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5th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


June 29 - July 3, 2003 - Warsaw, Poland



Opening Session Chair: Concita Sibilla (COST P11 Chair)

Mo.A.1 Dissipative spatial solitons in active semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

G.I. Stegeman, E. Ultanir, D. Michaelis, C.H. Lange, F. Lederer

Mo.A.2 Supercontinuum short optical pulse generation and its application to gain-dynamics measurements of SOAs (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

Mo.A.3 Degree of module reconfigurability: limitations and implications in transparent optical networks (Invited)

E.H. Sargent

Mo.A.4 Low-dimensional photonic crystals for integrated optics (Invited)

B. Jaskorzyńska


ESPC I (General) Chair: Bozena Jaskorzynska

Mo.B1.1 Recent advances in photonic crystal fibres (Invited)

P. Russell

Mo.B1.2 Photonic crystal and photonic wire technology, materials and devices (Invited)

R. De La Rue, P. Pottier, H. Chong, I. Ntakis, A. Jugessur, D. McComb, N. Johnson, M. McLachlan, J. Marsh, C. Bryce, Shin Sung Kim, A. Craven, W. Smith

Mo.B1.3 Optical experiments on 3D photonic crystals (Invited)

F. Koenderink, W. Vos

Mo.B1.4 Phononic crystals (Invited)

R.S.  Penciu

Mo.B1.5 Mode dispersion and diffraction losses in photonic crystal slabs

L.C. Andreani, M. Agio, D. Gerace

Mo.B1.6 The free space radiation mode method for analysis of periodic waveguide structures

A. Vukovic, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson

Mo.B1.7 Polarization properties of highly birefringent photonic crystal fibers (Post-deadline)

T.R. Woliński, P. Lesiak, K. Sokołowski, A. Witkowska


WAOR I (General) Chair: Josep Solé-Pareta

Mo.B2.1 Trends of optical networking technologies (Invited)

M. Suzuki, T. Otani, M. Hayashi

Mo.B2.2 Efficient statistical multiplexing in the optical layer as a function of the reconfiguration speed in MAN/WAN (Invited)

A. Stavdas, C. Matrakidis, N.Leligou, S. Sygletos, I. Pountourakis

Mo.B2.3 The ring-based resonant router (Invited)

A. Melloni, M. Martinelli

Mo.B2.4 Optical add/drop multiplexers and optical cross-connects for wavelength routed networks (Invited)

A. Tzanakaki, I. Zacharopoulos,  I. Tomkos

Mo.B2.5 From circuit- to packet-switched or to hybrid network? (Invited)

M. Marciniak

Mo.B2.6 Towards a dynamic hierarchical cross-connecting without wavelength conversion in multi-fiber WDM networks

P. Ghobril, S. Tohmé


ESPC II (Nonlinear Phenomena) Chair: Judy Rorison (COST 288 Chair)

Mo.C1.1 Nonlinear Optical properties of 1D and 2D photonic crystals (Invited)

C. Sibilia

Mo.C1.2 Nonlinear optics in photonic crystals (Invited)

H.M. van Driel

Mo.C1.3 Localisation of light beams in optically induced gratings (Invited)

W. Krolikowski, D. Neshev, A. Sukhorukov, E. Ostrovskaya, Y. Kivshar

Mo.C1.4 Optimization problems in periodic and disordered dielectrical structures (Invited)

P. Figurny, M. Janowicz, M. Rusek, A. Orłowski

Mo.C1.5 Nonlinear optical response in patterned planar waveguides

G. Vecchi, A.M. Malvezzi, L.C. Andreani, M. Patrini, G. Guizzetti, F. Romanato, L. Businaro, E. Di Fabrizio, A. Passaseo, D. Peyrade, Y. Chen

Mo.C1.6 Supercontinuum generation in a photonic crystal fibre using picosecond pulses at 1550 nm

P.A. Andersen, C. Peucheret, K.M. Hilligsøe, K.S. Berg, K.P. Hansen, P. Jeppesen


WAOR II (Control & Security) Chair: Anna Tzanakaki

Mo.C2.1 Failure detection for secure optical networks (Invited)

C. Mas Machuca, I. Tomkos

Mo.C2.2 Some open issues in the definition of a control plane for optical networks (Invited)

