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4th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


April 21-25, 2002 - Warsaw, Poland



Opening Session Chair: Anton Kuchar

Mo.A.1 Asynchronous optical performance monitor techniques for DWDM optical networks (Invited)

A. L. J. Teixeira, P. S. André , M. Lima , J. F. da Rocha , J. L. Pinto

Mo.A.2 Transparent optical networks based on normalized fiber sections: Theory, simulation and field demonstration (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt, N. Hanik

Mo.A.3 Photonic access and metropolitan area networks for broadband services (Invited)

T. Sato, H. Takesue, T. Sugie

Mo.A.4 Effect of added layers on bend loss in buried channel waveguides (Invited)

S. Tomljenovic-Hanic, J.D. Love, A. Ankiewicz, W. Krolikowski

Mo.A.5 Dispersion compensating fibers

I.C. Goyal, A.K. Ghatak,  R.K. Varshney

Mo.A.6 A Directory enabled solution for MPlS path protection and restoration

A.P.S. Virk, R. Boutaba, A. Haque


Networks and Systems Chair: Marco De Sario

Mo.B.1 The automatically switched transport network - Physics or management? (Invited)

P.O. Andersson

Mo.B.2 10 Gb/s chirped duobinary transmission (CDBT) over 277 km  of uncompensated standard single mode fibre (Invited)

M. Wichers, W. Kaiser, T. Wuth, W. Rosenkranz

Mo.B.3 Applications of optical fiber grating couplers (Invited)

Y. Sasaki

Mo.B.4 Crosstalk characteristics of optical add/drop multiplexers based on Mach-Zehnder
interferometers with FBGs

Mário J. N. Lima, António L. J. Teixeira, Paulo S. B. André, J. R. Ferreira da Rocha

Mo.B.5 Performance of wavelength convertible multi-hop optical network under deflection routing with a delay-line optical buffer

S.F. Chien, K. Takahashi, S.P. Marjumder


Workshop on All-Optical Routing I Chair: Robert Inkret

Mo.C.1 All-optical routing - Progress and challenges (Invited)

A. Kuchar

Mo.C.2 Assessment of packet loss for an optical feedback buffer node using slotted variable-length  packets and heavy-tailed traffic (Invited)

F. Callegati, W. Cerroni, D. Careglio, J. Sole-Pareta

Mo.C.3 Optical amplifiers in dynamic networks with all-optical routing (Invited)

M. Karasek

Mo.C.4 Dimensioning of a transport network being robust to changes of the traffic pattern

C. Mauz

Mo.C.5 All optical wavelength converter-reshaper based on multi-wavelengths spectral components generation in optical fibre

F. Curti, F. Matera G. M. Tosi-Beleffi

Mo.C.6 An optical packet switch design with shared electronic buffering and low bit rate add/drop inputs

S. Bjørnstad, D.R. Hjelme, N. Stol


Workshop on All-Optical Routing II Chair: Franco Callegati

Mo.D.1 How transparent the future all-optical packet switched network should be? (Invited)

M. Marciniak

Mo.D.2 RINGO: Demostration of a WDM packet networkarchitecture for metro applications (Invited)

R. Gaudino

Mo.D.3 The trade-offs of QoS provisioning in IP-over-WDM Networks with different switching imescales (Invited)

E. Kozlovski

Mo.D.4 An approach to an IP over WDM transmission network modelling

M. Lackovic, R. Inkret, B. Mikac

Mo.D.5 Availability comparison of pan-European optical backbone networks

S. De Maesschalck, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Mo.D.6 On the future of the optical infrastructure – COST 266 views

T. Cinkler, S. Bjornstad, D. Careglio, D. Colle, Ch. Gauger, M. Karasek, A. Kuchar, S. de Maesschalck, F. Matera, C. Mauz, M. Settembre


Nonlinear Phenomena Chair: Antonio Teixeira

Tu.A.1 The phenomenology of self-organized quadratic nonlinear optical interactions in optical fibers (Invited)

P. Chmela, J. Cap, A. Kulhanek, and M. Minarcík

Tu.A.2 Molecular engineering strategy to design efficient two-photon absorbers (Invited)

C. Andraud

Tu.A.3 Fast all-optical poling of polymers for phase matched frequency conversion (Invited)

J.M. Nunzi, A. Apostoluk

Tu.A.4 Review of so far proposed fiber n2 measurement schemes

B. Batagelj

Tu.A.5 Influence of Ag content on third order nonlinear optical susceptibility of ZnSe single crystals

B. Derkowska, B. Sahraoui, X. Nguyen Phu, W. Bala

Tu.A.6 Nonlinear refractive index and chromatic dispersion simultaneous measurement in non zero dispersion shift optical fibres

P. S. André, A. L. J. Teixeira, M. Lima, J. F. da Rocha, J. L. Pinto

Tu.A.7 Ultrashort solitonlike pulse generation in optical fibers

A. H. Tehranchi, N. Granpayeh


Light Sources and Amplifiers Chair: Hitoshi Kawaguchi

Tu.B.1 Optical amplification for communication systems (Invited)

