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7th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


July 3-7, 2005 - Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain



Opening Session Chair: Hans-Georg Unger

Mo.A.1 Towards digital optical networks (Invited)

I. Tomkos, A. Tzanakaki

Mo.A.2 Routing strategies for OBS networks based on MRDV (Invited)

J. Aracil, O. González, J.P. Fernández-Palacios

Mo.A.3 New glasses and their characterization for Raman gain (Invited)

G. Stegeman, R. Stegeman, C. Rivero, K. Richardson, P. Delfyett Jr., T. Cardinal, M. Couzi

Mo.A.4 Novel supercontinuum sources (Invited)

H. Ludvigsen


COST 291 Workshop Chair: Ioannis Tomkos 

Mo.B1.1 Nonlinear penalty suppression through the use of optical add drop multiplexers (Invited)

A. Tzanakaki, I. Zacharopoulos, D. Parcharidou, I. Tomkos

Mo.B1.2 OTDM light trail networks

Y. Ye, H. Woesner, I. Chlamtac

Mo.B1.3 Node redundancy in optical burst and packet switched networks

S. Bjørnstad, A. Sudbø, R. Andreassen, E. Zouganeli, N. Stol, B. Helvik

Mo.B1.4 Overview of resilience schemes in photonic transmission network

M. Lacković, R. Inkret

Mo.B1.5 Reliability based routing in WDM optical networks

A. Challita, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

Mo.B1.6 Extending the reach of 10GE at 1310 nm

J. Vojtěch, M. Karásek, J. Radil

Mo.B1.7 Optimization of all-optical gain-clamped lumped Raman fibre amplifier for dynamic performance

M. Karásek, J. Kaňka, J. Radil

Mo.B1.8 Time interleaved polarization multiplexing for polarization labelling

V.L. Tuft, S. Bjørnstad, D.R. Hjelme

Mo.B1.9 Efficiency of information update strategies for automatically switched multi-domain optical networks
J. Szigeti, I. Ballók, T. Cinkler


WAOR/RONEXT (Survivable Optical Networks) Chair: Josep Sole-Pareta

Mo.C1.1 Future trends in the design of survivable optical networks (Invited)

H.T. Mouftah

Mo.C1.2 Improving fairness in multi service multi layer networks (Invited)

M. Köhn

Mo.C1.3 Mathematical programming evaluation of intrinsic survivability in packet-path networks (Invited)

F.J. González-Castaño, J.C. Burguillo-Rial, C. López-Bravo, J. García-Haro, P. Pavón-Mariño

Mo.C1.4 Fairness in optical packet switched metro ring networks (Invited)

H. Øverby

Mo.C1.5 Comparison of transparent versus opaque interconnecting nodes of OADM rings with respect to failure location (Invited)

C. Mas, I. Tomkos

Mo.C1.6 Applying p-cycles to multi-service photonic network (Invited)

R. Inkret, M. Lacković, B. Mikac

Mo.C1.7 Joint grooming capability and wavelength number optimization

M. Perényi, A. Ladányi, T. Cinkler


WAOR I (Quality of Service) Chair: Anna Tzanakaki

Mo.D1.1 Quality of service differentiation in optical packet/burst switching: a performance and reliability perspective (Invited)

S. Bjørnstad, H. Øverby

Mo.D1.2 Impact of burst length differentiation on QoS performance in OBS networks (Invited)

M. Klinkowski, D. Careglio, S. Spadaro, J. Solé-Pareta

Mo.D1.3 Hybrid WDM/TDM PON based on bidirectional reflective ONUs offering differentiated QoS via OBS (Invited)

J. Segarra, C. Bock, J. Prat

Mo.D1.4 Cost optimization method for multiple attack localization and identification in all-optical networks

R. Rejeb, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green


ESPC I (Microstructured Fibers) Chair: Bozena Jaskorzynska

Mo.B2.1 The fundamental limits to the attenuation of hollow-core photonic crystal fibres (Invited)

T.A. Birks, P.J. Roberts, F. Couny, H. Sabert, B.J. Mangan, D.P. Williams, L. Farr, M.W. Mason, A. Tomlinson, J.C. Knight,P.S.J. Russell

Mo.B2.2 Temperature Insensitive birefringent holey fiber (Invited)

T. Martynkien, M. Szpulak, W. Urbańczyk, J. Wójcik

Mo.B2.3 Photonic crystal fibres (Invited)

G. Calò, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, L. Mescia, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Mo.B2.4 Gaussian laser beam propagation through evacuated hollow core photonic crystal fiber