J. Solé-Pareta, X. Masip-Bruin, S. Sánchez-López, S. Spadaro, D. Careglio

Mo.C2.3 Teletraffic modeling of optical burst switching (Invited)

M. Zukerman, E. Wong, Z. Rosberg, Gyu Myoung Lee, Hai Le Vu

Mo.C2.4 Securing all-optical networks

R. Rejeb, I. Pavlosoglou, M.S. Leeson, R.J. Green

Mo.C2.5 Automatic logical node reordering in WDM-based metropolitan resilient packet rings

P. Szegedi

Mo.C2.6 Grooming in SDH/WDM mesh networks for different traffic granularities

I. Ramdani, J. Prat, J. Comellas

Mo.C2.7 Security model and authentication protocol in the EPON-based optical access network

Sun-Sik Roh, Su-Hyun Kim


ESPC III (Theory and Modelling) Chair: Włodzimierz Nakwaski

Mo.D1.1 Coupling, scattering, and perturbation theory: semi-analytical analyses of photonic-crystal waveguides (Invited)

S. Johnson, M.L. Povinelli, P. Bienstman, M. Skorobogatiy, M. Soljacic, M. Ibanescu, E. Lidorikis, J.D. Joannopoulos

Mo.D1.2 Light amplification in active photonic band gap structures (Invited)

A. D'Orazio, M. De Sario,  V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Mo.D1.3 Time resolved motion of pulses inside photonic structures: a real space investigation (Invited)

H. Gersen, D.J.W. Klunder, J.P. Korterik, A. Driessen, N.F. van Hulst, L. Kuipers

Mo.D1.4 Analysis of waveguide junctions and sharp bends with general anisotropic material by using orthogonal propagating waves (Invited)

R. Pregla

Mo.D1.5 The method of lines for the calculation of band structures in photonic crystals

S.F. Helfert

Mo.D1.6 The method of lines applied to numerical simulation of 2D and 3D bandgap structures

A. Barcz, S.F. Helfert, R. Pregla

Mo.D1.7 Modeling Bragg gratings in doped-core holey fibers

M. Antkowiak, R. Kotyński, T. Nasiłowski, F. Berghmans, H. Thienpont

Mo.D1.8 Mode analysis of doped-core holey fibers

T. Nasiłowski, R. Kotyński, M. Antkowiak, F. Berghmans, H. Thienpont


WAOR III (Packet Networks) Chair: Moshe Zukerman

Mo.D2.1 Node design in optical packet- and optical burst switching (Invited)

M. Nord

Mo.D2.2 ORION: a novel hybrid network concept: Overspil Routing In Optical Networks (Invited)

J. Cheyns, E. Van Breusegem, D. Colle, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Mo.D2.3 Survivability of wavelength-routed optical burst-switched networks with guaranteed IP services (Invited)

E. Kozlovski

Mo.D2.4 Optical label swapping based on subcarrier multiplexing: a network paradigm for the implementation of optical internet (Invited)

J. Capmany, D. Pastor, S. Sales, B. Ortega

Mo.D2.5 An adaptive service differentiation algorithm for optical packet switched networks

H. Overby

Mo.D2.6 Optical burst switched passive access network

J. Segarra, J. Prat

Mo.D2.7 Multi-layer traffic engineering: performance evaluation under a physical capacity constraint

Q. Yan, B. Puype, I. Lievens, D. Colle, S. De Maesschalck, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester

Mo.D2.8 GMPLS extensions for supporting advanced optical networking technologies

D. Colle, J. Cheyns, C. Develder, E. Van Breusegem, A. Ackaert, M. Pickavet, P. Demeester, B. Feng, H. Lønsethagen, E. Zouganeli, J. Fernández-Palacios, J. Lobo

Mo.D2.9 Performacne analysis of packet switched all-optical networks

M. Lacković, C. Bungarzeanu


ESPC IV (Technology I) Chair: Tomasz Szoplik

Tu.A.1 State of the art low index contrast planar photonic crystals (Invited)

R. Houdré

Tu.A.2 Silicon on insulator photonic bandgap structures for future microphotonic devices (Invited)

V. Calvo, T. Charvolin, B. Cluzel,  E. Picard, M. Zelsmann, E. Hadji, M. Heitzmann, H. Moriceau

Tu.A.3 Micromanipulation -as an assembly tool for three-dimensional photonic crystals (Invited)

