti

Tu.D2.3 Cryptographic key distribution in optical systems: Quantum vs. chaos (Invited)
A.A. Guerreiro

Tu.D2.4 Quantum cryptography – The analysis of security requirements
M. Niemiec


WAOR II (Optical Burst Switching I) Chair: Darli Mello 

Tu.A3.1 Impairment aware wavelength assignment for all-optical networks based on evolutionary computation (Invited)
C.J.A. Bastos­‑Filho, D.A.R. Chaves, F.S.F. e Silva, R.V.B. Carvalho, H.A. Pereira, J.F. Martins‑Filho

Tu.A3.2 Improving IA-RWA algorithms in translucent networks by regenerator allocation (Invited)
E. Marín‑Tordera, R. Martínez, R. Muñoz, R. Casellas, J. Solé‑Pareta

Tu.A3.3 Cross layer RWA in WDM networks: Is the added complexity useful or a burden? (Invited)
K. Christodoulopoulos, P. Kokkinos, K. Manousakis, E.A. Varvarigos

Tu.A3.4 RWA algorithm aware of PMD and ASE for all-optical networks
M. Massimino‑Feres, L.C. Trevelin

Tu.A3.5 Online physical-layer impairment-aware routing with quality of transmission constraints in translucent optical networks
S. Pachnicke, N. Luck, P.M. Krummrich

Tu.A3.6 Novel physical-layer impairment-aware routing algorithm for translucent optical networks with 43 Gb/s and 107 Gb/s channels
S. Pachnicke, N. Luck, P.M. Krummrich


WAOR III (ptical Burst Switching II) Chair: Manos Varvarigos 

Tu.B3.1 Admission control policies in flow-aware networks (Invited)
J. Domżał, R. Wójcik, A. Jajszczyk, V. López, J.A. Hernández, J. Aracil

Tu.B3.2 An experimental GMPLS-controlled network test-bed enabling sub-wavelength connection provisioning (Invited)
F. Agraz, L. Velasco, J. Perelló, M. Ruiz, S. Spadaro, G. Junyent, J. Comellas

Tu.B3.3 Storage area networks extension scenarios in a wide area WDM mesh architecture under heterogeneous traffic (Invited)
T.E.H. El‑Gorashi, A. Mujtaba, W. Adlan, J.M.H. Elmirghani

Tu.B3.4 Some open issues in multi-domain/multi-operator/multi-granular ASON/GMPLS networks (Invited)
S. Spadaro, L. Velasco, J. Perelló, F. Agraz, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Tu.B3.5 Performance evaluation of a QoS technique for bufferless optical packet switches
V. Eramo, A. Germoni, A. Cianfrani, F. Lo Buono


WAOR IV (Impairment-Aware Routing) Chair: Davide Careglio 

Tu.C3.1 Impact of protection mechanisms on cost in PONs (Invited)
L. Wosinska, J. Chen, C. Mas Machuca, M. Kantor

Tu.C3.2 Cost efficiency of protection in future transparent networks (Invited)
D. Staessens, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.C3.3 Experimental evaluation of the link cost impact in OSNR-based IRWA algorithms for GMPLS-enabled translucent WSON (Invited)
R. Martínez, R. Casellas, R. Muñoz, T. Tsuritani

Tu.C3.4 MILP formulations for scheduling lightpaths under periodic traffic (Invited)
B. Garcia‑Manrubia, R. Aparicio‑Pardo, P. Pavon‑Mariño, N. Skorin‑Kapov, J. Garcia‑Haro

Tu.C3.5 The PlaNet-OTN module: A double layer design tool for optical transport networks (Invited)
L. Tang, S. Billenahalli, W. Huang, M. Razo, A. Sivasankaran, H. Vardhan, P. Monti, M. Tacca, A. Fumagalli


WAOR V (Architecture) Chair: Aldo Campi 

Tu.D3.1 A new approach to node-failure protection with span-protecting p-cycles (Invited)
W.D. Grover, D. Onguetou

Tu.D3.2 Performance evaluation of dynamic p-cycle protection methods in WDM optical networks (Invited)
A. Eshoul, H.T. Mouftah

Tu.D3.3 Dimensioning resilient optical Grids (Invited)
C. Develder, J. Buysse, M. De Leenheer, B. Dhoedt

Tu.D3.4 A novel protection mechanism in TDM-PON
M.M. Carvalho, E.A. De Souza

SWP WG1 I (Applications) Chair: Nigel P Johnson 

Tu.A4.1 Recent advances in interferometry using suspended core fibres (Invited)
O. Frazão, J.M. Baptista, J.L. Santos, J. Kobelke, K. Schuster

Tu.A4.2 Perfect lens tomography (Invited)
K.P. Gaikovich

Tu.A4.3 Scanning laser microscopy: From far field to near field (Invited)
G.A. Stanciu, C. Stoichita, S.G. Stanciu

Tu.A4.4 Metal nanolens transforming far-field into far-field
P. Wrobel, T.J. Antosiewicz, J. Pniewski, T. Szoplik

Tu.A4.5 Superfocusing on a dielectric-metal-dielectric apertureless scanning near-field optical microscope probe
T.J. Antosiewicz, P. Wrobel, T. Szoplik


SWP WG2 I Chair: Bjorn Maes 

Tu.B4.2 Organic-inorganic hybrids for the new generation of optical networks (Invited)
R.A.S. Ferreira, C.M.S. Vicente, E. Pecoraro, P.S. André, R. Nogueira, V. Zea‑Bermudez, P.V.S. Marques, S.J.L. Ribeiro, L.D. Carlos

Tu.B4.3 Dielectric and plasmon slot waveguides for photonic integration (Invited)
B. Jaskorzynska, Y. Song, N. Zhu, Z. Wang, M. Qiu, L. Wosinski