A.H. Al-Janabi, E. Wintner

Mo.B2.5 Polarization selective coupling in three-core holey fibers

L. Rosa, F. Poli, M. Foroni, S. Bertolaccini, A Cucinotta, S. Selleri


ESPC II (Devices) Chair: Hanne Ludvigsen

Mo.C2.1 Towards Si-based photonic circuits: integrating photonic crystals in Si platforms (Invited)

F. Jonsson, J. Romero-Vivas, S.G. Romanov, C.M. Sotomayor-Torres, S. Arpiainen, J. Ahopelto, J. Ye, R. Zentel

Mo.C2.2 Design of waveguides, bends and splitters in photonic crystal slabs with hexagonal holes in a triangular lattice (Invited)

C.G. Bostan, R.M. de Ridder

Mo.C2.3 Widely tunable directional coupler filters with 1D photonic crystal (Invited)

B. Jaskorzynska, Z.J. Zawistowski, M. Dainese, J. Cardin, L. Thylén

Mo.C2.4 Tunable photonic bandgap fiber based devices for optical networks (Invited)

T.T. Alkeskjold, L. Scolari, K. Rottwitt, A. Bjarklev, C. Peucheret

Mo.C2.5 All-optical controlled multifunction operation in two-dimensional photonic crystals (Invited)

C. Cojocaru, F. Raineri, P. Monnier, R. Raj, P. Viktorovitch, A. Levenson

Mo.C2.6 Optical amplification in Er3+ doped SiO2-TiO2 photonic crystals (Invited)

D. Biallo, A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, L. Mescia,V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Mo.C2.7 Photonic crystal slabs with ring-shaped holes in a triangular lattice

M. Mulot, A. Säynätjoki, S. Arpiainen, H. Lipsanen, J. Ahopelto


ESPC III (Materials & Phenomena) Chair: Crina Cojocaru

Mo.D2.1 Optical properties of surface modified self-assembled photonic crystals (Invited)

A. Mihi, H. Míguez

Mo.D2.2 Diversity of materials and functionalities in composite opals (Invited)

C. López

Mo.D2.3 Second order nonlinear processes in photonic crystals (Invited)

M. Maymó, A. Molinos-Gómez, X. Vidal, M. Botey, S. Di Finizio, J.L. Domínguez-Juárez, F. López-Calahorra, J. Martorell

Mo.D2.4 Parametric down-conversion processes in photonic crystals (Invited)

M. Centini, L. Sciscione, C. Sibilia, M. Bertolotti, M. Scalora, J. Perina

Mo.D2.5 Nanophotonic structures: from photonic crystals to metamaterials (Invited)

N.P. Johnson, C. Jin, A.Z. Khokhar, M. Gnan, A.R.M. Zain, H.M.H. Chong, J. Mandel, R.M. De La Rue

Mo.D2.6 Dispersion characteristics of the nonlinear photonic crystal directional coupler

I.S. Maksymov, L.F. Marsal, J. Pallarès


WAOR II (Routing I) Chair: Harald Øverby 

Tu.A1.1 Routing techniques in optical packet-switched networks (Invited)

F. Callegati, W. Cerroni, C. Raffaelli

Tu.A1.2 A threshold-based blocking differentiation mechanism for networks with wavelength continuity constraint (Invited)

I. Cerutti, S. Pitchumani, A. Fumagalli

Tu.A1.3 All optical router based on OCDMA codes and SOA based devices (Invited)

A. Teixeira, T. Silveira, A. Ferreira, R. Nogueira, P. André, M. Lima, P. Monteiro, J. da Rocha

Tu.A1.4 Traffic and performance analysis of optical packet/burst assembly with self similar traffic

G. Hu, G. Muretto, F. Querzola, C. Gauger, C. Raffaelli

Tu.A1.5 Experimental GMPLS-based dynamic routing in all-optical wavelength-routed networks

R. Martinez, R. Muñoz, J. Sorribes, J. Comellas, G. Junyent

Tu.A1.6 Multi-layer traffic engineering schemes in GMPLS networks

G. Rétvári, P. Fodor, J. Tapolcai, T. Cinkler

Tu.A1.7 A distributed strategy for dynamic routing and wavelength assignment in ASON network

Z. Na, S. Haijin


WAOR III (Routing II) Chair: Giorgio M. Tosi Beleffi 

Tu.B1.1 Buffering and control in an all-optical packet switching node (Invited)

L. Wosinska, L. Thylén, J. Öberg

Tu.B1.2 Performance comparison of OCS and OBS switching paradigms

T. Coutelen, H. Elbiaze, B. Jaumard

Tu.B1.3 Cost-based burst dropping strategy in optical burst switching networks

B. Klusek, J. Murphy, L. Barry

Tu.B1.4 Impact of deflection routing on TCP performance in optical burst switching networks

