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Annual Report 2013 has been published.

Dear Reader,

This is already 5th publication of our Annual Report and it is a good opportunity for a short résumé. In 2009, the year of our first Annual Report, we celebrated 75th anniversary of our predecessor’s formation in 1934, the National Institute of Telecommunications.

In 2009, we also started The Broadband Infrastructure Information System project to support a yearly telecom infrastructure inventory process done by The Office of Electronic Communications, i.e. Polish electronic communication regulatory office. Today in the database of this system we have about 1 million of telecom items with their detail locations (cable lines, microwave links, base stations, collocation buildings, interconnection points, etc.) presented on the maps. The data from the system supports white area identification in Poland, i.e. the area without enough telecom infrastructure, and is used for public funds intervention planning for the next period of telecommunications investments, mainly financed with the support of EU funds. This is especially important for the creation of the investment plans for next EU finance perspective of 2014-2020. Because of big usefulness of this project and its success, in 2013 the decision to widen the project for next functionalities and to prolong it till 2015 was taken by The Office of Electronic Communications, together with the Ministry of Administration and Digitization and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development responsible for EU funds spending in Poland.

In the year 2010 we noted a deep reform of scientific sector in Poland, with changes to five legal acts modifying the legal system of finance and operations of the research and scientific institutions in our country. After a careful evaluation procedure conducted by the Minister of Science and Higher Education on the basis of previous 5 years of our activity, our Institute was granted the highest class A of research organization. This was a good summary of our competence and achievements in the field of telecommunications research. In 2010, we also started our new activities in the field of Internet architectures and applications, by creation of a new research department in the Institute and by starting new projects in this field.

In 2011, we implemented important changes and reforms in the Institute. The new Charter of the Institute was implemented, the nomination of new Scientific Council was done and new Collective Agreement with Trade Union Solidarity was negotiated. All these changes resulted in serious improvements of our economic standing and operations. We started eight new projects, increasing their total number to 20 and achieving gross financial result essentially better than before. Together with several important awards granted for our products shown in Geneva International Salon of Inventions and Kuala Lumpur International Exhibition, these were good results of that year.

In the following year 2012, we continued our two-year plan of internal restructuring. We changed our internal structure by cancelling the activity of two laboratories and one research unit and creating the new departments: Networks and Services of Information Society Department and Electronic Communications Applications and Power Systems Department. All those changes led us to the positive financial result at the end of that year. Parallel with those internal reforms, we successfully carried out 20 research projects and we organised, first time for many years in the headquarter of the Institute in Warsaw, the 28th National Telecommunications and Teleinformatics Symposium (KSTiT 2012) with more than 320 participants. The Symposium was recognized as a great success of our National Institute of Telecommunications.

2013 was the next year of the continuation of very positive results achieved already, comparing year to year during the last 5 years. The 2013 Financial report shows the next year of positive EBITA and positive net profit with a trend to stabilize, good financial liquidity based on our own financial resources. In 2013 we successfully continued 17 research projects and we prepared 14 new applications for next competitions. The results of these competitions will be known in 2014; however, already during CeBIT Exhibition in Munich (Germany) in March 2013, we presented the main results and achievements of on-going Institute’s projects. Our projects like Broadband Infrastructure Information System SIIS and IT Platform for Propagation and EMC Analysis PIAST have aroused interest of many visitors. In 2013 our researchers published 130 publications worth almost 1000 points according to score rules of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education; they received 6 new patents and applied for 5 next (3 national and 2 European ones). All those, so various and positive, results would not be possible without deep engagement of our researchers and engineers and continuous effort of the whole staff. Let me thank them all for their support given to the idea of changing and reforming our Institute during all those 5 years of our common work.

Special thanks to the Readers of our Reports, who gave us their support and encouragement for our stable efforts in achieving the best results.

Wojciech Hałka

Director of the Institute

Warsaw, April 2014

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