K. Aoki, H.T. Miyazaki, H. Hirayama,  K. Inoshita, T. Baba, K. Sakoda, N. Shinya, Y. Aoyag

Tu.A.4 Etched lattice effects in edge-emitters & VCSELs-PBG effects or not? (Invited)

J. Rorison

Tu.A.5 Microlasers based on nanoporous materials (Invited)

L. Benmohammadi, I. Braun, M. Ganschow, K. Koch, F. Laeri, J.U. Nöckel, G. Schulz-Ekloff, F. Schüth, U. Vietze, Ö. Weiss, J. Wiersig, D. Wöhrle


ESPC V (Technology II) Chair: Wacław Urbańczyk

Tu.B.1 Towards realization of high quality 2D-photonic crystals in InP/(Ga,In)(As,P)/InP (Invited)

S. Anand, M. Mulot, R. Ferrini, R. Houdré, M. Kamp. A. Forchel

Tu.B.2 Novel materials and technologies for hybrid organic-inorganic photonic crystal devices (Invited)

M. De Vittorio, G. Gigli, M.T. Todaro, T. Stomeo, D. Pisignano, R. Cingolani

Tu.B.3 Polymer-based photonic crystals (Invited)

C. Sotomayor-Torres, D. Chigrin, J. Vivas, R. Kian, A. Goldschmidt, S. Zankovych, P. Ferrand, S. Romanov

Tu.B.4 Coupling issues in strongly confined nanophotonic waveguides (Invited)

R. Baets, P. Bienstman, W. Bogaerts, D. Taillaert, B. Luyssaert

Tu.B.5 Fabrication and characterisation of photonic crystal slab waveguides and application to ultra-fast all-optical switching device (Invited)

K. Asakawa

Tu.B.6 Amorphous GaN: optoelectronic properties and device potential

J. Trodahl, B.J. Ruck, A. Koo, U.D. Lanke, A. Bittar


ESPC VI (Photonic Crystal Fibres) Chair: Steven Johnson

Tu.C.1 Birefringent microstructured fibers: properties and applications (Invited)

H. Ludvigsen, G. Genty, M. Lehtonen, T. Ritari, T. Niemi, M. Kaivola

Tu.C.2 Qualitative analysis of Bragg waveguides (Invited)

A. Popov, R.M.Fechtchenko, Yu.A.Uspenskii, A.V.Vinogradov, E.M.Dianov

Tu.C.3 Influence of hole shape on the modal and dispersion characteristics of holey fibres (Invited)

E.V. Bekker, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, L.A.Melnikov

Tu.C.4 Modelling of highly birefringent photonic fiber with rectangular air holes in square lattice

P. Szarniak, W. Saj, R. Buczyński, T. Szoplik, D. Pysz, R. Stępień

Tu.C.5 Radiation loss in curved holey fibres

I.A. Goncharenko, S.F. Helfert, R. Pregla


ICTON I (Light Sources & Amplifiers) Chair: António Teixeira

Tu.D.1 A model tool for single polarization VCSEL design (Invited)

P. Debernardi, H.J. Unold, J. Maehnss, R. Michalzik, G.P. Bava, K.J. Ebelin

Tu.D.2 Design of Er3+/Yb3+ doped silica/titania planar waveguide amplifier (Invited)

A. D'Orazio, M. De Sario, L. Mescia, V. Petruzzelli, F. Prudenzano

Tu.D.3 Recent progress on S-band fiber amplifiers (Invited)

R. Caspary, U.B. Unrau, W. Kowalsky

Tu.D.4 Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser for mid-infrared generation (Invited)

Y. Morozov, I.S. Nefedov, V. Aleshkin

Tu.D.5 Photonic crystal heterostructures with controllable active layers (Invited)

V. K. Kononenko, D. V. Ushakov, A. G. Smirnov

Tu.D.6 Reliability issues for optical fibre technology in nuclear applications (Invited)

F. Berghmans, B. Brichard,  A. Fernandez, M. Van Uffelen

Tu.D.7 Optical FM in Nd:YVO4/KTP microchip lasers

A.J. Antończak, K.M. Gąsior, K.M. Abramski


Poster Session I 

Tu.P.1 Analysis of the shape rod dependence in finite-size two-dimensional photonic crystals