M. Schlosser, E. Patzak, P. Gelpke

Tu.B1.5 Measurement-based alternative routing strategies in optical burst-switched networks

T. Coutelen, H. Elbiaze, B. Jaumard, A. Metnani

Tu.B1.6 Study of physical effects as a performance parameter in optical burst switched networks

I. Karamitsos, A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos

Tu.B1.7 A class-of-service oriented packet scheduling (COPS) algorithm for EPON-based access networks

H. Naser, H.T. Mouftah

Tu.B1.8 A novel differentiated scheduling algorithm for EPONs

A. Nouroozifar, H.T. Mouftah, H. Naser

Tu.B1.9 Analysis of a bandwidth allocation protocol for Ethernet passive optical networks (EPONs)

R. Mastrodonato, G. Paltenghi


WAOR IV (Network Design) Chair: Josep Sole-Pareta 

Tu.C1.2 Designing a high speed optical packet switched network (Invited)

D. Klonidis, C.T. Politi, R. Nejabati, D. Simeonidou, M. O’Mahony

Tu.C1.3 Dimensioning studies for transparent optical backbone networks (Invited)

K. Casier, S. Verbrugge, D. Colle, I. Lievens, A. Groebbens, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.C1.4 Performance evaluation of hybrid circuit/burst switching nodes (Invited)

J. Comellas, S. Sánchez, J. Conesa, S. Spadaro, G. Junyent

Tu.C1.5 All-optical label swapping: a challenge for node dimensioning (Invited)

R. Van Caenegem, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Tu.C1.6 Evolution of the user controlled lightpath provisioning system (Invited)

J. Recio, E. Grasa, S. Figuerola, G. Junyent

Tu.C1.7 Hybrid wavelength routed and optical packet switched ring networks for the metropolitan area network (Invited)

M. Nord


ESPC IV (Theory & Modelling) Chair: Trevor Benson 

Tu.A2.1 Photonic crystal waveguides based on an antiresonant reflecting platform (Invited)

A.V. Lavrinenko, L.H. Frandsen, J. Fage-Pedersen, P.I. Borel

Tu.A2.2 Simulation of photonic crystal diode lasers with plane-wave admittance method (Invited)

M. Dems, K. Panajotov, T. Czyszanowski, R. Kotyński, W. Nakwaski

Tu.A2.3 Nondifractive light in photonic crystals and photonic crystal resonators (Invited)

K. Staliunas, R. Herrero, C. Cojocaru, J. Trull

Tu.A2.4 Photonic band structure of 2D lattices with left-handed materials (Invited)

R. Kotynski, T. Szoplik, K. Panajotov

Tu.A2.5 Negative refraction in a metamaterial composed of pairs of nanowires (Invited)

T.J. Antosiewicz, W.M. Saj, J. Pniewski, T. Szoplik

Tu.A2.6 Application of the tight binding formalism in the analysis of finite coupled optical resonator chains

T. Kamalakis, T Sphicopoulos


PICAW Chair: Stefano Taccheo 

Tu.B2.1 Applications of wavelength division multiplexed photonic components in local area networks (Invited)

I. White, K. Williams, T. Lin, R. Penty, M. Glick

Tu.B2.2 Novel glass compositions and fabrication technologies for photonic integrated circuits (Invited)

T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, A. Loni, Y. Zhang, W. Pan, D. Zhang, MD. O’Donnell, J. Lousteau, D. Furniss, A.B. Seddon

Tu.B2.3 Photonic integrated polymer waveguide amplifiers (Invited)

E.Y.B. Pun

Tu.B2.4 InP-based 1.55 µm high-speed photodetectors for 80 Gbit/s systems and beyond (Invited)

A. Beling, H.-G. Bach, R. Kunkel, G.G. Mekonnen, D. Schmidt

Tu.B2.5 Power transients control in transparent WDM networks (Invited)

K. Ennser, T. Rogowski, G. Sacchi, M. Ibsen, O. Quargnolo, J. Shmulovich, G. della Valle,S. Taccheo

Tu.B2.6 Methods of fabricating surface undoped and Yb-doped KY(WO4)2 planar waveguides (Invited)

C.N. Borca, Y.E. Romanyuk

Tu.B2.7 Compact low-loss planar architectures for all-optical wavelet signal processing

M. Svaluto Moreolo, G. Cincotti

Tu.B2.8 Fourier transform microspectrometer with interleaved arrayed waveguide gratings

