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3rd International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


June 18-21, 2001 - Cracow, Poland



Opening Session Chair: Hans-Georg Unger 

Mo.A.1 Optical technology and networks in IST: status and opportunities (Invited)

A. Houghton

Mo.A.2 Optical TDM-transmission systems for channel rates of 40 Gbit/s and above (Invited)

J. Berger, D. Breuer, U. Feiste, B. Konrad, R. Ludwig, K. Petermann, H G. Weber, C.M. Weinert

Mo.A.3 Approaches for bandwidth-efficient modulation formats in DWDM-Systems (Invited)

W. Rosenkranz

Mo.A.4 Recent status of optical networks and technology (Invited)

T. Sugie


Key Technologies Chair: Trevor Benson 

Mo.B.1 Analysis of fibers with elliptical cross section (Invited)

O. Conradi , R. Pregla

Mo.B.2 Nonlinear propagation and four-wave mixing of picosecond optical pulses in semiconductor optical amplifiers (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

Mo.B.3 Finite-difference time-domain modelling of photonic crystal structures (Invited)

R. de Ridder, R. Stoffer

Mo.B.4 Speciality fibers for optical amplifiers in communications (Invited)

U. Unrau.

Mo.B.5 Influence of carrier capture-escape processes on dynamical behaviour and characteristics of quantum dot laser

V.V. Lysak, A.V. Shulika, I.A. Sukhoivanov


Beam Propagation Methods Chair: Polina Bayvel 

Mo.C.1 Failure of the scalar approximation near cutoff frequency of a step-index fiber mode (Invited)

E.A. Romanova

Mo.C.2 Advances in the finite difference beam propagation method (Invited)

T.M. Benson, P.Sewell, A.Vukovic, D.Z. Djurdjevic

Mo.C.3 Parabolic equation method for electromagnetic guiding structures (Invited)

A.V. Popov, A.N. Kurokhtin

Mo.C.4 Simulation of weakly guiding optical fibers by finite element method with exact boundary condition

R. Dautov, E. Karchevskii

Mo.C.5 Pulse power limiting in a waveguide with non-linear Bragg grating

E.V. Bekker, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, E.A. Romanova, L.A. Melnikov

Mo.C.6 Optical properties of tapered laser cavities

S. Sujecki, J. Wykes, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, E.C. Larkins


Light Sources Chair: Gaetano Assanto 

Mo.D.1 Influence of cavity modes on VCSEL characteristics (Invited)

I. Sukhoivanov, P. Ivanov, A. Kublik

Mo.D.2 Deep level transient spectroscopy, photoreflection and time resolved photoluminescence  spectra of self-assembled quantum dots (Invited)

W. Bala

Mo.D.3 Functional optoelectronic properties of n-i-p-i superlattices and structures (Invited)

V.K. Kononenko, D.V. Ushakov

Mo.D.4 Controllable tuning of radiation frequency of fibre and waveguide lasers

I.A. Goncharenko, A.K. Esman, V.K. Kuleshov, V.A. Pilipovich

Mo.D.5 Role of random frequency fluctuations in radiation line shaping for semiconductor laser under pseudorandom pulsed operation

Yu.A. Morozov, I.S. Nefedov, V.N. Gusyatnikov


Photonic Nano-Structures Chair: Alexander Nosich 

Tu.A.1 Optical gain enhancement in PBG structure with active n‑i‑p‑i superlattice (Invited)

I.S. Nefedov, V.N. Gusyatnikov, Y.A. Morozov, M. Marciniak, V.K. Kononenko, D.V. Ushakov

Tu.A.2 Directional couplers and de-couplers in photonic crystal waveguides: simulations and theory (Invited)

S. Boscolo, M. Midrio, C.G. Someda

Tu.A.3 Slab-waveguide based 2D photonic-crystals for integrated optics (Invited)

B. Jaskorzynska

Tu.A.4 Holey fibres: properties, applications and future directions (Invited) 

T.M. Monro, J.C. Baggett, W. Belardi

Tu.A.5 Holey fibres – application issues

K. Borzycki


Modelling of Optical Systems and Components I Chair: Ewa Weinert-Rączka 

Tu.B.1 Modelling radiation fields in periodic optoelectronic structures (Invited)

P. Sewell, T.M. Benson, A. Vukovic

Tu.B.2 Numerical analysis of electromagnetic wave scattering from multilayered resistive strip gratings and its application to wave absorbers (Invited)

T. Zinenko, A. Matsushima, Y. Okuno

Tu.B.3 Photons and electrons in mesoscopic structures: useful analogies in application to optical communication (Invited)

S.V. Gaponenko

Tu.B.4 Cavity solitons in semiconductor microresonators: modeling aspects and role of thermal carrier-lattice dynamics (Invited)

