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ICTON 2020

PLENARY SESSION (Monday, July 20, 9:00-10:10)

Heike Ebendorff-Heidepriem (Title to be defined)

Fiorenzo Vetrone (Title to be defined)

Francis Berghmans ACTPHAST for Researchers initiative


ICTON I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-12:00)

Evolving network security (Invited)
P. Cochrane and M. Abdel-Maguid

Challenges and opportunities towards 6G mobile networks (Invited)
I. Tomkos

Network slicing in SDN networks (Invited)
D. Scano, L. Valcarenghi, K. Kondepu, P. Castoldi, and A. Giorgetti

Towards an open-source framework for jointly emulating control and data planes of disaggregated optical networks (Invited)
I. Iglesias-Castreño, M. Garrich Alabarce, M. Hernández-Bastida, and P. Pavón Mariño

On dynamic hypervisor placement in virtualized software defined networks (vSDNs (Invited))
Sen Chen, Weiqiang Sun, and Weisheng Hu


ICTON II (Monday, July 20, 12:30-14:10)

Optical RL-Gym: An open-source toolkit for applying reinforcement learning in optical network environments (Invited)
C. Natalino and P. Monti

Spectroscopic inspection optimization for Edge computing in Industry 4.0 (Invited)
T. Konishi, T. Nakamichi, R. Kamikawa, and Y. Yamasaki

Asymmetric CDC ROADM architecture for efficient support of bi-directional asymmetric traffic demands (Invited)
Longjin Lu, Yongcheng Li, Liangjia Zong, B. Mukherjee, and Gangxiang Shen

Upgrading nodes with colorless, directionless, and contentionless ROADMs in an optical transport network (Invited)
JinJin Li, Yongcheng Li, Liangjia Zong, and Gangxiang Shen

Network visualization for optical transport networks (Invited)
M. Bănică and V. Croitoru


ICTON III (Monday, July 20, 15:40-17:35)

Investigation of 2D-WH/TS OCDMA system transmission under the influence of PMD (Invited)
I. Glesk, S. Seyedzadeh, J. Dubovan, M. Dado, and W. C. Kwong

Optoelectronic signal processing for chromatic dispersion mitigation in direct detection systems (Invited)
S. M. Ranzini, F. Da Ros, H. Bülow, and D. Zibar

Optimization of fiber optics communication systems via end-to-end learning (Invited)
O. Jovanovic, R. T. Jones, S. Gaiarin, M. P. Yankov, F. Da Ros, and D. Zibar

Roadmap for next generation optical networks based on quasi-coherent receivers (Invited)
J. A. Altabas, O. Gallardo, G. Silva Valdecasa, M. Squartecchia, D. Izquierdo, S. Sarmiento, M. Barrio, J. A. Lazaro, I. Garces, and J. B. Jensen

Neural networks and FPGA hardware accelerators for millimeter-wave radio-over-fiber systems (Invited)
Jeonghun Lee, Jiayuan He, and Ke Wang

Approaches to bit-labeling for eigenvalue on-off-keying systems
B. Leible, T. Göttsberger, and N. Hanik


ICTON IV (Monday, July 20, 18:00-20:10)

Probabilistic shaping for PAM-8 optical Ethernet systems (Invited)
A. Amari and A. Richter

Achievable mitigation of nonlinear phase noise through optimized blind carrier phase recovery (Invited)
G. Di Rosa and A. Richter

A fully connected neural network approach to mitigate fiber nonlinear effects in 200G DP-16-QAM transmission system (Invited)
C. Catanese, R. Ayassi, E. Pincemin, and Y. Jaouën

Influence of spectral broadening on nonlinearity compensation in ultra-wideband optical fibre communications (Invited)
Tianhua Xu, Jiazheng Ding, B. Karanov, Cenqin Jin, N. A. Shevchenko, M. Leeson, and Tiegen Liu

Novel ultrafast imaging technology (Invited)
Xu Wang

Performance of probabilistic shaping coherent channels in hybrid systems
D. Villafani, A. Mirani, H. Åhlfeldt, J. Schröder, M. Karlsson, and P. Andrekson

Probabilistic-shaped, Nyquist-pulse-shaped four-dimensional LDPC-coded modulation scheme for 100 km DWDM metro network transmission
Xiao Han and I. B. Djordjevic


ICTON V (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:10)

Spectral properties of quantum-dots mode-locked diode lasers and the impact in fiber-optic systems (Invited)
Rongqing Hui, M. Al-Qadi, M. O'Sullivan, and Chongjin Xie

All-in-fiber fabrication of cladding devices and components using femtosecond laser pulses (Invited)
A. Ioannou, A. Theodosiou, C. Caucheteur, and K. Kalli

DBR lasers with 10Gbps RF direct modulation (Invited)
Yaping Zhang

Parity-time and anti-parity-time-symmetry integrated optical gyroscopes: A perspective for high performance devices (Invited)
V. M. N. Passaro, M. De Carlo, F. De Leonardis, G. Menduni, L. Lamberti, and A. G Perri

Underwater seismology using submarine dark fibers (Invited)
R. Magalhaes, M. R. Fernandez-Ruiz, L. Costa, H. F. Martins, A. Garcia-Ruiz, S. Martin-Lopez, E. Williams, Zhongwen Zhan, R. Vantilho, and M. Gonzalez-Herraez


ICTON VI (Tuesday, July 21, 10:40-12:20)