P.  Cheben, I. Powell, S. Janz, D.-X. Xu


ICTON I (Devices I) Chair: Judy Rorison

Tu.C2.1 Ultraslow light propagation in rare-earth ion-doped crystal (Invited)

K. Bencheikh, E. Baldit, P. Monnier, J.A. Levenson

Tu.C2.2 All-fibre lasers: active Q-switching techniques (Invited)

M.V. Andrés, J.L. Cruz, A. Díez, P. Pérez-Millán, M. Delgado-Pinar, R. Duchowicz, D. Zalvídea, N.A. Russo

Tu.C2.3 Grating inscription in optical fibres using 213 nm picosecond radiation: a new route in silicate glass photosensitivity (Invited)

S. Pissadakis, M. Konstantaki

Tu.C2.4 UV-photosensitivity and refractive index engineering in silica-based planar lightwave circuits (Invited)

L. Wosinski, M. Dainese, M. Swillo

Tu.C2.5 Diode laser photoacoustic detection of automobile exhaust emissions (Invited)

J. Cihelka, V. Horká, S. Civiš

Tu.C2.6 Effects of weak input side mode suppression ratio and output filtration on the intensity noise of a self-seeded gain switched optical pulses at 2.5 GHz

M. Rensing, P.M. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

Tu.C2.7 Band pass improvement in the frequency response of arrayed waveguide grating devices

A. Gholipour, R. Faraji-Dana


RONEXT I (Opening) Chair: Lena Wosinska

Tu.A3.1 Failure-independent path protection with p-cycles: efficient, fast and simple protection for transparent optical networks (Invited)

W.D. Grover, A. Kodian

Tu.A3.2 Optimised availability of transparent optical infrastructure for the next generation networking (Invited)

M. Marciniak

Tu.A3.3 Multi-domain issues of resilience

D. Larrabeiti, R. Romeral, I. Soto, M. Urueña, T. Cinkler, J. Szigeti, J. Tapolcai

Tu.A3.4 P-cycles in multi-failure network survivability

H. Wang, H.T. Mouftah

Tu.A3.5 Dependability differentiation in optical packet switched networks

H. Øverby, N. Stol, S. Bjørnstad

Tu.A3.6 Traffic grooming applied to network protection: throughput and grooming port cost analysis

N.S.C. Correia, M.C.R. Medeiros


RONEXT II (Free Spectral Optics) Chair: Erich Leitgeb

Tu.B3.1 Reliability of FSO links in next generation optical networks (Invited)

E. Leitgeb, S.S. Muhammad, C. Chlestil, M. Gebhart, U. Birnbacher

Tu.B3.2 Reliability of indoor and short range FSO (Invited)

A.C. Boucouvalas

Tu.B3.4 Design, availability and reliability analysis on an experimental outdoor FSO/RF communication system

A. Akbulut, H.G. Ilk, F. Ari

Tu.B3.5 Channel modeling for terrestrial free space optical links

S. Sheikh Muhammad, P. Köhldorfer, E. Leitgeb


RONEXT III (Next Generation Networks) Chair: Marian Marciniak

Tu.C3.1 Low-cost resilience schemes for the optical Ethernet (Invited)

F. Cugini, L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi, M. Guglielmucci

Tu.C3.2 QoS-aware connection resilience for network-aware grid computing fault tolerance (Invited)

L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi

Tu.C3.3 Fault management for next-generation IP-over-WDM networks (Invited)

A. Mukherjee, L. Wosinska

Tu.C3.4 The service oriented optical network (SOON) project

B. Martini, F. Baroncelli, P. Castoldi, A. Muchanga, L. Wosinska

Tu.C3.5 Optimal monitor placement scheme for single fault detection in optical network

P. Nayek, S. Pal, B. Choudhury, A. Mukherjee, D. Saha, M. Nasipur

Tu.C3.6 On temporary inconsistency of the link state database with prompt update policies

Z. Pándi, L. Wosinska

Tu.C3.7 Temperature dependence of PMD in optical fibres and cables

K. Borzycki


Poster Session I

Tu.P.1 In- and out-coupling of light in photonic-crystal and conventional dielectric waveguides of arbitrary width

L. Rosa, F. Poli, M. Foroni, S. Selleri

Tu.P.2 Experimental characterization of the photonic bandgap holey fiber with residual core ellipticity

G. Statkiewicz, T. Martynkien, W. Urbanczyk

Tu.P.3 Tailoring the coupling factor and the device length to optimize the frequency response of a photonic crystal add/drop multiplexer