A. D'Orazio, M. De Sario, L. Mescia, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano (Invited)

Tu.B.2 Dynamic of generation tuning of short-cavity single-frequency fibre lasers (Invited)

I.A.Goncharenko, A.K.Esman, V.K.Kuleshov, V.A.Pilipovich

Tu.B.3 Thermal effects and transverse structures in semiconductor microcavities (Invited)

I. M. Perrini, T. Maggipinto, M. Brambilla, G. Tissoni, L. Spinelli, L. A. Lugiato

Tu.B.4 Dynamics of oxide confinement vertical cavity semiconductor lasers (Invited)

V. Lysak, I. Sukhoivanov, P. Ivanov. M. Marciniak

Tu.B.5 Diluted nitride edge-emitting and vertical-cavity lasers for 1.3-mm fibre-optic networks

T. Jouhti, C. S. Peng, E.-M. Pavelescu, J. Konttinen, L. A. Gomes, O. Okhotnikov, M. Pessa

Tu.B.6 (InGa)As/GaAs quantum-dot diode lasers for 1.3-mm optical fibre communication

M. Wasiak, R.P. Sarzala, T. Czyszanowski, P. Mackowiak, W. Nakwaski, M. Bugajski

Tu.B.7 Optimization of pump characteristics for the EDFAs considering the effects of stimulated Billouin scattering

H. Aghababaeian, T. Toosi, N. Granpayeh


Theory and Modelling Chair: Trevor Benson

Tu.C.1 A Thermal model for silicon-on-insulator-based waveguide modulators (Invited)

P. Sewell, K Biwojno, S. Sujecki, T.M. Benson

Tu.C.2 Modified Airy function solutions to optical waveguide problems (Invited)

I.C. Goyal

Tu.C.3 Self-action of periodically modulated laser beams in doped waveguides (Invited)

V.L. Derbov, V.V. Serov, I.L. Plastun

Tu.C.4 Integral equations for electromagnetic field in time-varying dielectric waveguide (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh, T.M. Benson

Tu.C.5 Nonstationary self-focusing of modal fields in guiding structures with sharp discontinuities (Invited)

E.A. Romanova

Tu.C.6 Transmittance:When the probable becomes the real

J. Ciosek

Tu.C.7 Solution of non-stationary electrodynamics boundary value problem by FDTD and Volterra integral equation methods

F.V. Fedotov, A.G. Nerukh, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell


Poster Session

Tu.P.1 Fiber nonlinear coefficient measurement scheme based on four-wave mixing method with externally modulated laser source

B. Batagelj, M. Vidmar

Tu.P.2 Probes for a scanning near-field optical microscope on the base single-mode fiber

V.F. Dryakhlushin, A.Yu. Klimov, V.V. Rogov

Tu.P.3 Rectification of near-field images

K.P. Gaikovich, V.F. Dryakhlushin, Yu.N. Nozdrin, A.N. Reznik, V.L. Vaks, A.V. Zhilin

Tu.P.4 Precession of wave packets in smoothly inhomogeneous dispersive media

G. V. Permitin, A. I. Smirnov

Tu.P.5 Beam propagation method simulation of a Ti:LiNbO3 Mach-Zehnder modulator

A.H. Tehranchi, N. Granpayeh

Tu.P.6 Phase synchronism possibility in optical fibers

A. Lerer, G. Kalinchenko, D. Zelenchuk

Tu.P.7 Excited states of vector spatial solitons

I.V. Shadrivov, A.A. Zharov

Tu.P.8 A Comparison of different radio over fibre system concepts with regard to applications in mobile internet and multimedia

L. Smoczynski, M. Marciniak

Tu.P.9 Optical packet router with QoS capabilities: Introductory study of computer simulator design

M. Klinkowski, M.Marciniak

Tu.P.10 Opto-thermal frequency control of diode pumped microlasers

A.J. Antonczak, M. Woznica, K.M. Abramski

Tu.P.11 Application of a Monte-Carlo method  for account of losses in integrated optical devices

T. Gerasimchuk, V. Katok, A. Manko

Tu.P.12 Investigation of effect shifting normalized cutoff frequency of a round light guide wth negative profile volume

M. Kotenko

Tu.P.13 Evaluation of four-wave mixing products in C-range

N. Biryukov,  O. Tytarchuk,  N. Triska

Tu.P.14 Comparison of vertical cavity surface emitting and in-plane laser’s nonlinear characteristics

A. Kovacs, T. Marozsak, T. Berceli

Tu.P.15 Nonlinear coefficient measurement in non zero dispersion shifted fibre based on FWM method

M. Jaworski


Post-deadline submissions

PD.1 Optical switching technologies for fast optical packet switching

M. Nord

PD.2 Molecular engineering strategy to design efficient two-photon absorbers (Invited)

C. Andraud