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Annual Report 2012 has been published.

Dear Reader,

with great satisfaction we present our New Annual Report 2012. It describes our research activity and economic results and you will be able to find more detailed information on our environment, organization, projects and achievements as well.

In 2012, we finished our two-year plan of internal restructuring. We moved our Central Testing Laboratory to the Radiocommunication Department and, in this way, new Equipment & Systems Testing Department has started its activity. In a similar way Regulation and Economic Issues Department was moved to the Network Department creating a new Department of Networks and Services of Information Society. Also Power Systems Department was connected with the Electronic Communication Technology Applications Department giving the beginning to the new Department of Electronic Communication Applications and Power Systems. All these changes of NIT’s internal structure have been included in the present organization scheme, which you will find inside the Report.

The above organization changes, together with new research activities and some personnel optimization, led us finally to the positive financial results by the end of the year. After three years of suffering loss we finished the year 2012 with better EBITDA and net profit . This success was achieved thanks to the effort of all of our staff and persistent optimization of our work.

In parallel with NIT’s restructuring, we successfully carried out 20 research projects. Total value of those projects is significant, almost PLN 35 million, and this also supported our economic results. So, in 2012 we were able to modernize our buildings and lecture halls, increasing their number and improving their equipment. This way we were ready to host in September 2012 the XXVIII National Telecommunication and Teleinformatics Symposium (KSTiT 2012). The Symposium, organized first time after its long history in NIT’s headquarters in Warsaw, gathered over 320 participants from all of telecommunication and IT departments of Polish universities and research centers, operating companies and administration. First time also, simultaneously with the scientific sessions and research presentations, the exhibition of main research and scientific projects together with their practical results was arranged. The KSTiT 2012 Symposium was recognized as great research and organizational success of our National Institute of Telecommunications.

In 2012 we also conducted several projects honored with the national and international awards. Let me distinguish here the Information System on Broadband Infrastructure (SIIS) and the New Generation of VRLA Batteries Controller. Readers interested in more details please refer to the text of the Report.

All the results presented in this Annual Report 2012 would not have been possible without great support and involvement of our employees and R&D staff. Let me thank to all of them and wish new achievements in the future.

To our Readers and Partners we address especial thanks for their continuous support and encouragement.


Wojciech Hałka

Director of the Institute

May 2013

pdf_ico Annual Report 2012