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The National Institute of Telecommunications offers following products developed within the Future Internet Engineering  (FIE) project:

  1. Advanced management system for NGN network built on enabling virtualization 
    Nowadays networks are extremely complex. They are built on heterogeneous devices using different transmission technology (fiber, cupper, etc.). It is very difficult to maintain such network, especially when management tools are not integrated in one toolset, but spread between multiple products. Based on this premises new, advanced management system has been designed and implemented.
    The offered system was designed to fulfill high demands of NGN network. In design process we put an effort on creating an easy-to-use integrated tools, which can revile administrator from complex configuration. The offered management system has modular design and can be adjusted to many different network architectures.
    Basic architecture of NGN network can be simplified to traditional network. By extending management to device interface additional node technologies can be also  supported. The NGN network implies necessity of complex dimensioning. Also this function is fully automated - the operator is required only to enter demands. All the computing of resources configuration is performed in the system and applied to the network with cooperation of signaling system. 
    The system also supports multilevel networking because the NGN network can be built on the top of the other network. 
    The management system also supports additional level of networking – virtual networks. Virtual network can be built on the top of NGN network. All configuration is performed automatically and requires from administrator only XML description of virtual network. Afterwards, the system provides integrated and easy to extend toolset for network monitoring. The monitoring includes both NGN network and virtual network layers. 
    The offered management system was tested on the standard network (performed simulations in virtual enviroment) as well as on the Future Internet (the FI system). Current implementation was tested with dynamic routing (OSPF) but other protocols and manual routing configuration can be supported after adjusting routing module.
    The system supports full lifecycle of virtual network. From deployment, by modification and monitoring to tearing down the virtual network. It provides information about current configuration and state of each Virtual Network.
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  2. The software kit, which makes possible the VLC Media Player and Media Server Live 555 applications to be connected to NGN with guaranty of the packet forwarding quality
    The software kit for intermediate equipments from VoD (Video on Demand) client and server sides, and also for SCF (Service Control Functions) server, which makes possible the legacy VoD applications, such as VLC Media Player and Media Server Live 555, will be connected to NGN (Next Generation Network) with guaranty of the packet forwarding quality. These software components are responsible for the stamping of packets by suitable class of services (Signalling and MMStreaming) and also – for conversion of RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) end-to-end signalling protocol onto NGN signalling messages, which are connected with reservation and realizing processes of network resources, required for streaming of a selected multimedia content.
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  3. The IPv6 Test Tool – a LiveCD distribution for IPv6 conformance testing
    The IPv6 Test Tool is a LiveCD distribution that contains ready to use tools for testing devices (eg routers, hosts) which use the IPv6 protocol. Distribution includes, among others, pre-configured test environment developed in the TAHI  project (v6eval) and the conformance test scripts which allow you to perform a full test according to the IPv6 Ready Logo Program Phase I and Phase II. The IPv6 Test Tool is distributed as an iso or img file. 
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  4. Test suite for DHCPv6 FQDN option
    The test suite for DHCPv6 FQDN option includes scripts for testing DHCPv6 procedures used for the information exchange about the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) between the client and the DHCPv6 server in accordance with the principles described in RFC 4704. The test scripts are designed to run using v6eval platform, developed in the framework of the TAHI project. Offered test suite is an extension of the official DHCPv6 IPv6 Ready Logo Phase-2 test suite promoted by the IPv6 Ready Logo Program.
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