M. Svaluto Moreolo, F. Silvestri, M. Armellino, K. Hingerl, G. Cincotti

Tu.P.4 Recent developments on formation of ordered aluminum oxide films for photonic crystals application

A. Mockutė, V. Kubilius, R. Tomašiūnas

Tu.P.5 Investigation of photonic band gaps in triangular lattices of metallic square rods in dielectric background

M.A. Ustyantsev, L.F. Marsal, J. Ferré-Borrull, J. Pallarès

Tu.P.6 Comparative study of phase sensitivity of conventional and index-guiding photonic crystal fibres

M. Szustakowski, N. Palka

Tu.P.7 Design of omnidirectional high reflectors for optical telecommunication bands using the deformed quasiperiodic one-dimensional photonic crystals

J. Zaghdoudi, M. Kanzari, B. Rezig

Tu.P.8 Complexity of a pulse during passing a layer of nonlinear medium

F. Fedotov, N. Ruzhytska, D. Nerukh

Tu.P.9 Efficient simulation and design of coupled optical resonator clusters and waveguides

S.V. Boriskina

Tu.P.10 Transient inclusions in circular dielectric resonators

N. Sakhnenko, T. Benson, P. Sewell, A. Nerukh

Tu.P.11 80 Gb/s optimised pulse source using a gain-switched laser diode in conjunction with a nonlinearly chirped grating

A. Clarke, M. Rensing, P. Anandarajah, L. Barry, J. Harvey, G. Edvell

Tu.P.12 Single fiber Bragg grating degenerated into optical cavity resonators for clock recovery purposes

P.S. André, A.L. Teixeira, M.J.N. Lima, R.N. Nogueira, F. da Rocha, J.L. Pinto, L.P. Pellegrino, P. Monteiro

Tu.P.13 Tunable dispersion compensator and tunable dispersion slope compensator based on induced thermal chirping in fiber Bragg gratings

R. Nogueira. A. Teixeira, M. Lima, P. Andre, J. Pinto, J. da Rocha

Tu.P.14 Optical characteristics of distributed Bragg reflectors by taking into account material loss in layers

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, R.I. Simonyan 347

Tu.P.15 Bending influence on depressed-cladding EDFA gain spectrum

M. Foroni, F. Poli, L. Ruggeri, S. Selleri, A. Cucinotta, P. Vavassori

Tu.P.16 Numerical optimisation of side pump-light couplings in power lasers based on double-clad optical fibres

A. Grobelny, P. Powązka, J. Baczmański, J. Witkowski, E. Bereś-Pawliki

Tu.P.17 Microchip laser antenna

A.J. Antończak, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.18 Fiber antennas for fiber free-space communication

P.R. Kaczmarek, M. Ciemniak, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.19 Third order nonlinear optical properties of hybrid mono crystals with -conjugated systems

K. Bouchouit, Z. Sofiani, N. Benali-Cherif, L. Bendheif, A. Migalska-Zalas, I. Kityk, B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.20 Nonlinear optical effects of thin layers based on ZnO:Ce nanostructures

Z. Sofiani, B. Derkowska, P. Dalasiński, Z. lukasiak, W. Bała, M. Addou, A. Lamrani Mehdi, L. Dghughi. B. Sahraoui

Tu.P.21 Delay models for different uni signalling implementations in the context of IST project MUPBED

P. Szegedi


"e-Photon/ONe" Special Session Chair: Antonio Teixeira

We.A1.1 λ-path fragmentation and de-fragmentation through dynamic grooming

T. Cinkler, G. Geleji, M. Asztalos, P. Hegyi, A. Kern, J. Szigeti

We.A1.2 On control plane information modeling for automatically switched transport networks

B. Martini, F. Baroncelli, P. Castoldi

We.A1.3 Impact of spare capacity reuse on multi-class lightpath survivability differentiation

N. Andriolli, A. Giorgetti, L. Valcarenghi, P. Castoldi

We.A1.4 Semiconductor optical amplifiers in access networks

C. Arellano, J. Prat

We.A1.5 GCSR laser frequency drift compensation using optimized current waveform on one single electrode

V. Polo, A. Ausiro, J. Prat, G. Junyent

We.A1.6 Establishing source-routed bidirectional connections over the unidirectional ASON/GMPLS CARISMA testbed

E. Escalona, S. Spadaro, J. Comellas, G. Junyent


ICTON II (Networks) Chair: Antonio Teixeira

We.B1.1 Digital optical signal processing for telecommunication applications (Invited)