Tu.B4.4 Asymmetric split ring resonators for organic sensing (Invited)
B. Lahiri, S.G. McMeekin, A.Z. Khokhar, R.M. De La Rue, N.P. Johnson

Tu.B4.5 Hybrid organic active waveguide for C-band applications
S. Penna, A. Reale, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, S. Shinada, M. Nakao, N. Wada, A.L.J. Teixeira, P.S.B. Andre


MPM I Chair: Alexander I. Nosich 

Tu.C4.1 Cavity-enhanced structural colour in extrudeable photonic crystals (Invited)
J. Baumberg, D. Snoswell, A. Kontogeorgos, P. Spahn, O. Pursiainen

Tu.C4.2 Fundamentals and applications of microsphere resonator circuits (Invited)
V.N. Astratov

Tu.C4.3 Multi-photon dynamics in multiple coupled-cavity defects in photonic crystal slabs
S.R. Doutre, M.M. Dignam

Tu.C4.4 Coupled photonic-crystal cavities and quantum-wire microlasers
K.A. Atlasov, K.F. Karlsson, P. Gallo, M. Calic, A. Rudra, B. Dwir, E. Kapon

Tu.C4.5 Unidirectional vertical emission from photonic crystal nanolasers
S-H. Kim, Y-H. Lee, J. Huang, A. Scherer

Tu.C4.6 Systematization of all resonance modes in circular dielectric cavities
C.P. Dettmann, G.V. Morozov, M. Sieber, H. Waalkens


MPM II Chair: Vasily N. Astratov 

Tu.D4.1 Eigenmode evolution in an atom-cavity system (Invited)
K. An

Tu.D4.2 Spin superfluidity of exciton polaritons in microcavities (Invited)
A. Kavokin

Tu.D4.3 Silicon quantum dots in microdisk resonators: Stress-engineering of disk core for Q-factor tuning and enhancement

M. Ghulinyan, A. Pitanti, M. Xie, D. Navarro‑Urrios, A. Lui, G. Pucker, L. Pavesi

Tu.D4.4 Micro resonator stabilization by thin film coating
Y. Jestin, S. Berneschi, G. Nunzi‑Conti, A. Chiappini, M. Ferrari, G.C. Righini

Tu.D4.5 Dual wavelength Er3+:ZBLALiP whispering gallery mode laser
L. Xiao, S. Trébaol, Y. Dumeige, Z. Cai, M. Mortier, P. Féron


GOWN III Chair: František Uherek 

Tu.A5.1 Ultra-wideband radio-over-fibre in transparent optical networks
R. Llorente, M. Morant, M. Beltran

Tu.A5.2 Issues and solutions in mobile WiMAX and wired backhaul network integration (Invited)
L. Valcarenghi, P. Monti, I. Cerutti, P. Castoldi, L. Wosinska

Tu.A5.3 Integrated optical wireless access: Advanced topologies for future access networks (Invited)
C. Bock, T. Quinlan, M.P. Thakur, S.D. Walker

Tu.A5.4 Advanced PON topologies with wireless connectivity (Invited)
M. Milosavljevic, P. Kourtessis, A. Gliwan, J.M. Senior

Tu.A5.5 OFDM signals in WDM radio-over-fiber networks with fiber Bragg grating selection
D. Coelho, H.M. Salgado


BONE-SARDANA III Chair: Stefano Taccheo 

Tu.B5.1 Technologies and practical aspects of next generation optical networking (Invited)
M. Cvijetic

Tu.B5.2 Next generation PON systems – Current status (Invited)
M. Hajduczenia, Z. Boshan, H.J.A. da Silva

Tu.B5.3 On the symmetry requirements for tomorrow's fibre access networks (Invited)
M. Forzati, C. Popp Larsen

Tu.B5.4 Agile reconfigurable and traffic adapted all-optical access-metro networks (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, J. Prat

Tu.B5.5 Cost effectiveness of site reduction in optical access networks: A CapEx based comparison of different technologies
C. Lange, D. Breuer, R. Huelsermann


BONE-SARDANA IV Chair: Josep Segarra 

Tu.C5.1 BONE: Your gateway to European optical networks research (Invited)
P. Van Daele

Tu.C5.2 Performance evaluation methods of direct-detection OFDM systems (Invited)
A. Cartaxo, T. Alves

Tu.C5.3 Viability of in-service, low-cost and spatially unambiguous OTDR monitoring in TDM- and WDM-PON access networks
L. Costa, J.A. Lázaro, V. Pólo, A. Teixeira

Tu.C5.4 Optimization of passive optical networks by means of fiber nonlinearities interference reduction
J.D. Reis, B. Neto, P.S. André, A. Teixeira

Tu.C5.5 A passive optical network based on centralized wavelength and bandwidth scalable OFDM signals
J.A.L. Silva, D.J.C. Coura, A.P. Lopez Barbero, M.E.V. Segatto

Tu.C5.6 Transmission of 10 Gb/s per wavelength in a hybrid WDM/TDM access network providing bandwidth on‑demand
P.J. Urban, F.M. Huijskens, G.D. Khoe, A.M.J. Koonen, H. de Waardt


BONE-SARDANA V Chair: Josep Prat 

Tu.D5.1 Extending reach of passive optical networks through optical amplification (Invited)
K. Ennser, M. Zannin, S. Taccheo

Tu.D5.2 Recent progresses in RSOA-based WDM PON (Invited)
K.Y. Cho, S.P. Jung, A. Murakami, A. Agata, Y. Takushima, Y.C. Chung

Tu.D5.3 Reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers for passive optical networks (Invited)
C. Michie, A. Kelly, I. Andonovic

Tu.D5.4 Remotely pumped erbium doped fibre bidirectional amplifier for gain transient mitigation
F. Bonada, J.A. Lázaro, V. Polo, P. Chanclou, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, J. Prat

