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19th International Conference on
Transparent Optical Networks ICTON 2017
9th Sub-Wavelength Photonics Conference SWP 2017


Girona, Spain, July 2-6, 2017


Co-located with:

  • 16th European Symposium on Photonic Crystals (ESPC)
  • 16th Workshop on All-Optical Routing (WAOR)
  • 14th Global Optical & Wireless Networking Seminar (GOWN)
  • 13th Reliability Issues in Next Generation Optical Networks Workshop (RONEXT)
  • 13th Optical Wireless Workshop (OWW – former Free-Space Optics Session)
  • 13th Photonic Integrated Components & Applications Workshop (PICAW)
  • 12th Nanophotonics for All-Optical Networking Workshop (NAON)
  • 12th Special Session on Photonic Atoms & Molecules (PAM – former MPM)
  • 11th Special Session on Novel Glasses for photonic devices
  • 10th Anniversary Special Session on Market in Telecommunications (MARS)
  • 9th Workshop on Broadband Access (former ACCORDANCE)
  • 8th Workshop on Communication in Transportation Systems (CTS)
  • 7th Workshop on Green Optical Communications (GOC)
  • 7th Special Session on Microwave Photonics (MWP)
  • 4th Workshop on Big Data Analytics and Network Optimization (BigNeO − former NeO)
  • 3rd Workshop on Technology for Data Center Interconnects (DACINT)
  • 3rd Workshop on Datacenter Networks (DCN)
  • 3rd Workshop on 5G Transport Networks (5GT)
  • 2nd Workshop on Fiber-Wireless Network Technologies and Architectures towards 5G and Beyond (FiWiN5G)
  • 2nd Workshop on Quantum Photonics (QPhot)
  • 2nd Workshop on Multi-Layer Network Orchestration (NetOrch)
  • 1st Workshop on High Capacity SDM-WDM Optical Networking (SDM-WDM)
  • 1st Workshop on Flexible and High-Capacity Optical Networks (Flex-ON)
  • 1st Workshop on Novel Optical Amplifiers (NOA)
  • 1st Workshop on Label-Free Super-Resolution (LFSR)
  • Session on EU-Project (EU-P)