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Written by Paweł Woźniak


ESA reference: ESA AO 1-8593/16/NL/NR

Full title of the project: VDES Future/Jericho - Assessing the potential of future maritime applications in the context of VDE (VHF Data Exchange System)

Project value: 150 000,00 €

Co-financing: Project co-financed from ARTES (IAP) programme, under „ARTES Integrated Applications Promotion Statement of Work" programme, ARTES 20-9C.061

Project duration: 2017-2018 (9 months)


Partners: 4 partners from Poland: National Institute of Technology, Creotech Instruments S.A., Gdynia Maritime University, Excodus.Jericho_VDES_logo

Leading partner: Creotech Instruments S.A.

Project aim: Identification and specification of new viable VDES services, combining  space and non-space assets.

NIT tasks: Wireless Systems and Networks Department - Z-8 in Gdańsk (together with Gdynia Maritime University) conducts a feasibility study to define two services utilizing VDES system:

Service 1: transmission of safety information (MSI),

Service 2: managing rescue and search operations SAR, mainly communicating search schemes between units participating in operation.

Website: https://business.esa.int/projects/jericho-vde