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Journal of Telecommunications and Information Technology is published quarterly. It comprises original contributions, dealing with a wide range of topics related to telecommunications and information technology. All papers are subject to peer review. Topics presented in the JTIT report primary and/or experimental research results, which advance the base of scientific and technological knowledge about telecommunications and information technology.

JTIT is dedicated to publishing research results which advance the level of current research or add to the understanding of problems related to modulation and signal design, wireless communications, optical communications and photonic systems, voice communications devices, image and signal processing, transmission systems, network architecture, coding and communication theory, as well as information technology.

Suitable research-related papers should hold the potential to advance the technological base of telecommunications and information technology. Tutorial and review papers are published only by invitation.

The publication of JTIT is financially supported by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education as well as the National Institute of Telecommunications.