Stability of the full spectrum nonlinear Fourier transform (Invited)
B. Leible, D. Plabst, and N. Hanik

Gain-through-loss in nonlinear fibers: Modulation instabilities and tunable frequency combs (Invited)
F. Bessin, A. M. Perego, K. Staliunas, S. Turitsyn, A. Kudlinski, M. Conforti, and A. Mussot

High-energy ultra-short laser pulses transmission with optical fibers (Invited)
P. Cech, M. Mydlar, M.-G. Muresan, J. Brajer, and J. Vanda

Dynamics of high energy multimode Raman solitons (Invited)
M. Zitelli, F. Mangini, M. Ferraro1, D.S. Kharenko, A. Niang, and S. Wabnitz

Self-switching and cross-switching of femtosecond solitons in highly nonlinear high index contrast dual-core fibre (Invited)
M. Longobucco, I. Astrauskas, A. Pugžlys, D. Pysz, F. Uherek, A. Baltuška, R. Buczyński, and I. Bugár


SDM I (Tuesday, July 21, 13:50:15:10)

Demonstrations of huge capacity space division multiplexing (SDM) transmission (Invited)
N. Wada, B. Puttnam, G. Rademacher, R. S. Luis, Y. Awaji, and H. Furukawa

SDM network node architecture for higher than 1 petabit per second optical networks (Invited)
R. S. Luis, B. J. Puttnam, G. Rademacher, T. A. Eriksson, Y. Hirota, S. Shinada, A. Ross-Adams, S. Gross, M. Withford, R. Maruyama, K. Aikawa, Y. Awaji, H. Furukawa, and N. Wada

Ultra-high capacity optical transmission over 10 Pbit/s based on optical space division multiplexing technologies (Invited)
M. Suzuki, D. Soma, T. Tsuritani, and I. Morita

High density multicore SDM amplifiers (Invited)
S. Jain, M. Wada, K. Shibahara, Y. Jung, I. A. Davidson, P. Barua, J. R. Hayes, T. Sakamoto, T. Mizuno, Y. Miyamoto, Y. Sasaki, K. Saitoh, K. Nakajima, and D. J. Richardson


SDM II (Tuesday, July 21, 15:40-17:00)

Theoretical models for the inter-core crosstalk in weakly-coupled multi-core fibres: Deterministic vs. random fluctuation along time (Invited)
A. V. T. Cartaxo, J. L. Rebola, and T. M. F. Alves

Weakly-coupled multi-core fibre OOK DD systems: Why system performance fluctuates randomly over time? (Invited)
T. M. F. Alves, A. V. T. Cartaxo, and J. L. Rebola

Group delay measurements of multicore fibers with correlation optical time domain reflectometry (Invited)
F. Azendorf, A. Dochhan, F. Spinty, M. Lawin, B. Schmauss, and M. Eiselt

Speciality fibre in high speed transmission application (Invited)
J. P. Turkiewicz


SDM III (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-10:25)

Networking merit of spatial-division and band-division multiplexing: A statistical assessment (Invited)
A. Ferrari, E. Virgillito, and V. Curri

Using spatial division multiplexing to avoid fragmentation in flex-grid optical networks (Invited)
J. Comellas, J. Perelló, J. Solé-Pareta, and G. Junyent

Evaluation of add/drop flexibility requirements in future SDM-enabled ROADMs (Invited)
J. Perelló, J. M. Gené, M. Klinkowski, J. Comellas, and S. Spadaro

An algorithm for provisioning of time-varying traffic in translucent SDM elastic optical networks (Invited)
A. Włodarczyk, P. Lechowicz, D. Szostak, and K. Walkowiak

Routing and switching for multi-core fibre based multi-dimensional optical networks (Invited)
Shuangyi Yan, Lida Liu, and Ruizhi Yang

Circuit allocation with strengthened medium core in spatially-multiplexed elastic optical networks
Í. B. Brasileiro, L. R. Costa, and A. C. Drummond


MARS (Wednesday, July 22, 11:00-12:20)

Infrastructure choice to reach Sweden's broadband target: a techno-economic study (Invited)
M. Forzati and Jie Li

A techno-economic comparison of filterless and wavelength-switched optical metro networks (Invited)
O. Karandin, O. Ayoub, F. Musumeci, and M. Tornatore

Optimal deployment and costs comparison of 50Gb/s-PON, XG-PON and NG-PON2 (Invited)
G. V. Arévalo and R. Gaudino

Techno-economic assessment of hybrid electrical-optical intra-data centre networks (Invited)
R. Romero-Reyes, S. Sultana, V. V. Pai, and T. Bauschert


THzP I (Wednesday, July 22, 13:50-15:10)

Experimental comparison of PIN and UTC photodiodes as continuous-wave terahertz emitters (Invited)
S. Nellen, T. Ishibashi, L. M. Schwenson, R. B. Kohlhaas, L. Liebermeister, S. Breuer, A. Deninger, M. Schell, and B. Globisch

Continuous wave THz system based on dual wavelength monolithic Y-branch laser diode (Invited)
N. Surkamp, A. Gerling, J. O’Gorman, M. Honsberg, S. Schmidtmann, U. Nandi, S. Preu, J. Sacher, C. Brenner, and M. R. Hofmann

Quantum-cascade lasers for mid-infrared and terahertz range (Invited)
G. S. Sokolovskii