Tu.D5.5 L-band in-line remote amplification for an extended WDM/PON ring architecture
S. Chatzi, I. Tomkos, J.A. Lazáro, J. Prat


Poster Session I

Tu.P.1 Modeling of nano- and micro-spheres for sensing applications
F. Prudenzano, L. Mescia, L. Allegretti, M. De Sario, A. Di Tommaso, T. Palmisano, P. Féron, A. Chiappini, M. Ferrari, S. Soria, G.C. Righini

Tu.P.2 Third order non linear optical properties of ZnO:Al thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis
K. Bahedi, M. Addou, M. El Jouad, Z. Sofiani, S. Bayoud, M. Bouaouda, B. Sahraoui, Z. Essaïdi

Tu.P.3 Picosecond characteristics on transient absorption spectra of silver nanoparticles
A. Gaál, I. Bugár, I. Capek, J. Polovková, V. Szőcs, T. Pálszegi, A. Šatka, M. Michalka, F. Uherek

Tu.P.4 Lasing modes of infinite periodic chain of quantum wires
V.O. Byelobrov, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, A. Altintas, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.5 Nyström-method analysis of active spiral subwavelength 2-D microresonators
E.I. Smotrova, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, J. Ctyroky, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.6 Single frequency, widely tuneable green microchip laser
J.Z. Sotor, A.J. Antończak, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.7 Micro demultiplexer fabricated by self-assembly of microspheres on a patterned substrate
T. Mitsui, Y. Wakayama, T. Onodera, Y. Takaya, H. Oikawa

Tu.P.8 Responsivity analysis of a resonant cavity QDIP at 10 µm wavelength
A. Mir‑Derikvandi, V. Ahmadi

Tu.P.9 Accurately calculating high Q factor of whispering-gallery modes with boundary element method
C-L. Zou, Y. Yang, C-H. Dong, Y-F. Xiao, Z‑F. Han, G-C. Guo

Tu.P.10 Interference of guiding polariton modes in "traffic" circle waveguides
M. Gozman, I. Polishchuk, T. Lomonosova

Tu.P.11 Analysis of optical reflector based on circular coupled microring resonators
Z. Gao, X. Wang

Tu.P.12 Splitting of whispering gallery modes by nanoparticles embedded in high Q microcavities
K.R. Hiremath, V.N. Astratov

Tu.P.13 Analysis of excitation of higher-order transverse modes in large-size oxide-confined VCSELs
M. Kuc, R.P. Sarzała, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.14 Comparative analysis of various methods to reach the 1.3 µm emission in GaInNAs/GaAs QW VCSELs
K. Marszałek, R.P. Sarzała, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.15 Modelling of inline optical reflectors based on microring resonators
J. Petráček , J. Luksch, A. Sterkhova

Tu.P.16 Evolution of emission mechanism in deformed microcavities
S-B. Lee, J. Yang, S-Y. Lee, S. Moon, J-B. Shim, S.W. Kim, J-H. Lee, K. An

Tu.P.17 Free-space resonant coupling in a highly deformed microcavity
J. Yang, S-B. Lee, S. Moon, S-Y. Lee, J-B. Shim, S.W. Kim, J-H. Lee, K. An

Tu.P.18 Observation of scar modes in a deformed ultrasonic cavity
H. Kwak, Y. Shin, S-B. Lee, J. Yang, S. Moon, S‑Y. Lee, S.W. Kim, J-H. Lee, K. An

Tu.P.19 New cyclopropano[70] fullerene derivatives for the photovoltaic application
H. Derbal, C. Bergeret, J. Cousseau, J-M. Nunzi

Tu.P.20 Second harmonic generation in planar two-dimensional photonic crystals without out-of-plane losses
C. Nistor, C. Cojocaru, Y. Loiko, J. Trull, K. Staliunas

Tu.P.21 Alignment and FLIM imaging of Ag nanowires with CdTe quantum dots
C.A. Smyth, Y.P. Rakovich, E.M. McCabe

Tu.P.22 Modelling the response of whispering-gallery-mode optical resonators for biosensing applications
W. Langbein, L. Chantada, N.I. Nikolaev, A. Ivanov, P. Borri

Tu.P.23 Fabrication and characterization of Er-doped silicon-rich oxide toroidal microcavities on chip
J.B. Jager, P. Noé, E. Picard, E. Delamadeleine, V. Calvo


SWP WG3 VIII (Amplifiers) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui 

We.A1.1 Laser sources based on rare earth doped glasses: Recent strategies (Invited)
L. Allegretti, G. Calò, A. Di Tommaso, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, M. Gallo, L. Mescia, T. Palmisano, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

We.A1.2 Design, computation and characterization of thulium-doped photonic crystal fibre for emission around 1700 nm (Invited)
L. Labonté, N. Ducros, P. Roy, G. Humbert, S. Février, V. Rastogi, M. Pal, S.K. Bhadra

We.A1.3 Novel design for noise controlled semiconductor optical amplifier (Invited)
S. Philippe, F. Surre, K. Carney, R. Lennox, A.L. Bradley, P. Landais

We.A1.4 Extreme events in fiber based amplifiers
K. Hammani, C. Finot, B. Kibler, J.M. Dudley, G. Millot

We.A1.5 Self-pulsation in Raman fiber amplifiers
M.E.V. Pedersen, J.R. Ott, K. Rottwitt

We.A1.6 Non-white noise generation method for ASE noise simulation in systems with Raman amplification
N.J. Muga, M.C. Fugihara, M.F.S. Ferreira, A.N. Pinto


SWP WG3 IX (Lasers) Chair: Jost Adam 

We.B1.1 A microscopic approach for THz intersubband challenges (Invited)
M.F. Pereira