H.J.S. Dorren, M.T. Hill, Y. Liu, H. Ju, E. Tangdiongga, M.K. Smit, G.D. Khoe

We.B1.2 SWIFT: A testbed with optically switched data paths for computing applications (Invited)

M. Glick, M. Dales, D. McAuley, T. Lin, K. Williams, R. Penty, I White

We.B1.3 High-density passive fiber-to-the-home networks (Invited)

J. Prat

We.B1.4 A novel all-optical header processing system based on time-to-wavelength conversion

N. Calabretta, G. Contestabile, E. Ciaramella

We.B1.5 Optical label detection using optical interleavers

J.-D. Shin, M.-H. Lee, K. Park, B.-G. Kim

We.B1.6 Cost comparison of IP/WDM vs. IP/OTN for European backbone networks

I. Tsirilakis, C. Mas, I. Tomkos

We.B1.7 Ultrafast header processing in all-optical packet switched-network

H. Le Minh, Z. Ghassemlooy, W.P. Ng

We.B1.8 Towards realistic planning of WDM transport network

N. Naas, H.T. Mouftah

We.B1.9 Experimental characterization of impairments induced by link-control-channels in DWDM systems

M. Presi, L. Giorgi, G. Contestabile, S. Herbst, E. Ciaramella


ICTON III (Systems I) Chair: Carmen Mas Machuca

We.C1.1 Worst case simulation of polarisation mode dispersion in long-haul optical transmission (Invited)

N. Hanik

We.C1.2 Cross-phase modulation suppression method in multispan dispersion-managed WDM transmission systems

M. Malach, C.-A. Bunge, K. Petermann, L. Molle, R. Freund, H.J. Thiele

We.C1.3 Investigations of the dispersion tolerance of the nonlinear optical transmission channel for different modulation formats in a WDM-system

C. Hebebrand, W. Rosenkranz

We.C1.4 Mitigation of chromatic dispersion effects on optical single sideband signals by butterworth filtering

A. Ferreira, T. Silveira, R. Ribeiro, P. Monteiro, M. Violas, A. Teixeira

We.C1.5 Electrical dispersion compensation equalizers in optical long-haul coherent-detection system

G. Katz, D. Sadot, J. Tabrikian

We.C1.6 Dispersion-managed solitons in optical fiber systems

M.F.S. Ferreira, M.H. Sousa


ICTON IV (Devices II) Chair: Wlodzimierz Nakwaski

We.A2.1 All-optical signal processing using polarization bistable VCSELs (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

We.A2.2 Optically injected semiconductor lasers for network transmission and switching (Invited)

M.J. Adams, K. Chlouverakis, K. Al-Aswad, A. Hurtado, I.D. Henning

We.A2.3 Micro-cavity surface emitting Gunn laser (Invited)

N. Balkan, S.-H. Chung

We.A2.4 The nonlinear behaviour of laser diodes integrated with semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

G. Morthier, W. D’Oosterlinck, S. Verspurten

We.A2.5 Sensitivity of quantum dot semiconductor lasers to optical feedback (Invited)

G. Huyet

We.A2.6 A short theoretical study on the XPM frequency limitations in NOLM based wavelength converters

R. Luís, A. Teixeira, A. Cartaxo, P. Monteiro

We.A2.7 Effect of absorber length on hybrid mode-locking of a novel semiconductor laser

X. Li, C.A. Williamson, M.J. Adams, A. Poustie, I.F. Lealman


ICTON V (Devices III) Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

We.B2.1 Photonic molecules: a new concept for wavelength tunable optical delay (Invited)

J.F. Donegan, Y. P. Rakovich, M. Gerlach, T. Connolly, J.J. Boland, N. Gaponik, A.L. Rogach

We.B2.2 Integrated photodetection in VCSELs (Invited)

V. Bardinal, C. Bringer, T. Camps, E. Daran, G. Almuneau, C. Amat, C. Fontaine

We.B2.3 Current modulation of multi-transverse mode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (Invited)

A. Valle, S. Ortín, L. Pesquera

We.B2.4 Quantum dot vs. GaInNAs/GaAs quantum wells for broad band amplification (Invited)

J.M. Rorison, H.C. Wong, J. Pozo, Y. Qiu

We.B2.5 Trends in microdisk laser design and optical modelling (Invited)

A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, S.V. Boriskina, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

We.B2.6 Selectively activated photonic molecule of two microdisks: cold-cavity lasing spectra and thresholds

E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

We.B2.7 Sub-picosecond fiber laser source at 1550 nm

A. Budnicki, P. Kaczmarek, P. Pruszyński, K.M. Abramski


GOWN Chair: Marian Marciniak

We.C2.1 A novel hybrid approach for modelling of electroabsorption modulators (Invited)