THz photonic-wireless transmission with beyond 100 Gbit/s data rates (Invited)
Xianbin Yu, Lu Zhang, Shi Jia, Xiaodan Pang, Xianmin Zhang, and L. K. Oxenloewe


THzP II (Wednesday, July 22, 15:40-16:40)

High-power ultrafast thin-disk lasers for THz generation (Invited)
F. Meyer, T. Vogel, N. Hekmat, T. Vogel, A. Omar, S. Mansourzadeh, F. Fobbe, S. Ahmed, Y. Wang, M. Hoffmann, and C. J. Saraceno

Design of GHz-THz nonlinearities in quantum structures (Invited)
M. F. Pereira and A. Apostolakis

Excitation of graphene plasmons by a metallic slit (Invited)
B. Alexandre, Yu. Bludov, N. Peres, and M. Vasilevskiy


MWP I (Thursday, July 23, 8:30-10:10)

Advances in microwave photonic signal processing and sensing (Invited)
R. Minasian and Xiaoke Yi

Photonics enabling coherent MIMO radar networks (Invited)
A. Bogoni

Optical beamforming networks supporting multibeam and multicast operation (Invited)
C. Tsokos, E. Andrianopoulos, A. Raptakis, N. Lyras, L. Gounaridis, P. Groumas, H. Avramopoulos, and Ch. Kouloumentas

Additive manufacturing for 5G antennas: How technologies and materials impact on design (Invited)
V. Marrocco, V. Basile, M. Grande, F. Prudenzano, I. Fassi, and A. D’Orazio

Towards an integrated photonics-based radar (Invited)
P. Ghelfi, F. Scotti, F. Falconi, C. Porzi, S. Melo, and A. Bogoni


MWP II I (Thursday, July 23, 10:40-12:15)

Evaluation of beam squint effects on beam forming supported by Mach-Zehnder Interferometer (Invited)
A. E. R. C. Santos and M. C. R. Medeiros

New approaches for the generation and transmission of analog radio over fiber links (Invited)
D. Perez-Galacho, E. Briceño-Sanchez, and S. Sales

Microwave signal processing along a heterogeneous multicore fiber (Invited)
S. García, M. Ureña, and I. Gasulla

Optically controlled leaky-wave antenna based on NRI-TL metamaterials (Invited)
K. Neophytou, A. Kanno, M. A. Antoniades, and S. Iezekiel

Design of a PEN-based flexible PIFA antenna operating in the sub-6GHz band for 5G applications
I. Marasco, G. Niro, F. Rizzi, M. De Vittorio, A. D’Orazio, and M. Grande


OWW I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-12:20)

Can we replace an on-board communication bus in large satellites by means of optical wireless signals? (Invited)
E. Ciaramella, G. Cossu, E. Ertunc, L. Gilli, A. Messa, M. Rannello, F. Bresciani, J. Girella, E. Pifferi, and V. Podda

Investigating the potential of the Hydron network (Invited)
E. Ciaramella, G. Cossu, M. Rannello, and V. Schena

An evolution of optical network control: From Earth to space (Invited)
D. King and A. Farrel

Prospects of visible light communications in satellites (Invited)
E. Ciaramella, G. Cossu, E. Ertunc, L. Gilli, A. Messa, M. Presi, M. Rannello, F. Bresciani, V. Basso, R. Dell’Orso, and F. Palla

Characteristics of ultra-long deep space FSO downlinks using special detector technologies like SNSPD (Invited)
H. Ivanov and E. Leitgeb

Range improvement of optical wireless communications using a pulsed modulation PHY (Invited)
M. Hinrichs, C. Schmidt, B. Poddig, J. Hilt, P. Hellwig, D. Schulz, K. L. Bober, J. Schostak, R. Freund, and V. Jungnickel


OWW II (Monday, July 20,12:50-14:50)

LiFi system concepts for the Internet of Things (Invited)
K. L. Bober and V. Jungnickel

An innovative FSO system design with automatic rotation and alignment for small cell backhauls (Invited)
B. Kebapci and M. Uysal

Resource allocation in co-existing optical wireless HetNets (Invited)
O. Z. Alsulami, S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

PyVisComm: A Python module for simulating visible light communication systems (Invited)
F. Simou, L. Dogkas, and T. Kamalakis

Visible light communication challenges in the frame of smart cities (Invited)
V. Georlette, V. Moeyaert, S. Bette, and N. Point

Implementation of VLC within a public lighting network (Invited)
J. Latal, T. Stratil, S. Hejduk, J. Kolar, Z. Wilcek, and F. Sarlej


OWW III (Monday, July 20) (Monday, July 20, 16:20-18:20)

Analysis of the impact of misaligned wireless backhaul links on optical attocell networks (Invited)
Yuhui Wu, M. Pickavet, and D. Colle

Conceptual design for indoor visible light communication and positioning cooperative systems (Invited)
Changyuan Yu, Xiaodi You, Zhongxu Liu, and Jian Chen

Anti-shadowing design of visible light communication and positioning systems with equivalent virtual lamps (Invited)
Jian Chen, Wenqian Sun, Lingfang Ma, and Renzhou Wang

M-ary modulation with chaotic shift keying in visible light communications (Invited)
P. S. André, A. R. Bastos, T. Silvério, and R. A. S. Ferreira

Toward Gbps data rate transmission using nitride based LEDs with modified radiation modes (Invited)
Jian-Jang Huang