We.B1.2 Single-frequency waveguide lasers and their design
S. Taccheo, M. Tahaer, D. Milanese, H. Gebavi, J. Lousteau, G. Della Valle, D. Barbier

We.B1.3 Above-threshold analysis in an optimized three phase-shift DFB laser structure for stable single-mode operation
J.A.P. Morgado, C.A.F. Fernandes, J.B.M. Boavida

We.B1.4 Influence of laser chirp on the performance of 40 Gbit·s-1 optically compensated directly modulated systems
J.A.P. Morgado, A.V.T. Cartaxo

We.B1.5 A novel approach to distributed feedback in liquid crystals
D. Donisi, R. Asquini, A. D’Alessandro, G. Assanto

We.B1.6 Temperature dependences of the second order susceptibilities in the novel borate LiCsB4O7 single crystal
A.H. Reshak, I.V. Kityk


SWP WG1 II (Metamaterials) Chair: Tomasz Szoplik 

We.C1.1 Field enhancement in a photonic band gap cavity assisted by metal grooves (Invited)
V. Marrocco, M.A. Vincenti, G. Calò, M. De Sario, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano, A. D’Orazio

We.C1.2 Non linear optical properties of nanostructured metallic surfaces (Invited)
A. Belardini, M.C. Larciprete, M. Centini, E. Fazio, C. Sibilia, M. Bertolotti, A. Toma, D. Chiappe, C. Boragno, F. Buatier de Mongeot

We.C1.3 Surface photonic modes propagating at the normal cut of periodic metal planes (Invited)
V. Kazakevicius, R. Brazis

We.C1.4 Enhanced photoluminescence from metals and nanoimprinted photonic crystals
V. Reboud, N. Kehagias, M. Striccoli, T. Placido, A. Panniello, M.L. Curri, M. Zelsmann, J.A. Alducin, D. Mecerreyes, S. Newcomb, D. Iacopino, H. Doyle, G. Redmond, C.M. Sotomayor‑Torres

We.C1.5 Noble metal nanoparticles functionalized with novel organic luminophores
E. Giorgetti, G. Dobrikov, D. Ivanova, I. Timtcheva, T. del Rosso, G. Margheri, M. Ferrari, A. Chiappini


SWP WG2 II (Applications) Chair: Branislav Jelenkovic 

We.D1.1 Static Fourier-transform waveguide spectrometers (Invited)
A. Delâge, P. Cheben, M. Florjańczyk, S. Janz, B. Lamontagne, J. Lapointe, A. Scott, B. Solheim, D-X. Xu

We.D1.2 Integrated hybrid sol-gel devices for astronomical interferometry (Invited)
P.V.S. Marques, A. Ghasempour, D. Alexandre, F. Reynaud, P.J.V. Garcia, A.M.P Leite
We.D1.3 Photonic crystal heterostructure lasers (Invited)
J. O'Brien, L. Lu, A. Mock, M. Bagheri

ICTON VIII( Signal Processing) Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi 

We.A2.1 Precise and high-speed lightwave control for huge-capacity transmission and advanced optical signal processing (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, T. Sakamoto, A. Chiba

We.A2.2 Optical wavelet signal processing (Invited)
Y. Ben‑Ezra, B.I. Lembrikov

We.A2.3 Photonic signal processing using arrayed-waveguide gratings (Invited)
H. Tsuda

We.A2.4 All-optical nonlinear fibre signal processing (Invited)
S.K. Turitsyn, S. Boscolo

We.A2.5 Coherent soliton collisions in photorefractive semiconductor InP:Fe for reconfigurable optical communications (Invited)
M. Alonzo, C. Dan, D. Wolfersberger, E. Fazio


ICTON IX (Power Issues) Chair: Philippe Roy 

We.B2.1 On using all-optical burst-mode power equalization in converged metro-access networks (Invited)
S. Pato, P. Monteiro, H. Silva

We.B2.2 Power efficiency of 40 Gbit/s and 100 Gbit/s optical Ethernet (Invited)
S. Aleksić

We.B2.3 Performance and power consumption of digital signal processing based transceivers for optical interconnect applications (Invited)
M. Glick, Y. Benlachtar, R. Killey

We.B2.4 Power consumption analysis of optical cross-connect equipment for future large capacity optical networks
M. Murakami, K. Oda

We.B2.5 Wavelength path optimization in optical transport networks for energy saving
A. Silvestri, A. Valenti, S. Pompei, F. Matera, A. Cianfrani

We.B2.6 Path monitoring for restoration functions in optical packet-switched networks
R. Vilar, J. García, Y. Kim, S. LaRochelle, R. Llorente, F. Ramos


ICTON X (Bragg Gratings) Chair: Francesca Parmigiani 

We.C2.1 Alternative designs for high power single mode active optical fibers (Invited)
P. Roy, M. Devautour, S. Février, L. Lavoute, K. Schuster, J. Kobelke, S. Grimm

We.C2.2 Applications of Fabry-Perot Bragg grating cavities to optical networks (Invited)
L. Pellegrino, R. Meleiro, D. Fonseca, R. Morais, P. André, P. Monteiro

14:40 Beam propagation through straight and bent Bragg waveguides: Numerical simulation (Invited)
A. Popov, D. Prokopovich, A. Vinogradov

We.C2.4 Wavelength converters based on fiber XPM and fiber Bragg gratings
P. Honzatko

We.C2.5 FBG dispersion compensation in a 43 Gbit/s WDM system: Comparing different FBG types and modulation formats
A. Dochhan, S. Smolorz, H. Rohde, W. Rosenkranz

We.C2.6 Effect of group velocity dispersion on all optical encoded labels in optical packet networks
D. Pastor, W. Amaya, R. García‑Olcina


PICAW Chair: Stefano Taccheo 

We.D2.1 Al2O3:Er3+ as a new platform for active integrated optics (Invited)
M. Pollnau, J.D.B. Bradley, L. Agazzi, E. Bernhardi, F. Ay, K. Wörhoff, R.M. de Ridder