T. Maggipinto, I.M. Perrini, M. Brambilla, G. Tissoni, L. Spinelli

Tu.B.5 Electromagnetic wave diffraction and propagation in a multilayer dielectric structure containing a diffraction grating

A.M. Lerer, G.A. Kalinchenko

Tu.B.6 IDEAL-IST - fostering European research and co-operation in the area of IT supported by the European Commission

P. Drath, R. Gagliardi, S. Muscella, R. Pleger, A. Ceccarelli, T. Grabowiecki


Devices and Fibres Chair: Bozena Jaskorzynska 

Tu.C.1 Optical fiber grating couplers and their applications (Invited)

Y. Sasaki

Tu.C.2 Fiber Bragg gratings in telecommunication optical networks (Invited)

A. Teixeira, M. Lima , J. Ferreira da Rocha

Tu.C.3 Lithium niobate  integrated optical devices (Invited)

A. D’Orazio, M. De Sario, V. Petruzzelli,  F. Prudenzano

Tu.C.4 Optically structured plastic electro-optic devices (Invited)

J.M. Nunzi, C. Fiorini, P. Raimond, N. Sertova, I. Petkov

Tu.C.5 Non-uniform amplifying Bragg gratings' computer simulation by the Method of Single Expression

H.V. Baghdasaryan,  T.M. Knyazyan, S.G. Dashyan


Non-linear Phenomena in Fibres and Planar Waveguides Chair: Adam Majewski 

Tu.D.1 Investigation of self-organized degenerate second-order nonlinear optical interactions in optical fibers around and above the saturation (Invited)

P. Chmela, J. Cap, A. Kulhanek, J. Petracek

Tu.D.2 Incoherent spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals (Invited)

M. Peccianti, A. DeLuca, G. Assanto

Tu.D.3 Grating filter in photorefractive multiple quantum well slab (Invited)

E. Weinert-Rączka

Tu.D.4 Beam steering and switching in c(2)-waveguide arrays

T. Pertsch, U. Peschel, A. Bräuer, F. Lederer

Tu.D.5 Analytical expression for (1+1)D quadratic spatial multisolitons. Nonlocal limit

I.V. Shadrivov, A.A. Zharov


IP/WDM Systems Chair: Irena Vorgul 

We.A.1 Traffic management and network planning for optical IP over WDM networks (Invited)

M. Gagnaire

We.A.2 Cross-channel interference due to mode partition noise in WDM optical systems

P. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry, A. Kaszubowska

We.A.3 Flexible realization of customer adapted solutions by network operators under use of transparent optical WDM-networks

A. Ehrhardt

We.A.4 DAWN – Dynamically allocated wavelength WDM network demonstrator

M.C.R. Medeiros, I. Darwazeh, L. Moura, A. Teixeira, P.S. Andre, M. Lima, J. Ferreira da Rocha

We.A.5 KomNet – optical transport- and networking technologies for the broadband internet 

K.D. Langer, J. Vathke

We.A.6 Improvement of the SPM nonlinear duobinary limit by chirped duobinary transmission (CDBT) 

M. Wichers, W. Rosenkranz


Amplifiers Chair: Yutaka Sasaki 

We.B.1 Wide-band, gain-flattened fiber amplifiers (Invited)

M. Karasek

We.B.2 Computer aided EDFA design, simulation and optimization

M.M. Kozak, R. Caspary, U.B. Unrau

We.B.3 A useful approach in spectral properties modelling of erbium-doped fibre amplifiers

M.M. Tiesler, E.M. Pawlik, K.M. Abramski

We.B.4 Wavetek Wandel Goltermann: In-service performance monitoring of high-speed transparent networks based on Q measurements (Commercial presentation)

R. Bach, W. Moench, G. Strohmaier


Poster Session

We.P.1 Diffraction of electromagnetic pulse by dielectric rod

A.M. Lerer

We.P.2 Electromagnetic wave propagation in a fiber zoned with a metal-dielectric ring

G.A. Kalinchenko, A.M. Lerer

We.P.3 Numerical simulations of electromagnetic transients in nonstationary plasma layers

K.M. Yemelyanov, F.V. Fedotov, A.G. Nerukh

We.P.4 Wave scattering by a penetrable polygonal cylinder

L.N. Ilyashenko, A.I. Nosich

We.P.5 Simulating a wavelength-size 2-D lens with an accurate numerical method

A.V. Boriskin, A.I. Nosich, A. Altintas

We.P.6 On retrieval of permittivity profile

K. Gaikovich, I. Vorgul, M. Marciniak

We.P.7 Synthesis of new type single-mode optic fibres

A.M. Gomilko, A.A. Gourjii, V.B. Katok, Y.D. Shchepkina

We.P.8 Single-mode optic fibre for wideband dispersion compensations

V.B. Katok, M. Kotenko, I. Sergiyenko

We.P.9 Investigation of pair optical soliton propagation in dispersion managed fiber link with two numerical methods