A smart user-centric visible light communication system (Invited)
A. Singh, Y. Gupta, A. Bansal, A. Srivastava, V. A. Bohara, and A. K. Jagadeesan


OWW IV (Monday, July 20) (Monday, July 20, 18:40-20:10)

Indoor localization and movement prediction algorithms with light-fidelity
H. Hesham, T. Ismail, and M. S. Darweesh

Massive MIMO For indoor VLC systems
S. H. Younus, A. A. Al-Hameed, M. Alhartomi, and A. T. Hussein

Data centre optical wireless downlink with WDM and multi access point support
O. Z. Alsulami, S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Shared optical wireless cells for in-cabin aircraft links
O. Z. Alsulami, S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Co-channel interference reduction by optimizing field of view angle of angular diversity receiver in VLC systems
M. E. Hosney, H. A. I. Selmy, and K. M. F. Elsayed

Delay adaptation method for relay assisted optical wireless systems
Yu Zeng, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani


5GT I (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:10)

Benefits of static and dynamic orchestration in 5G-driven optical networks (Invited)
A. Lord, A. Rafel, and P. Pavon

Low-latency TDM-PON for 5G fixed-mobile-convergence (Invited)
S. Bidkar

Latency-aware flow allocation in 5G NGFI networks (Invited)
M. Klinkowski and D. Mroziński

Autonomic 5G and beyond network management (Invited)
S. Spadaro, F. Agraz, A. Pagès, and R. Montero

Fronthaul in 5G transport networks: IEEE1914.1 architecture and requirements (Invited)
A. Lometti and V. Sestito


5GT II (Tuesday, July 21, 10:40-12:20)

From IoT to cloud: Applications and performance of the MQTT protocol (Invited)
D. Borsatti, W. Cerroni, F. Tonini, and C. Raffaelli

Experimental assessment of NOMA-CAP waveforms for beyond 5G optical fronthaul applications (Invited)
V. J. Narvaez, S. Sarmiento, J. A. Altabas, D. Izquierdo, A. Martinez, J. Cerda, J. Pinazo, C. Mas-Machuca, I. Garces, J. B. Jensen, A. Lerin, and J. A. Lazaro

DSP optimization for simplified coherent receivers (Invited)
N. J. Muga, R. K. Patel, I. A. Alimi, N. A. Silva, and A. N. Pinto

The role of power-over-fiber in C-RAN fronthauling towards 5G (Invited)
D. S. Montero, J. D. López-Cardona, F. M. A. Al-Zubaidi, I. Pérez, P. C. Lallana, and C. Vázquez

An overview of hardware acceleration techniques for 5G functions (Invited)
J. C. Borromeo, K. Kondepu, and L. Valcarenghi


Quantum Photonics I (Tuesday, July 21, 13:50-15:30)

Silicon-based optical-pump rejection filter for quantum circuits (Invited)
G. Brunetti, M. N. Armenise, and C. Ciminelli

Ghost metrology applications with classical light – the story continues: Ghost polarization communication (Invited)
W. Elsäßer, M. Rosskopf, and T. Mohr

Control of semiconductor laser chaos through quantum chaos (Invited)
O. Hess

Engineering non-classical light in photonic integrated devices with linearly coupled and uncoupled resonators (Invited)
L. Zatti and M. Liscidini

Ge-on-Si single photon avalanche diode detectors with high detection efficiencies in the short-wave infrared (Invited)
R. W. Millar, J. Kirdoda, K. Kuzmenko, P. Vines, Z. M. Greener, F. Thorburn, D. C. S. Dumas, L. Ferre-Llin, M. M. Mirza, G. S. Buller, and D. J. Paul


Quantum Photonics I (Tuesday, July 21, 16:00-17:20)

Designing time and frequency entanglement for generation of high-dimensional photon cluster states (Invited)
M. Chemnitz, B. MacLellan, S. Sciara, P. Roztocki, C. Reimer, M. Islam, L. Romero Cortes, Yanbing Zhang, B. Fisher, S. Loranger, R. Kashyap, A. Cino, Sai T. Chu, B. E. Little, D. J. Moss, L. Caspani, W. J. Munro, J. Azana, M. Kues, and R. Morandotti

On-chip manipulation and detection of single photons in lithium niobate nanophotonic circuits (Invited)
E. Lomonte, F. Lenzini, S. Ferrari, M. Wolff, C. Schuck, and W. Pernice

III-Nitride nanowire based photonics
G. Subramania

Correlating photons using the collective nonlinear response of atoms weakly coupled to an optical mode (Invited)
J. Volz, P. Schneeweiss, A. Rauschenbeutel, A. S. Prasad, J. Hinney, S. Rind, S. Mahmoodian, K. Hammerer, and A. S. Sørensen


OSCto5G (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-10:50)

Security of satellite-based CV-QKD under realistic assumptions (Invited)
Ziwen Pan, and I. B. Djordjevic

LEO satellite constellations to offload optical terrestrial networks in placement of popular content in 5G edge nodes (Invited)
A. Dowhuszko, J. Fraire, M. Shaat, and A. Pérez-Neira

Comparison of different protection schemes in the design of VNF-mapping with VNF resiliency (Invited)
L. Ruiz, R. J. Durán, I. de Miguel, N. Merayo, J. C. Aguado, P. Fernández, R. M. Lorenzo, and E. J. Abril