We.D2.2 New scaling rules for MMI devices (Invited)
L.W. Cahill, T.V. Clapp

We.D2.3 Developing transmission and routing photonic systems using advanced hybrid integration technologies (Invited)
E. Kehayas

We.D2.4 VLSI photonics: Science and engineering of high-density photonic circuit integration in micro/nano-scale (Invited)
E-H. Lee

We.D2.5 Silicon-based integrated multiplexers for WDM systems (Invited)
L. Wosinski, N. Zhu, B. Jaskorzynska


RONEXT I (Economics) Chair: Wayne Grover 

We.A3.1 Complexity/performance trade-off in optical packet switches (Invited)
F. Callegati, A. Campi, W. Cerroni

We.A3.2 New generation of optical packet switching network based on multi-colored packets (Invited)
N. Wada

We.A3.3 All-optical packet switch at data-rate beyond 160 Gb/s (Invited)
N. Calabretta, H-D. Jung, E. Tangdiongga, T. Koonen, H. Dorren

We.A3.4 An all-optical grooming switch with regenerative capabilities (Invited)
J. Leuthold, R. Bonk, P. Vorreau, S. Sygletos,D. Hillerkuss, W. Freude, G. Zarris, D. Simeonidou, C. Kouloumentas, M. Spyropoulou, I. Tomkos, F. Parmigiani, P. Petropoulos, D.J. Richardson, R. Weerasuriya, S. Ibrahim, A.D. Ellis, C. Meuer, D. Bimberg, R. Morais, P. Monteiro, S. Ben‑Ezra, S. Tsadka

We.A3.5 "Light-mesh" time division multiplexing for CWDM/DWDM networks (Invited)
A. Jüttner, J. Zhang


RONEXT II (Protection) Chair: Ricardo Martínez 

We.B3.1 Network performance improvement in survivable WDM networks considering physical layer constraints (Invited)
A. Tzanakaki, K. Georgakilas, K. Katrinis, L. Wosinska, A. Jirattigalachote, P. Monti

We.B3.2 Survivability in metro WDM storage area networks
B. Pranggono, J.M.H. Elmirghani

We.B3.3 Quantifying the benefit of BER-based differentiated path provisioning in WDM optical networks
A. Jirattigalachote, K. Katrinis, A. Tzanakaki, L. Wosinska, P. Monti

We.B3.4 Experimental investigations on restoration techniques in a wide area Gigabit Ethernet optical test bed based on virtual private LAN service
A. Valenti, P. Bolletta, S. Pompei, F. Matera

We.B3.5 Multiple path based regenerator placement algorithm in translucent optical networks
N. Sambo, N. Andriolli, A. Giorgetti, P. Castoldi, G. Bottari

We.B3.6 Cost aware design of translucent WDM transport networks
S. Rumley, C. Gaumier


WAOR VI (Switching) Chair: Noureddine Boudriga 

We.C3.1 Interconnection of long-reach PON and backbone networks (Invited)
P. Castoldi, F. Paolucci, A. Giorgetti, M. Maier

We.C3.2 Design and development of a semantic information modelling framework for a service oriented optical Internet (Invited)
C.E. Abosi, R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou

We.C3.3 An optical overlay network concept for hard QoS requirements (Invited)
R. Forchheimer, L. Wosinska, P. Monti

We.C3.4 On the risk of non-compliance with some plausible SLA requirements (Invited)
H. Waldman, D.A.A. Mello


MPM III Chair: Trevor M Benson 

We.A4.1 Experimental and theoretical investigation of microresonators at Jena University (Invited)
C. Schmidt, A. Chipouline, T. Käsebier, E-B. Kley, A. Tünnermann, L.I. Deych, T. Pertsch

We.A4.2 High-brightness single photon sources based on photonic wires (Invited)
J. Claudon, J. Bleuse, M. Bazin, N.S. Malik, P. Jaffrennou, P. Lalanne, N. Gregersen, J.M. Gérard

We.A4.3 Whispering-gallery modes in dielectric microspheres for biosensing applications (Invited)
P. Borri, J. Lutti, W. Langbein

We.A4.4 Periodical patterning of spherical micro-resonator surfaces for nonlinear light generation (Invited)
J. Martorell

We.A4.5 Spectroscopy of coherently coupled whispering gallery modes in supermonodispersive bispheres
S. Yang, V.N. Astratov

We.A4.6 Using nanocavity plasmons to improve solar cell efficiency
B. Soares, S. Mahajan, A. Campbell, N. Greenham, S. Guldin, S. Huettner, U. Steiner, J. Baumberg


MPM IV Chair: Jiri Petráček 

We.B4.1 Ultrahigh-Q microcavities in diamond-based photonic crystal slabs (Invited)
S. Tomljenovic‑Hanic, A.D. Greentree, S. Prawer, C.M. de Sterke

We.B4.2 Optical microfibers and microfiber resonators (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

We.B4.3 Whispering gallery modes in bottle microresonators (Invited)
M.N. Zervas, G. Senthil‑Murugan, J.S. Wilkinson

We.B4.4 Large electric tuning of WGMs in liquid crystal droplets
M. Humar, S. Pajk, I. Muševič

We.B4.5 Simple numerical scheme for modelling of nonlinear pulse propagation in coupled microring resonators
A. Sterkhova, J. Petráček, J. Luksch

We.B4.6 Nonlinear coupling of microring resonators and applications
A. Ghadi, S. Mirzanezhad, F. Sohbatzadeh


MPM V (Modelling) Chair: Snjezana Tomljenovic-Hanic 

We.C4.1 The scope for analytical models of 3D resonators (Invited)
T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell

We.C4.2 Theoretical investigation of two beams optical ring resonators for new generation photonic sensors (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, C.E. Campanella, M.N. Armenise

We.C4.3 Dynamics and instabilities in series of coupled nonlinear resonators (Invited)
B. Maes, M. Fiers, K. Huybrechts, G. Morthier, P. Bienstman

We.C4.4 Study of improved second harmonic generation in double microring resonators (Invited)
M. Gandomkar, V. Ahmadi

We.C4.5 Theoretical analysis of microring resonator filters made of plasmonic waveguides (Invited)
O.C. Tsilipakos, T.V. Yioultsis, E.E. Kriezis


ESPC Chair: Valeria Marrocco

We.D4.1 Light transport and limits of slow light in real photonic crystal structures in the presence of residual disorder (Invited)
N. Le Thomas, J. Jágerská, H. Zhang, R. Houdré

We.D4.2 The structure of light in photonic crystal waveguides (Invited)
D. van Oosten, M. Burresi, R.J.P. Engelen, A. Opheij, D. Mori, T. Baba, L. (Kobus) Kuipers

We.D4.3 Two-dimensional surface emitting photonic crystal laser with hybrid triangular-graphite structure (Invited)
L.J. Martínez, B. Alén, I. Prieto, C. Seassal, P. Viktorovitch, J.F. Galisteo‑López, M. Galli, L.C. Andreani, P.A. Postigo

We.D4.4 Modelling of photonic-crystal VCSELs with semi-vectorial and vectorial models (Invited)
M. Dems


Novel Glasses I Chair: Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem 

We.A5.1 Tg: The glass door to photonic devices and integrated circuits (Invited)
A.B. Seddon, Z.G. Lian, W.J. Pan, D. Furniss, T.M. Benson 

We.A5.2 Novel nanophotonic waveguides based on metal, semiconductor or soft glass modified photonic crystal fibers (Invited)
M.A. Schmidt, H. Tyagi, H. Lee, P. St.J. Russell

We.A5.3 Red fiber ring lasers (Invited)
R. Al‑Mahrous, R. Caspary, W. Kowalsky

We.A5.4 Glass-based erbium activated micro-nano photonic structures (Invited)
G. Alombert‑Goget, C. Armellini, S. Berneschi, S.N.B. Bhaktha, B. Boulard, A. Chiappini, A. Chiasera, C. Duverger-Arfuso, P. Féron, M. Ferrari, Y.  Jestin, L. Minati, A. Monteil, E. Moser, G. Nunzi‑Conti, S. Pelli, F. Prudenzano, G.C. Righini, G. Speranza

We.A5.5 Garnett films as promising materials for RF-absorbance
K. Ozga, I. Kityk, A. Slezak


Novel Glasses II Chair: Angela Seddon 

We.B5.1 Experimental studies of non-linear properties of chalcogenide glasses (Invited)
E. Romanova, A. Afanasiev, V. Shiryaev, G. Snopatin, D. Furniss, A. Seddon, T. Benson, B. Derkowska, S. Guizard, N. Fedorov

We.B5.2 Chalcogenide glasses and glass-ceramics for novel infrared optical technologies (Invited)
X. Zhang, J-L. Adam

We.B5.3 Telluride thick films deposited by co-thermal evaporation: Promising materials for far infrared applications (Invited)
C. Vigreux, E. Barthélémy, S. Albert, A. Pradel

We.B5.4 High quality erbium doped tellurite glass films using ultrafast laser deposition (Invited)
G. Jose, D.P. Steenson, M. Irannejad, A. Jha

We.B5.5 Highly doped Tm3+ tellurite glasses for 2 μm laser source (Invited)
J. Lousteau, H. Gebavi, E. Mazzon, D. Negro, M. Merlo, D. Milanese, S. Taccheo, M. Ferraris


NAON I (Quantum Dots) Chair: Judy Rorison 

We.C5.1 Short pulse generation with 40 GHz passively-mode locked Q-dashed Fabry-Perot laser (Invited)
S. Latkowski, R. Maldonado‑Basilio, P. Landais

We.C5.2 Ultrafast fiber lasers and nonlinear generation of light (Invited)
P.J. Almeida, P. Dupriez, J. Clowes, E. Bricchi, M. Rusu, A.B. Grudinin

We.C5.3 External electrical and optical effects in the operation of monolithic mode-locked laser diodes and the potential of nanostructure technologies in reducing these effects (Invited)
E. Avrutin, B.M. Russell

We.C5.4 Optical line width in semiconductor quantum dots (Invited)
K. Král, M. Menšík

We.C5.5 Influence of p-doping in quantum dot semiconductor optical amplifiers at 1.3 µm (Invited)
D. Bimberg, C. Meuer, G. Fiol, H. Schmeckebier, D. Arsenijevic, G. Eisenstein


NAON II (VCSELs) Chair: Wlodzimierz Nakwaski 

We.D5.1 Photonic crystal vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (PC-VCSELs) – The future for high power single mode behaviour (Invited)
J.M. Rorison, P. Ivanov

We.D5.2 Circularly-polarized lasing in a (110)-oriented VCSEL with InGaAs/GaAs QWs (Invited)
H. Kawaguchi

We.D5.3 Orthogonally polarized bistable localized light structures in medium size vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (Invited)
K. Panajotov, X. Hachair, H. Thienpont, G. Tissoni

We.D5.4 Improvements on corrugation pitch modulated distributed coupling coefficient distributed feedback laser structures for single longitudinal mode operation
J. Boavida, C. Fernandes, J. Morgado


Poster Session II

We.P.1 A novel bidirectional RSOA based WDM-PON with downstream DPSK and upstream re-modulated OOK data
J. Zhang, X. Yuan, Y. Gu, Y. Huang, M. Zhang, Y. Zhang

We.P.2 Scaling guidelines of a soliton-based power limiter for 2R-optical regeneration applications
J. Fatome, C. Finot