L.N. Illyashenko, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell

Tu.P.2 Photonic band gap structures based on periodically grooved silicon

V.A. Tolmachev, T.S. Perova, E.V. Astrova, R.A. Moore

Tu.P.3 Large optical anisotropy in the structure of 1D photonic crystal fabricated by vertical etching of silicon

A.D. Remenyuk, E.V. Astrova, T.S. Perova, V.A. Tolmachev, J. Vij, A. Moore

Tu.P.4 Difraction effects in macroporous silicon with through pores

A.D. Remenyuk, E.V. Astrova, L.I. Korovin, I.G. Lang, V.B. Shuman

Tu.P.5 The self-consistent method for determination of a band structure in photonic crystals with frequency-dependent dielectric constants

M. Dems, W. Nakwaski

Tu.P.6 Wide-angle optical wave Bragg scattering at photonic band-gap structures

N.M. Ushakov

Tu.P.7 Sensitivity of Bragg grating imprinted in a three-mode elliptical core fiber to temperature and to strain

E. Chmielewska, W. Urbańczyk, P. Hlubina

Tu.P.8 Experiment on hologram multiplexing with photorefractive beam-fanning speckle

M. Bunsen, A. Okamoto

Tu.P.9 Experiment on long-term image reading in photorefractive memory with double mutually pumped phase conjugate mirrors

H. Funakoshi, A. Okamoto, K. Sato

Tu.P.10 Fault-tolerant automatic routing method with two photorefractive double phase conjugate mirrors

H. Kato, A. Okamoto, M. Bunsen

Tu.P.11 Plane electromagnetic wave diffraction on an unclosed cone structure

V.A. Doroshenko, E.K. Semenova

Tu.P.12 Method of the near-field optical nanolithography using tapered optical fiber

V.F. Dryakhlushin, A.Yu. Klimov, V.V. Rogov, N.V. Vostokov

Tu.P.13 Some electrodynamic features of metamaterials

I.G. Kondrat’ev, A.I. Smirnov

Tu.P.14 Changing of electromagnetic signal complexity in modulated medium

N. Ruzhytska, A. Nerukh, D. Nerukh

Tu.P.15 Lasing spectra and thresholds of the whispering-gallery modes in a circular dielectric microcavity

E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.16 Regularized boundary integral equation method for CAD and optimization of optical microcavities

S.V. Boriskina, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, A.I. Nosich

Tu.P.17 Numerical analysis of truncated elliptic lenses for optical and sub-mm wave receivers

A.V. Boriskin, S.V. Boriskina, M. Marciniak

Tu.P.18 Nanosized quarter-wave retarder based on fractal anisotropic multilayer structures

S.V. Zhukovsky

Tu.P.19 Nonlinear optical effects in one-dimensional photonic crystal heterostructure amplifiers

D.V. Ushakov, V.K. Kononenko, M. Marciniak

Tu.P.20 Birefringent photonic crystal holey fibers based on hexagonal lattice

M. Szpulak, T. Martynkien , W. Urbańczyk

Tu.P.21 Annealing GaN-a way to the nanocrystalline state

C.E.A. Grigorescu, H.K. Lee, U.D. Lanke, A. Bittar, A. Koo, B.J. Ruck, O. Monnereau,  R. Notonier, A. Tonetto, H.J. Trodahl

Tu.P.22 Sensitivity of holey fiber based sensors

R. Kotyński, T. Nasiłowski, M. Antkowiak, F. Berghmans, H. Thienpont

Tu.P.23 Modelling and measurement of 2d photonic crystals with tapered hole profiles

M.J. Cryan, M. Hill, R. Varrazza, M. Moro Ronda, I.J.C Raddock, S. Yu, C.J. Railton, J. Rorison

Tu.P.24 Leaky modes approach to quantum effects in photonic crystals

A. Orłowski, M. Rusek


ICTON II (Theory & Modelling I) Chair: Alexander Nerukh

We.A.1 Towards numerical vector Helmholtz solutions in integrated photonics (Invited)

T. Benson, D. Djurdjevic, J. Wykes, A. Vukovic, P. Sewell

We.A.2 Phase and amplitude near-resonance self-action in periodically modulated laser beams (Invited)

V.L. Derbov, V.V. Serov, I.L. Plastun, D.A. Larionov

We.A.3 Nonlinear optical fiber: transmission medium of ultrashort chirped pulses (Invited)