On the orchestration of integrated satellite components in 5G networks and beyond (Invited)
H. Khalili, P. S. Khodashenas, and S. Siddiqui

5G enabled cooperative localization of connected and semi-autonomous vehicles via sparse Laplacian processing (Invited)
N. Piperigkos, A. S. Lalos, K. Berberidis, C. Laoudias, and K. Moustakas

5G new radio in SatCom: An overview of physical and medium access layer issues (Invited)
H. Saarnisaari and C. Morais de Lima

GNSS location verification in connected and autonomous vehicles using in-vehicle multimodal sensor data fusion (Invited)
N. Souli, C. Laoudias, P. Kolios, C. Vitale, G. Ellinas, A. Lalos, J. Casademont, P. S. Khodashenas, and P. Kapsalas


GOWN (Wednesday, July 22, 11:20-12:35)

NOMA and CoMP for 60 GHz radio-over-fiber fronthaul links (Invited)
C. Lim and A. Nirmalathas

Assessment of on-chip wireless communication networks based on integrated dielectric antennas (Invited)
G. Calò, G. Bellanca, F. Fuschini, M. Barbiroli, V. Tralli, M. Bozzetti, B. Alam, T. Stomeo, J. Nanni, J. Shafiei Dehkordi, and V. Petruzzelli

Radio over fiber based fronthaul for next-generation 5G networks (Invited)
G. Pandey, A. Choudhary, and A. Dixit

The Impact of overhead information on fronthaul signal compression
D. M. Mathe, R. S. Oliveira, and J. C. W. A. Costa


MOON (Wednesday, July 22, 13:50-16:30)

Software-defined WDM optical transport in disaggregated open optical networks (Keynote)
V. Curri

Multi-band and multi-service open optical networks: Applications and perspectives (Invited)
V. Curri

High-speed and ultra-wideband devices for coherent transmission: Challenges and opportunities (Invited)
A. Arnould, A. Ghazisaeidi, H. Mardoyan, P. Brindel, M. Ionescu, and J. Renaudier

Beyond C-band in optical networks (Invited)
N. Sambo, A. Ferrari, A. Napoli, N. Costa, J. Pedro, B. Sommerkorn-Krombholz, P. Castoldi, and V. Curri

Non-linear SNR degradation of mixed 10G/100G transmission over dispersion-managed networks (Invited)
E. Virgillito, S. Straullu, A. Castoldi, R. Pastorelli, and V. Curri

High extinction ratio and low crosstalk C and L-band photonic integrated wavelength selective switching (Invited)
R. Magalhães Gomes Kraemer, F. Nakamura, Yu Wang, H. Tsuda, and N. Calabretta

Machine learning-aided quality of transmission (QoT) estimation (Invited)
Y. Pointurier

Coherent interferometry over telecom networks for time-frequency distribution and geophysical sensing (Invited)
C. Clivati, A. Mura, V. Kuttippurath, F. Levi, and D. Calonico


FiWiN5G (Wednesday, July 22, 16:50-18:30)

The design principles of fibre-wireless integration in the incoming mobile communication networks (Invited)
M. E. Belkin, M. Kamalian-Kopae, and S. K. Turitsyn

VNE2: A virtual network embedding framework based on equivalent bandwidth in fiber-wireless enhanced 5G networks (Invited)
Pengchao Han, Lei Guo, and Yejun Liu

A heuristic approach for the design of UAV-based disaster relief in optical metro networks (Invited)
E. Cardoso, C. Natalino, R. Alfaia, A. Souto, J. Araújo, C. R. L. Francês, L. Chiaraviglio, and P. Monti

Joint spatial and spectral resource optimization over both wireless and optical fronthaul domains of 5G architectures (Invited)
T. D. Lagkas, D. Klonidis, P. Sarigiannidis, and I. Tomkos

End-to-end delay performance of analog fiber wireless architecture for 5G NR fronthaul (Invited)
E. Datsika, J. Vardakas, G. Kalfas, C. Vagionas, A. Mesodiakaki, and C. Verikoukis


RONEXT (Thursday, July 23, 8:30-10:15)

Linear formulation for the design of elastic optical networks with squeezing protection and shared risk link group (Invited)
K. D. R. Assis, R. C. Almeida Jr, H. Waldman, M. J. Reed, B. Jaumard, and D. Simeonidou

Transport network slices with security service level agreements (Invited)
P. Alemany, R. Vilalta, R. Muñoz, R. Casellas, and R. Martínez

Spectral shuffling with phase encoding and dynamic keys applied to transparent optical network signals (Invited)
W. Santos Souza, M. Pereira Nogueira, I. E. Lage Rodrigues, M. de Oliveira Santos, L. H. Bonani, I. Aldaya, and M. L. F. Abbade

Soft failure detection, categorization and localization
K. Mitropoulou, I. Sartzetakis, and E. Varvarigos

Dedicated protection considering physical layer impairments in elastic optical networks
J. Lacerda Jr, A. Fontinele, D. Campelo, and A. Soares

Resilience in optical wireless systems
S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, O. Z. Alsulami, M. T. Alresheedi, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani


GOC (Thursday, July 23, 10:45-12:00)

Transforming digital-to-analog interfaces for cost sensitive optical transport (Invited)
S. Almonacil, F. Boitier, and P. Layec

