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Annual Report 2010 is now available.


Dear Reader,

This is the second time we have the pleasure to present our Annual Report to the public. When we started this edition a year before, I stressed our willingness to keep our research and business partners as well as wide public well informed on our R&D activities, achievements and results of our operations. The year 2010 was as important for our Institute as for other R&D institutions in Poland because of deep reform in the sector of higher  education and research implemented by the Government and the Parliament in April 2010. Five new legal acts came into force in October and changed, among others, financial and legal basis of our operations, rules of R&D staff employment and careers, evaluations and auditing of scientific institutions. All these changes are also important for our National Institute of Telecommunications – NIT. First, we have been subjected to careful evaluation procedure conducted by the Minister of Science and Higher Education. The evaluation covered the last 5 years of our activity (2005-2009) and finally our Institute reached high 6th position in the group of 47 R&D institutions evaluated in our field. In consequence NIT has been granted the highest class (A) of research organization (classes A, B and C were available). This result gave us well-grounded satisfaction, however, will need much effort to be kept in the next years, as regular audit procedure is foreseen to take place every 2 years.

Second, to face new challenges we have decided to open new fields of our research activity. From the beginning of 2010, our new Department of Internet Architectures and Applications started R&D work and has intensively joined Future Internet Engineering project (2010-2012), together with teams from universities and other research institutes. You will find more detailed information about this Project in the Report.

Next, in 2010, we significantly extended our R&D works portfolio. NIT was granted, in a challenging competition, some new projects, Mobile testing lab of electronic communication services functions and quality for command and communication teams (MLB) and Information system of national protection against extraordinary risks (ISOK) among them. These projects are planned for 2012-2013, with partners from industry, research institutions and government administration.

By the end of 2010 we reached important milestones in other on-going projects. In November, NIT organised a national conference summarising the results reached in Next-generation data communication services and networks Project PBZ, ordered by the Ministry of Science, where the teams of researchers from NIT and co-operating universities presented the main outcome of their three years of work. The project will be finished in July 2011. In December another project devoted to the development of Information system for broadband infrastructure inventory (SIIS) was prepared for operational testing, to be ready for production phase in the first quarter of 2011.

Beside the above R&D activities we also try to extend relations with our new and existing partners. In March 2010 I had the privilege to sign a framework agreement with Gen. Prof. Zbigniew Mierczyk, Rector of Military Academy of Technology in Warsaw, on mutual R&D cooperation. On this basis we have started common seminars, student trainings and we plan to conduct common R&D works. Together with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) we have organised in our headquarters in Warsaw two international workshops devoted to the Future Internet and LTE systems.

We have finished the year 2010 not only with the best evaluation note, but also with significant research results, noted here shortly. Our development projects and their products were also spotted abroad at technological invention fairs and shows (gold medal EUREKA! in Bruxelles and gold medal in Seul).

This, followed by growing incomes from new projects, allows us to plan positive results for the year 2011.

All these results allow me to express my warm thanks to all our employees and especially R&D staff for their commitment and scientific passion.

And great thanks to our Partners and Readers of this Annual Report, for their support and interest so far.

Wojciech Hałka

Director of the Institute

Warsaw, April 2011

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