T. Kaczmarek

We.A.4 Some microwave applications of the Kummer confluent hypergeometric functions (Invited)

G.N. Georgiev, M.N. Georgieva-Grosse

We.A.5 Stabilising the Du Fort Frankel beam propagation scheme for modelling lossy structures (Invited)

P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic

We.A.6 Wide angle oblique beam propagation

S. Sujecki, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson


ICTON III (Theory & Modelling II) Chair: Wacław Bała

We.B.1 Lorentz transformations in polarization optics (Invited)

W. Nasalski

We.B.2 Mathematical modeling of lasing in semiconductor microcavities by means of adequate eigenvalue problems (Invited)

A.I. Nosich

We.B.3 3D Cavity Light Bullets in a nonlinear optical resonator (Invited)

T. Maggipinto, M. Brambilla, L. Columbo

We.B.4 Semiconductor devices for all-optical regeneration (Invited)

F. Öhman, S. Bischoff, B. Tromborg, J. Mork

We.B.5 Propagation of ultrashort optical pulses in a semiconductor optical amplifier: simulation and experiments (Invited)

X. Yang, D. Lenstra, A.K. Mishra, H.D. Waardt, G.D. Khoe, H.J.S. Dorren

We.B.6 Resolvents method for analytical-numerical investigation of nonlinear problems in dielectric waveguide (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh, F.V. Fedotov, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell


ICTON IV (Networks & Systems) Chair: Krzysztof Abramski

We.C.1 Strategies for spectrally efficient optical fiber communication systems with direct detection (Invited)

A. Hodžić, B. Konrad, H. Louchet, K. Petermann, S. Randel

We.C.2 Cost effective extension of Metropolitan networks and high flexibility of optical networks due to transparent optical sections (Invited)

A. Ehrhardt, N. Hanik

We.C.3 Challenges of optical access networks (Invited)

K.D. Langer

We.C.4 Recent progress in research on optical fiber grating couplers (Invited)

Y. Sasaki

We.C.5 Towards transport networks based on 40 Gbit/s transmission: results from the IST ATLAS project (Invited)

F. Matera, P. Franco, A. Schiffini, H. Suche, R. Bauknecht, M. Gaspar, R. Corsini, A. Paoletti, F. Alberti, A. Galtarossa, A. Pizzinat, M. Gloanec, E. Leclerc, M. Vidmar, P. Montero, M. Violas, A. Pinto, W. Sohler, L. Lattanzi, M. Guglielmucci, S. Cascelli, E. Burr, A.J. Seeds , F. Martelli, G. Contestabile, F. Curti, G.M. Tosi-Beleffi, R. Boula-Picard, N. Michel

We.C.6 "The 2nd order of magnitude" – the video revolution and all-optical services (Invited)

P.O. Andersson

We.C.7 Coding gain of basic FEC block-codes in the presence of ASE noise(Invited)

P. Faraj, J. Leibrich, W. Rosenkranz

We.C.8 Super-channel architectures for in-service capacity expansion of transmission systems

R. Antosik


Poster Session II

We.P.1 Laser diode linewidth measurements

K.M. Abramski, W. Rodzeń, P.R. Kaczmarek, L. Czurak, A. Budnicki

We.P.2 Scanning microscopy of near-field emission of semiconductor laser

K.P. Gaikovich, V.F. Dryakhlushin

We.P.3 Three-dimensional comprehensive self-consistent simulation of a room-temperature continuous-wave operation of GaAs-based 1.3-mm quantum-dot (InGa)As/GaAs vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

R.P. Sarzała, P. Mendla, M. Wasiak, P. Maćkowiak, W. Nakwaski, M. Bugajski

We.P.4 Multiwavelength polarization maintaining erbium doped fiber lasers

B. Borowicz, A. Budnicki, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik

We.P.5 Discretely tuneable EDF lasers

A. Budnicki, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik, K.M. Abramski

We.P.6 White-light spectral interferometry used to measure dispersion characteristics of optical fibers

P. Hlubina, T. Martynkien, W. Urbańczyk

We.P.7 The influence of the initial pulse amplitude on the stability of solitons in a highly birefringent optical fiber

C. Kaczmarek

We.P.8 Optical fibre modulator with parallel channels of modulation

I.A. Goncharenko, A.I. Konojko, V.K. Kuleshov

We.P.9 Numerical modelling of amplifying Gires-Tournois microinterferometer by the method of single expression