We.P.3 Low-coherence interferometry for measuring polarization mode dispersion
L.M.N. Amaral, D.A. Pereira, O. Frazão, M.B. Marques, M.J.N. Lima, A.L.J. Teixeira

We.P.4 Optimization of WDM communication system using a binomial power distribution
M. Lazoul, L.M. Simohamed

We.P.5 Comparative evaluation of fibre-optic architectures for next-generation distributed antenna systems
S. Pato, J. Pedro, P. Monteiro

We.P.6 An ant-based algorithm for distributed RWA in optical burst switching
J. Triay, C. Cervelló‑Pastor

We.P.7 Gaussian approximation analysis of ZCC code for multimedia optical CDMA applications
I. Bala, V. Rana

We.P.8 Entanglement dynamics in a spin star system
E. Ferraro, A. Napoli, A. Messina

We.P.9 InGaAs quantum dot 1050 nm saturable absorber mirror: Investigation under high excitation condition
E. Jelmakas, R. Tomasiunas, K. Wilcox, E. Rafailov, I. Krestnikov

We.P.10 Feature based recognition of photonic devices in images obtained by confocal scanning laser microscopy
S.G. Stanciu, R. Hristu, R. Boriga, G. Stanciu

We.P.11 Synthesis of sub-wavelength diffractive optical elements by 3D full-vectorial beam propagation method
R. Petruskevicius, D. Kezys, M. Mikolajunas, V. Grigaliunas, J. Baltrusaitis, D. Virzonis

We.P.12 Diagnostic and characterization of the VCSEL diodes based on GaSb
J. Cihelka, I. Matulková, J. Vyskočil, Z. Zelinger, S. Civiš

We.P.13 Repetition rate multiplication in eight microstructured optical fiber laser
T. Ennejah, F. Bahloul, R. Attia

We.P.14 Supercontinuum generation in dual core photonic crystal fibre
M. Koyš, I. Bugár, R. Buczynski, D. Pysz, M. Michalka, F. Uherek

We.P.15 Waveguiding properties of photonic crystal fiber
Y.A. Mazhirina, L.A. Melnikov

We.P.16 Femtosecond soliton supercontinuum generation in anisotropic microstructure fiber
Y. Mazhirina, L. Melnikov, A. Konukhov

We.P.17 Stability analysis of Raman propagation equations
B. Neto, M.M. Rodrigues, E.A. Rocha, P.S. André

We.P.18 Narrow asymmetric waveguide semiconductor lasers with improved temperature wavelength stability for pumping and nonlinear applications
B. Ryvkin, E. Avrutin

We.P.19 Modelling of frequency stabilization of diode laser based on 3rd, 5th and 7th harmonic method
A. Grobelny, A. Wąż

We.P.20 Interference aspects of terahertz transmission
P. Jarzab, J.S. Witkowski, K. Nowak, G. Beziuk, A. Grobelny, R. Wilk, M. Mikulics, E.F. Plinski

We.P.21 Design of a wavelength control for coherent detection of high order modulation formats

J.M. Fabrega, J. Prat, L. Molle, R. Freund

We.P.22 Holographic 1D photonic crystals in dichromate pullulan

S. Savić Šević, D. Pantelić, B. Jelenković


SWP WG1 III Chair: Vladimir Kuzmiak 

Th.A1.1 Electrodynamics of periodic arrays of carbon nanotubes (Invited)
I. Nefedov

Th.A1.2 Nested structures approach for bulk 3D negative index materials (Invited)
A. Andryieuski, R. Malureanu, A.V. Lavrinenko

Th.A1.3 Resetting of a planar superconducting quantum memory
R. Migliore, G. De Simone, M. Guccione, A. Messina

Th.A1.4 Optimisation of transmission properties and subwavelength imaging of silver-dielectric layered structures operating in the canalization regime
A. Pastuszczak, R. Kotyński

Th.A1.5 Near-field sounding of multilayered media
P.K. Gaikovich


SWP WG1 IV (Plasmons) Chair: Hovik Baghdasaryan 

Th.B1.1 Dual-polarized plasmonic nano-cables (Invited)
A. Soloviev, I. Nefedov, S. Tretyakov

Th.B1.2 Surface plasmon resonances in metal nanoparticles (Invited)
V. Kuzmiak, V. Kolinský, K. Zdánský

Th.B1.3 Plasmons on metal layers embedded in dielectric PBG cavity (Invited)
V. Marrocco, M.A. Vincenti, M. De Sario, G. Calò, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano, A. D’Orazio

Th.B1.4 Organic light-emitting diodes as surface plasmon emitters
D.M. Koller, A. Hohenau, H. Ditlbacher, N. Galler, F.R. Aussenegg, A. Leitner, J.R. Krenn, E.J.W. List

Th.B1.5 Bottom-up approach to hybrid metallodielectric materials
A. Klos, M. Gajc, R. Diduszko, D.A. Pawlak


ICTON XI (Systems V) Chair: Piero Castoldi 

Th.A2.1 Advanced optical limiting function based on effective understanding of physical phenomena (Invited)
T. Konishi, H. Goto, T. Kato, K. Kawanishi

Th.A2.2 Performance comparison of spectrally efficient intensity modulated formats in remodulated WDM PON
N.B. Pavlović, L.N. Costa, A. Teixeira

Th.A2.3 Improvement of DPSK transmission by phase-preserving amplitude regeneration using cascaded nonlinear amplifying loop mirrors
C. Stephan, K. Sponsel, G. Onishchukov, B. Schmauss, G. Leuchs

Th.A2.4 40 Gb/s all-optical RZ to NRZ format converter based on SOA and detuned filtering
T. Silveira, A. Ferreira, D. Fonseca, A. Teixeira, P. Monteiro