E.V. Bekker, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson

We.C2.2 Photonic structures at the crossroad of microwave and optical beams (Invited)

R. Brazis

We.C2.3 Hybrid radio-over-fibre WDM/TDM multi service network featuring dynamic resource allocation

C. Bock, M. Alcover, J. Prat

We.C2.4 Dynamic wavelength allocation in WDM fiber-radio access networks

W.-P. Lin, Y.-F. Hsu

We.C2.5 Remote downconversion scheme for uplink configuration in radio/fiber systems

A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

We.C2.6 A DBT-based mobile multicast protocol

Y. Cao, K. Al-Begain

We.C2.7 Capacity analysis in indoor wireless infrared communication using adaptive multiple subcarrier transmission

J. Grubor, V. Jungnickel, K.-D. Langer


Poster Session II

We.P.1 Monolithically integrated external cavity wavelength tunable lasers with a diffraction grating and beam steering controller

K.H. Kim, O.K. Kwon, J.-H. Kim, E.D. Sim, H. S. Kim, K.R. Oh

We.P.2 Transmission improvements using electrical dispersion compensation at the transmitter side and RZ pulse format in optical single sideband systems

D. Fonseca, A. Cartaxo, P. Monteiro

We.P.3 Optimized bandwidth-limited duobinary coding format for ultra dense WDM systems

N.B. Pavlović, A.V.T. Cartaxo

We.P.4 Performance evaluation of multilevel optical modulation formats

M. Jaworski

We.P.5 Optimization of dispersion compensation for broad-band transmissions based on optical phase conjugation

X. Tang, Z. Wu

We.P.6 Use of a system simulator to analyze the impact of PIN and APD photodiode on the performances of realistic DS-OCDMA systems for future access networks

Y. Zouine, C. Aupetit-Berthelemot, C. Goursaud, A. Julien-Vergonjanne, J.P. Cances, J.M. Dumas

We.P.7 RF phase noise in WDM fiber optic links

M. Shadaram, C. Thomas, J. Summerfield, P. Chennu

We.P.8 Monitoring of the optical fiber network by modal interference sensor

W. Ciurapiński, M. Życzkowski, A. Górka, M. Kondrat

We.P.9 Remote amplification in high-density passive optical networks

J. Prat, D. Pla

We.P.10 VDSL over fibre access network with reflective optical network unit

M.P. Thakur, C. Bock, J.J. Lepley, C. Arellano, J. Prat, S.D. Walker

We.P.11 Different wavelength conversion technologies using in optical cross-connect

R. Odrobinak, M. Dado

We.P.12 Performance analysis of orthogonal convolutional coded optical CDMA system

G. Kaur, N. Gupta

We.P.13 Analysis of the trade-off between availability and backup resource sharing

Z. Pándi, Á. Gricser

We.P.14 Determination of burst drop probability in optical burst switched networks with Monte Carlo simulation

S. Parlar, E. Topuz

We.P.15 Fault management extensions in support of generalized MPLS

R. Rejeb, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

We.P.16 Performance evaluation of INSTANT – a metro WDM SAN under balanced and unbalanced traffic conditions

B. Pranggono, J.M.H. Elmirghani

We.P.17 Reflectometric principles to define level of Rayleigh scattering in a fiber

V.B. Katok, А.A. Manko, E. Koshman

We.P.18 New method of quantitative modelling of fiber filters on thin films

V.B. Katok, V.A. Manko, A.A. Manko


ICTON VI (Systems II) Chair: Krzysztof Abramski

Th.A1.1 Top-down analysis of high capacity optical transmission systems (Invited)

H. Louchet, K. Petermann, A. Robinson, R. Epworth

Th.A1.2 3R all-optical regeneration with re-timing stage based on a clock auxiliary carrier (Invited)

F. Curti, G.M. Tosi Beleffi, D.M. Forin, A. Reale, A. Teixeira, M. Guglielmucci

Th.A1.3 Optical multiplexing for high speed systems (Invited)

A. Ellis, F. Gunning, T. Healy

Th.A1.4 Characterisation and measurement of WDM transmission systems and subsystems for implementation in optical networks (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt

Th.A1.5 Simplified approach for the assessment of the performance of optical systems with polarisation dependent loss

J.L. Rebola, A.V.T. Cartaxo

Th.A1.6 Cross modulation effects in large signal counter pumped distributed Raman amplifiers

V. Kalavally, M. Premaratne, T. Win

Th.A1.7 Comparison of implementations using the phase shift technique to generate OSSB-NRZ and OSSB-RZ signals