H.V. Baghdasaryan, T.M. Knyazyan, A.A. Mankulov

We.P.10 Transmission spectra of superimposed fiber Bragg gratings

D. Meghavoryan, A.V. Daryan

We.P.11 Design of automatically switched optical networks

Z. Lakatos

We.P.12 DWDM ring network with cascaded optical modulators

D. Meghavoryan, K. Stepanyan, Z Kalayjian

We.P.13 Encoding methods for the fiber optical communication and storage systems

H.A. Gomtsyan

We.P.14 COST Action 273 at the National Institute of Telecommunications

L. Smoczyński, A.S. Gallo, M. Marciniak

We.P.15 A comparison of inner coding options for adaptive MIMO OFDM systems

A.S. Gallo, E. Bizzarri, G.M. Vitetta, M. Marciniak

We.P.16 The pumping of double-clad neodymium fiber

T. Toruński, A. Grobelny, E.M. Bereś-Pawlik, J. Wójcik

We.P.17 Performance analysis of the simple prioritized buffering algorithm in optical packet switch for DiffServ assured forwarding

M. Klinkowski, D. Careglio, M. Marciniak, J. Solé-Pareta

We.P.18 Numerical simulation reflectometry measurements of optical fibre parameters

V.B. Katok, E.M. Koshman, A.A. Manko

We.P.19 Optical filters using bends of optical waveguides

T.V. Gerasymchuk, V.B. Katok, A.A. Manko

We.P.20 Influence of double clad fibers shapes on their real active cross-sections

P. Mergo, K. Poturaj, P. Misztal, J. Wójcik

We.P.21 Optical modulation formats for high-speed DWDM systems

M. Jaworski

We.P.22 Labeling of signals in transparent optical networks

K. Borzycki


LEOS Distinguished Lecture Chair: Marian Marciniak, LEOS Poland Chair 2003-2003

Th.A Physics and design of low noise avalanche photodetectors (Invited)

John Paul Raj David (LEOS Distinguished Lecturer 2002-2004)


ICTON V (Advanced Systems & Devices I) Chair: Alexander Nosich

Th.B.1 Broadband wavelength converters (Invited)

A.L.J. Teixeira, R. Nogueira, P. André, J.L. Pinto, J.R.F. da Rocha

Th.B.2 Microwave photonics based on fibre Bragg gratings (Invited)

J. Mora, J.L. Cruz, A. Díez, M.V. Andrés, B. Ortega, D. Pastor, S. Sales, J. Capmany

Th.B.3 Plastic electronics (Invited)

J.M. Nunzi

Th.B.4 Development of highly flexible broadband networks incorporating wavelength division multiplexing and sub-carrier division multiplexing in a hybrid radio/fiber distribution system (Invited)

A. Kaszubowska, P. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

Th.B.5 Comparison of fiber Bragg gratings simulation numerical methods

R.P. Dionisio, M.J. Lima, J.R.F. da Rocha, J.L. Pinto, A.L.J. Teixeira

Th.B.6 New Ethernet-based optically transparent network for fiber-to-the-desk application

I. Radovanovic, W. van Etten

Th.B.7 Wavelength converter-reshaper operating at 10 Gbit/s in dispersion shifted fibre

F. Curti, G.M. Tosi-Beleffi, F. Matera


ICTON VI (Advanced Systems & Devices II) Chair: Trevor Benson

Th.C.1 Symmetry-selecting gratings and their applications (Invited)

S. Tomljenovic-Hanic

Th.C.2 Optical local area networks using uncooled photonic components (Invited)

I. White

Th.C.3 Semiconductor optical amplifiers in analogue optical links (Invited)

E. Udvary, T. Berceli, T. Marozsák, A. Hilt

Th.C.4 Poly-Ge near-infrared photodetectors for silicon based optoelectronics (Invited)

G. Masini, L. Colace, G. Assanto

Th.C.5 Organic optoelectronics (Invited)

W. Bała

Th.C.6 Two-qubit operation of two atoms embedded in photonic crystals for optical quanWem computing

H. Nihei, A. Okamoto

Th.C.7 Determination of cold-cavity single-mode conditions in photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers

P.S. Ivanov, I.A. Sukhoivanov, R. Michalzik