High-performance versus power-efficient coherent optical interfaces: Spectral efficiency and hardware count comparison (Invited)
J. Pedro, N. Costa, and S. Pato

Energy consumption reduction of the survivable spectrally-spatially flexible optical networks (Invited)
M. Aibin, J. Gotengco, J. Tran, J. Soukchamroeun, C. Vinchoff, and N. Chung

Passive optical and BaseT local area networks power consumption comparative study
R. O. R. Hagstrom, A. C. Drummond, and H. Faria


BigNeO I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-11:40)

Big data processing and artificial intelligence at the network edge (Invited)
J. J. Vegas Olmos, F. Cugini, F. Buining, N. O’ Mahony, T. Truong, L. Liss, T. Oved, Z. Binshtock, and D. Goldenberg

End-to-end KPI analysis in converged fixed-mobile networks (Invited)
M. Ruiz, M. Richart, A. Castro, and L. Velasco

Distributed knowledge management process for collective self-learning in optical networks (Invited)
F. Tabatabaeimehr, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Knowledge management in optical networks (Invited)
L. Velasco, F. Tabatabaeimehr, and M. Ruiz


BigNeO II (Monday, July 20, 12:10-13:30)

Soft-failure localization and time-dependent degradation detection for network diagnosis (Invited)
S. Barzegar, M. Ruiz, and L. Velasco

Monitoring and data analytics-triggered reconfiguration in partially disaggregated optical networks (Invited)
L. Gifre, F. Boitier, C. Delezoide, M. Ruiz, M. Buffa, A. Morea, R. Casellas, L. Velasco, and P. Layec

Performance comparison of operational strategies for media channel provisioning with dynamic margin management (Invited)
J. Pedro, D. Moniz, and J. Pires

On the shortest path problems with edge constraints (Invited)
D. Ferone, P. Festa, and T. Pastore


Flex-ON (Monday, July 20, 15:00-17:15)

Modulation format, core and spectrum assignment in a multicore optical link with and without MIMO receivers (Invited)
C. Rottondi, G. Bosco, A. Carena, and A. Bianco

Study and investigation of SARIMA-based traffic prediction models for the resource allocation in NFV networks with elastic optical interconnection (Invited)
V. Eramo, T. Catena, F.G. Lavacca, and F. Di Giorgio

NFV-enabled optimal spectrum allocation in flex-grid optical networks (Invited)
C. Tipantuñaand and X. Hesselbach

Heuristic routing and spectrum assignment algorithm considering the split spectrum technique (Invited)
C. J. N Lira, D. A. R. Chaves, and R. C. Almeida Jr.

Performance of hitless defragmentation with rerouting for quasi 1+1 protected elastic optical networks (Invited)
E. Oki, T. Sawa, F. He, T. Sato, and B. C. Chatterjee

3R regeneration in elastic optical networks and its impact on the network quality of service (Invited)
D. Bórquez-Paredes, F. Calderón, N. Jara, A. Leiva, A. Lozada, R. Olivares, and G. Saavedra

Transponder placement for dynamic lightpath provisioning in survivable translucent optical networks
K. Walkowiak, R. Goścień, P. Lechowicz, A. Włodarczyk, and M. Klinkowski


NetOrch (Monday, July 20, 17:40-19:00)

SD-WAN: An open-source implementation for enterprise networking services (Invited)
S. Troia, L. M. Moreira Zorello, A. J. Maralit, and G. Maier

Resource allocation for service fulfillment in multi-domain software-defined transport networks (Invited)
H. T. Quang, Q. P. Van, T. H. Thieu, D. Verchere, and D. Zeghlache

Data plane elements for optical performance monitoring agnostic to the modulation format for disaggregated optical networks (Invited)
J. M. Fabrega, F. Locatelli, L. Nadal, K. Christodoulopoulos, M. Svaluto Moreolo, and S. Spadaro

Exploiting telemetry in multi-layer networks (Invited)
A. Sgambelluri, F. Paolucci, A. Giorgetti, D. Scano, and F. Cugini


DCN (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:30)

Practical multiplexing techniques for next-generation data center network (Invited)
S. H. Bae, B. G. Kim, M. S. Kim, and Y. C. Chung

Metro transport network design for reliable service provisioning in edge data-centers (Invited)
A. Eira and J. Pedro

VM placement over WDM-TDM AWGR PON based data centre architecture (Invited)
A. E. A. Eltraify, S. H. Mohamed, and J. M.H. Elmirghani

Experimental demonstration of nonlinearity compensation by using SVM and nonlinear Volterra equalizer for 80 GBd DP-16-QAM transmission (Invited)
R. Weixer, J. Koch, S. Ohlendorf, and S. Pachnicke

Smart optical networks exploiting edge computing and data analytics (Invited)
B. Shariati, P. W. Berenguer, and J. Fischer

Network slicing and workload placement in megacities (Invited)
P. Soumplis, P. Kokkinos, D. Lagos, A. Kretsis, V. Sourlas, and E. Varvarigos


DACINT I (Tuesday, July 21, 11:00-12:40)

Next generation of 1.6-Tbps optical transceiver module for high speed data center and cloud network (Invited)
Chun-Nien Liu, Hsien Wu, Tien-Tsorng Shih, and Wood-Hi Cheng

910 nm single-mode VCSELs and its application for few-mode transmission over graded-index single-mode fibers (Invited)
G. Larisch, A. A. Juarez, Xin Chen, Kangmei Li, D. Bimberg, and Ming-Jun Li