D. Fonseca, A. Cartaxo, P. Monteiro

Th.A1.8 Techno-economic comparison of optical access networks

R. Sananes, C. Bock, J. Prat

Th.A1.9 Upgrade paths from VDSL-based FTTC to Ethernet-based FTTH: an experimental comparison

M.P. Thakur, C. Bock, J. Prat, S.D. Walker


ICTON VII (Systems III) Chair: Josep Prat

Th.B1.1 Mode-locked semiconductor lasers for optical communication systems (Invited)

K. Yvind, D. Larsson, L.K. Oxenløwe, J. Mørk, J.M. Hvam

Th.B1.2 Optical integrated receiver for DQPSK systems (Invited)

F. Morichetti, R. Siano, A. Boletti, A. Melloni

Th.B1.3 Fundamental trends of optical fiber cables standardization (Invited)

V. Katok, V. Krivutsa

Th.B1.4 Design and simulation of an in-line optical gain equalizer for application in WDM systems

A.M. Junior, H.J. Kalinowski, A.A.P. Pohl

Th.B1.5 Multi-format transmitters for coherent optical M-PSK and M-QAM transmission

M. Seimetz

Th.B1.6 Comparative analysis of high-speed OTDM add/drop multiplexing with conventional and gain-transparent MZI gates

A.M. de Melo, S. Randel, K. Petermann

Th.B1.7 Influence of SOA based devices on optical single sideband signals

T. Silveira, A. Teixeira, A. Ferreira, P. Monteiro, P. André

Th.B1.8 An analysis of transmission of signals above 150MHz in passive optical multimode networks

G. Budzyń, G. Lis, J. Głąb, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik


ICTON VIII (Materials) Chair: Bouchta Sahraoui

Th.A2.1 Third and second order non linear optical properties of chalcogenide glasses on bulk and fibers (Invited)

J. Troles, F. Smektala, M. Guignard, P. Houizot, V. Nazabal, H. Zeghlache, G. Boudebs, V. Couderc

Th.A2.2 Raman scattering technique in characterisation of glasses containing silicon nanoparticles for optoelectronics (Invited)

M. Ivanda, A. Hohl, K. Furic, A. Turkovic, U.V. Desnica, M. Buljan, P. Biljanovic, Z. Crnjak Orel, M. Montagna, M. Ferarri

Th.A2.3 Optical telecommunication at 1.3 and 1.55µm using dilute-nitride III-V semiconductors (Invited)

H. Carrère, X. Marie, L. Lombez, T. Amand

Th.A2.4 Design and synthesis of multi-functionalized organometallic nano-composites compounds for nonlinear optical applications (Invited)

A. Migalska-Zalas, B. Sahraoui, B. Kowalczyk, I.V.Kityk

Th.A2.5 Manifestation of nanointerfaces in transport properties of the N-phenylenes (Invited)

I.V. Kityk, S. Tkaczyk

Th.A2.6 Photoinduced non centrosymmetry in organic polymer material (Invited)

J.T. Zoueu

Th.A2.7 New polyurethane based push - pull chromophores functionalised polymers for NLO applications (Invited)

I. Rau, R. Centore, P. Armatys, P.A. Chollet, F. Kajzar

Th.A2.8 Grown of ZnO:Ce layers by spray pyrolysis method for nonlinear optical studies

Z. Sofiani, B. Derkowska, P. Dalasiński, Z. Łukasiak, K. Bartkiewicz, W. Bała, M. Addou, A. Lamrani Mehdi, L. Dghughi, I.V. Kityk, B. Sahraoui


ICTON IX (Modelling) Chair: Antonella D'Orazio

Th.B2.1 Microcavities: an inspiration for advanced modelling techniques (Invited)

T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, S.V. Boriskina, V. Janyani, A. Al-Jarro, A. Vukovic, N. Sakhnenko, E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, A.G. Nerukh

Th.B2.2 High accuracy field differencing in the proximity of dielectric corners (Invited)

P. Sewell, N. Thomas, T.M. Benson

Th.B2.3 Change of light colour by a layer with moving boundaries (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh

Th.B2.4 Absolute optical transparency of repetitive quarter-wavelength triple layers (Invited)

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan

Th.B2.5 Forerunners and shapes of the signal in the propagation of radiation in structured nonlinear dispersive dielectrics (Invited)

M. Janowicz, A. Orłowski

Th.B2.6 Modelling of harmonic passive mode-locking of fiber laser with nonlinear polarization rotation (Invited)

A. Komarov, H. Leblond, F. Sanchez