ICTON XII (Devices) Chair: Otto Strobel

Th.B2.1 Effect of bending in SMF fibers under high power
A.M. Rocha, A. Martins, M. Facão, P.S. André

Th.B2.2 On recent progress in all-fibered pulsed optical sources from 20 GHz to 2 THz based on multiple four wave mixing approach
J. Fatome, S. Pitois, C. Fortier, B. Kibler, C. Finot, G. Millot, C. Courde, M. Lintz, E. Samain

Th.B2.3 High repetition frequency, fundamentally mode-locked 111 fs all-fiber erbium laser
M.P. Nikodem, K.M. Abramski

Th.B2.4 Stable four-wavelength ring resonator with hybrid serial-tree configuration for sensing applications
D. Passaro, S. Selleri, M. Fernandez‑Vallejo, R.A. Perez‑Herrera, C. Elosua‑Aguado, C. Bariain, M. Lopez‑Amo

Th.B2.5 Fast method for Q factor estimation in delay line demodulated DPSK optical communications systems
N.S. Avlonitis, I. Tomkos


RONEXT III (Survivability) Chair: Nina Skorin-Kapov

Th.A3.1 Scalability techniques in electronically processed CDMA for low cost and flexible optical access networks (Invited)
J.B. Rosas‑Fernandez, J.D. Ingham, R.V. Penty, I.H. White

Th.A3.2 Development of OCDMA prototype for a next-generation, bandwidth-symmetric FTTH system (Invited)
N. Kataoka

Th.A3.3 Enhancing optical CDMA (Invited)
M.S. Leeson, K. Cui, E.L. Hines

Th.A3.4 Novel time domain spectral phase encoding/decoding technique for OCDMA application (Invited)
X. Wang

Th.A3.5 Multi-user application of code scrambling for enhanced optical layer confidentiality
V. Sacchieri, S. Di Lucente, P. Teixeira, A. Teixeira, G. Cincotti


RONEXT IV Chair: Lena Wosinska 

Th.B3.1 Hybrid ring-tree WDM/TDM-PON optical distribution network (Invited)
J. Prat, J. Lazaro, P. Chanclou, R. Soila, P. Velanas, A. Teixeira, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, I. Tomkos, D. Klonidis

Th.B3.2 A novel ring architecture of multiple optical private networks over EPON using OCDMA technique
M. Gharaei, S. Cordette, I. Fsaifes, C. Lepers, P. Gallion

Th.B3.3 Ultra-dense, transparent and resilient ring-tree access network using coupler-based remote nodes and homodyne transceivers
J.M. Fàbrega, J. Prat

Th.B3.4 Employing feed-forward downstream cancellation in optical network units for 2.5G/1.25G RSOA-based and 10G/10G REAM-based passive optical networks for efficient wavelength reuse
B. Schrenk, J.A. Lazaro, J. Prat

Th.B3.5 Interleaved polling algorithm with inserted cycles to support service level agreement in long-reach EPONs
T. Jiménez, N. Merayo, R.J. Durán, P. Fernández, R.M. Lorenzo, I. de Miguel,  N. Fernández,  E.J. Abril


SWP WG2 III Chair: Maciej Dems 

Th.A4.1 Planar optical quantum computing: Current status and future challenges (Invited)
G. Cincotti

Th.A4.2 Förster resonant energy transfer in quantum dot structures
M. Lunz, L. Bradley, W‑Y. Chen, Y.K. Gun'ko

Th.A4.3 Design and fabrication of Si-based photonic crystal stamps
R. Jannesari, I. Bergmair, S. Zamiri, K. Hingerl

Th.A4.4 Parametric resonance and waves in periodic media
A. Popov

Th.A4.5 Existence and stability of of multihumped femtosecond solitons
M. Facão, M.I. Carvalho, D.F. Parker


SWP WG2 IV Chair: Ariel Guerreiro

Th.B4.1 Sub-wavelength nanostructures for engineering the effective index of silicon-on-insulator waveguides (Invited)
P. Cheben, J. Schmid, P. Bock, D‑X. Xu, S. Janz, A. Delâge, J. Lapointe, B. Lamontagne, A. Densmore, T. Hall

Th.B4.2 III-V photonic crystal lasers heterogeneously bonded to silicon-on-insulator waveguides (Invited)
T.J. Karle, Y. Halioua, F. Raineri, I. Sagnes, R. Raj, G. Roelkens, F. van Laere, D. Van Thourhout

Th.B4.3 Heterogeneous integration of III-V on silicon based microlaser sources for photonic integrated circuit applications (Invited)
P. Rojo Romeo, L. Ferrier, F. Mandorlo, X. Letartre, P. Viktorovitch, J‑M. Fedeli

Th.B4.4 Enhancing light-matter interaction via Bloch surface waves for biosensing applications (Invited)
M. Liscidini, M. Galli, M. Patrini, G. Dacarro, L.C. Andreani, D. Bajoni, C. Ricciardi, F. Giorgis, R.W. Loo, M.C. Goh, M. Shi, J.E. Sipe


NAON III Chair: Eugene Avrutin 

Th.A5.1 Applications of superstructured fibre Bragg gratings in all optical signal processing (Invited)
F. Parmigiani, P. Petropoulos, T.T. Ng, M. Ibsen, D.J. Richardson

Th.A5.2 Ultrafast nonlinear optics on a chip: Application to signal processing (Invited)
M. Pelusi, T.D. Vo, F. Luan, S.J. Madden, D‑Y. Choi, D.A.P. Bulla, B. Luther‑Davies, B.J. Eggleton

Th.A5.3 Cost efficient pulse source for return-to-zero differential phase shift keyed transmission systems (Invited)
P.M. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

Th.A5.4 Ultrahigh-speed all-optical modulation using intersubband transition quantum well waveguide and its application (Invited)
K.S. Abedin