Experimental demonstration of coherent transmission over MMF and of the impact of connectors offset (Invited)
G. Rizzelli, A. Nespola, S. Straullu, G. Giannuzzi, A. Carena, F. Forghieri, and R. Gaudino

A new equalizer structure for high-speed optical links based on carrierless amplitude and phase modulation (Invited)
N. Bamiedakis, Xiaohe Dong, D. G. Cunningham, R. V. Penty, and I. H. White

Photonic transceiver and connectivity evolution: The future at terabit speed (Invited)
M. Svaluto Moreolo, L. Nadal, and J. M. Fabrega


DACINT II (Tuesday, July 21, 14:10-15:30)

Two-fiber self-homodyne transmission for short-reach coherent optical communications (Invited)
G. Rizzelli, A. Nespola, S. Straullu, F. Forghieri, and R. Gaudino

Design and performance of large port count optical switches for intra data center application (Invited)
Ken-ichi Sato

300 Gbps short-reach C-band optical links (Invited)
O. Ozolins, Lu Zhang, A. Udalcovs, H. Louchet, T. Dippon, M. Gruen, Xiaodan Pang, R. Schatz, U. Westergren, Shilin Xiao, S. Popov, and Jiajia Chen

200 Gb/s short reach transmitters based on optical frequency combs (Invited)
S. T. Ahmad, P. D. Lakshmijayasimha, P. M. Anandarajah, and A. Kaszubowska- Anandarajah


PhotoMAN (Tuesday, July 21, 16:00-17:00)

Strategies to scale edge computing throughout the MAN with optical networking technologies (Invited)
G. Otero, D. Larrabeiti López, J. A. Hernández Gutiérrez, J. P. Fernández-Palacios, V. López, M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. M. Fabrega, and L. Nadal

Preliminary assessment of photonic solutions based on C-band VCSELs for multi-Tb/s metro networks (Invited)
P. Parolari, A. Gatto, M. Rapisarda, F. Lipparini, C. Neumeyr, M. Svaluto Moreolo, and P. Boffi

Exploitation of deployed telecommunication fiber infrastructures for sensing applications (Invited)
I. Di Luch, M. Ferrario, G. Rizzelli, R. Gaudino, and P. Boffi


MALOC I (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-9:50)

A survey on machine learning-based solutions to improve lightpath QoT estimation (Invited)
R. Ayassi, A. Triki, M. Laye, N. Crespi, R. Minerva, and C. Catanese

Machine learning assisted abstraction of photonic integrated circuits in fully disaggregated transparent optical networks (Invited)
I. Khan, M. Chalony, E. Ghillino, M. Umar Masood, J. Patel, D. Richards, P. Mena, P. Bardella, A. Carena, and V. Curri

Machine learning based data driven diagnostic and prognostic approach for laser reliability enhancement (Invited)
K. Abdelli, H. Griesser, and S. Pachnicke

Neuromorphic photonics for mitigation of optical nonlinearities in fiber optics communications (Invited)
L. Pavesi


MALOC II (Wednesday, July 22, 10:20-11:30)

A machine-learning-aided scheme for proactive interference monitoring in optical networks using spectrum diagrams only (Invited)
A. Udalcovs, Yuchuan Fan, S. Gutiérrez, R. Mochaourab, S. Sinha, C. Natalino, M. Furdek, A. Djupsjöbacka, J. Mårtensson, S. Popov, and O. Ozolins

Machine learning based inverse system learning (Invited)
T. M. Sá Pinto, U. C. De Moura, A. Napoli, F. Da Ros, and D. Zibar

QoT estimation for light-path provisioning in un-seen optical networks using machine learning
I. Khan, M. Bilal, M. Siddiqui, M. Khan, A. Ahmad, M. Shahzad, V. Curri

Short-term traffic forecasting in optical network using linear discriminant analysis machine learning classifier
D. Szostak, K. Walkowiak, and A. Włodarczyk


CTS I (Wednesday, July 22, 13:00-14:55)

Comparison of suitable infrastructure for different transportation scenarios with focus on cars (Invited)
K. Kastell

Cyber-physical system for autonomous driving vehicle considering with social welfare (Invited)
N. Yamanaka, G. Yamamoto, S. Okamoto, and A. Fumagalli

Computer networking for management information system of unmanned vehicles (Invited)
S. М. Sokolov and A. A. Boguslavsky

Simple pedestrian detection secondary radar using frequency doubling (Invited)
T. Kawanishi, S. Masuda, E. Shigematsu, K. Jitsuno, K. Inagaki, and A. Kanno

2-D optical-CDMA modulation in automotive time-of-flight LIDAR systems (Invited)
Wing C. Kwong, Wei-Yi Lin, Guu-Chang Yang, and I. Glesk


CTS II (Wednesday, July 22, 15:25-17:05)

Multi-radio V2X communications interoperability through a multi-access edge computing (MEC) (Invited)
J. Casademont, B. Cordero, D. Camps-Mur, L. A. Morais da Conceição, C. Laoudias, and A. Lalos

Advisory speed estimation for an improved V2X communications awareness in winding roads (Invited)
J. Aznar-Poveda, E. Egea-López, A.-J. Garcia-Sanchez, and J. Garcia-Haro