A.M. Gomilko, A.A. Gourjii, V.B. Katok, V.G.levandovskyy

We.P.10 Filters using travelling wave resonators for HDWDM transmission lines

Т. Gerasimchuk, V.B. Katok, А. Manko

We.P.11 Soliton-like topological defects in transverse polarization patterns emitted  by broad-area vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser

A.I. Konukhov, L.A. Melnikov

We.P.12 Quantum-well laser structures in regime of optoelectronic conversion

E.D. Karikh, A.A. Afonenko, I.S. Manak

We.P.13 Light controlled delay of MW signals  in LiNbO3:Fe

N.M. Ushakov

We.P.14 NLO effect as a sensitive tool for determination of phase transition in  C60 – 2-th ioxo-1,3-dithiole and in C60-TTF derivatives

B. Sahraoui, I. Fuks, J-M Nunzi, J. Berdowski, I.V. Kityk, P. Hudhomme, A. Gorgues

We.P.15 Generation of optical microwave signals using laser diodes with enhanced modulation response for hybrid radio/fiber systems

A. Kaszubowska, P. Anandarajah, L.P. Barry

We.P.16 Optical switching in semiconductor photonic band gap structures

I.S. Nefedov, V.N. Gusyatnikov, Yu.A. Morozov

We.P.17 New method of SBS counteracting in long distance analog CATV link

M. Jaworski, M. Marciniak

We.P.18 A nonlinear lightguide as a transmission medium of ultrashort chirped hyperbolic secant shape and rectangular pulses

T. Kaczmarek, C. Kaczmarek

We.P.19 Impact of apodisation on fiber Bragg grating reflection and phase responses

J. Ciosmak, M. Marciniak

We.P.20 Method of unidirectional waves (MUW) in femtosecond soliton analysis

D.L. Hovhanissyan, D.M. Meghavoryan, K.J. Stepanyan, S.G. Dashyan, K.K. Vardanyan

We.P.21 Semiconductor optical amplifier performance investigation by computer modelling

H.V. Baghdasaryan, S.G. Dashyan

We.P.22 Code-Division Multiple Access: novel multiplexing strategy in optical fiber network

D.M.Meghavoryan, H.V.Baghdasaryan

We.P.23 Technological development of the erbium doped fibers for L-band

K. Poturaj, J. Wójcik, A. Budnicki, E.M. Pawlik, M. Tiesler, K.M. Abramski

We.P.24 Comparison of laboratory measurements on an EDFA with simulation results obtained using EDFA_Design

T.P. Baraniecki, M. M. Kozak, U. B. Unrau, E.M. Pawlik, K.M. Abramski

We.P.25 Availability model of bidirectional line switched ring

I. Rados, P. Turalija, T. Sunaric

We.P.26 Etching of p-type metal contact deposited on GaAs

Z.H. Mahmood, S.A Bashar

We.P.27 QoS guarantees in IP optical networks using MPLS/MPLambdaS

M. Klinkowski, M. Marciniak


Networks Chair: Igor Nefedov 

Th.A.1 Wavelength-routed or burst-switched optical networks? (Invited)

Polyna Bayvel

Th.A.2 Photonic networking in the Internet era (Invited)

A. Kuchar

Th.A.3 Optical transparency in next generation IP over all-optical networks (Invited)

M. Marciniak

Th.A.4 3R Regeneration for all-optical networks (Invited)

B. Sartorius

Th.A.5 Planar optics for processing and network applications

S. Fancey, M. Gruber, S. Sinzinger, J. Jahns, P. Lukowicz

Th.A.6 Add/drop in subcarrier multiplexed optical networks

E. Udvary


Modelling of Optical Systems and Components II Chair: Marian Marciniak 

Th.B.1 Modelling and optimization of planar waveguide with layered cladding (Invited)

I.Yu. Vorgul

Th.B.2 New approaches to modeling the dynamics of misaligned beams in nonlinear gradient waveguides (Invited)

A.I. Bychenkov, V.L. Derbov, V.V. Serov

Th.B.3 Fast solution of the wave scattering by thin dielectric screens with an account of losses (Invited)

A.I. Nosich

Th.B.4 Penetration of electromagnetic signals into transparent inhomogeneous time-varying medium

A.G. Nerukh, N.K Sakhnenko., M. Marciniak

Th.B.5 Emerging possibilities of participation in the European programme of research and development for the information society technologies

A. Turowiec, L. Galis