Experimental characterization of the transmission properties of large-core graded-index PMMA fibers (Invited)
A. López, N. Villar, A. Losada, E. Laporta, and J. Mateo

Multi-array spherical LIDAR system for drone detection (Invited)
M. Salhi and N. Boudriga

Study of graphene-SOI-based micro-ring resonator for beamforming automotive radars (Invited)
S. Sarmiento, J. A. Lazaro, A. Lopez, M. A. Losada, J. Pinazo, and A. Lerin


WAOR I (Thursday, July 23, 8:30-10:10)

Opportunities for automation in open optical networks: The optical control loop (OCL) (Invited)
D. Di Mola and G. Grammel

Traffic prediction in optical networks using graph convolutional generative adversarial networks (Invited)
C. Vinchoff, N. Chung, T. Gordon, L. Lyford, and M. Aibin

Deep recurrent neural network aided routing, modulation, and spectrum assignment algorithm in elastic optical networks (Invited)
A. Castro

AI/ML techniques for IP traffic estimation in 5G/6G networks (Invited)
S. Gómez-Egea, P. Viroonluecha, M.-V. Bueno-Delgado, and P. Pavón-Mariño

INSPIRING-SNI: Investigating SDN programmability improving optical south- and north-bound interfaces (Invited)
M. Garrich Alabarce, A. Bravalheri, and P. Pavón Mariño


WAOR II (Thursday, July 23, 10:40-11:40)

A link decomposition for the RMSA problem (Invited)
Q. A. Nguyen and B. Jaumard

Performance gains imparted by traffic-awareness in an elastic single link (Invited)
H. Waldman, R. Camelo de Almeida Jr., and R. Campos Bortoletto

Providing confidentiality in optical networks: Metaheuristic techniques for the joint network coding-routing and spectrum allocation problem (Invited)
G. Savva, K. Manousakis, and G. Ellinas


SWP I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-12:00)

Towards a feasible non-Hermitian light management (Invited)
M. Botey, W. W. Ahmed, Y. Wu, R. Herrero, and K. Staliunas

Features of mid-IR Dirac cones revealed by angle-resolved reflection and its selection rule (Invited)
Y. Yao, N. Ikeda, T. Kuroda, T. Mano, H. Koyama, Y. Sugimoto, and K. Sakoda

Investigation of nonlocal hyperbolic metamaterials (Invited)
T. Gric and E. U. Rafailov

Graphene THz metasurfaces with photoinduced modulation (Invited)
A. C. Tasolamprou, A. D. Koulouklidis, C. Daskalaki, C. P. Mavidis, G. Kenanakis, G. Deligeorgis, Z. Viskadourakis, P. Kuzhir, S. Tzortzakis, E. N. Economou, C. M. Soukoulis, and M. Kafesaki

UV laser photo-reduction of graphene oxide and graphene fluoride for the efficient tuning of their nonlinear optical response (Invited)
I. Papadakis, A. Stathis, N. Karampitsos, M. Stavrou, D. Kyrginas, and S. Couris


SWP II (Monday, July 20, 12:30-14:25)

Metasurface lens with artificial focus pattern (Invited)
Ya Sha Yi, Mao Ye, Vishva Ray, and Dachuan Wu

Non-local field effects in nonlinear plasmonic metasurfaces (Invited)
M. J. Huttunen, S. Bin-Alam, O. Reshef, Y. Mamchur, T. Stolt, J.-M. Ménard, K. Dolgaleva, R. W. Boyd, and M. Kauranen

A single layer representation for the field diffracted by several scatterers (Invited)
A. Gourdin, P. Genevet, and D. Felbacq

Physical phenomena in hyperbolic epsilon-near-zero materials (Invited)
I. Nefedov and M. Rubi

Optical metasurfaces based on epsilon-near-zero materials: Towards low power nonlinear optics (Invited)
S. A. Schulz, L. C. Wynne, and A. Di Falco

Experimental and theoretical study of second harmonic generation from an ITO nanolayer
L. Rodríguez-Suné, M. Scalora, A. S. Johnson, C. Cojocaru, N. Akozbek, Z. J. Coppens, D. Perez-Salinas, S. Wall, and J. Trull


SWP III (Monday, July 20, 15:50-17:30)

Harnessing subwavelength nanostructuration to control the propagation of light and sound in silicon waveguides (Invited)
T. T. D. Dinh, J. Zhang, D. Oser, X. Le Roux, M. Montesinos, C. Lafforgue, F. Mazeas, D. Pérez-Galacho, D. Benedikovic, E. Durán-Valdeiglesias, V. Vakarin, O. Ortiz, A. Rodirguez, O. Alibart, P. Cheben, S. Tanzilli, L. Labonté, D. Marris-Morini, E. Cassan, D. Kimura, L. Vivien, and C. Alonso-Ramos

Harmonic generation in the opaque region of semiconductors: The role of the surface and magnetic nonlinearities (Invited)
C. Cojocaru, L. Rodriguez Sune, M. Scalora, and J. Trull

Pushing EM enhancement beyond the sub-wavelength scale: A paradigm based on ultra-slow light (Invited)
S. Foteinopoulou

A simple model for dye based solid-state random lasers (Invited)
J. Fernandez, I. Iparraguirre, J. Azkargorta, S. Garcia-Revilla, and R. Balda

Stabilized bright narrow beams from edge-emitting lasers (Invited)
J. Medina, R. Herrero, M. Botey, and K. Staliunas


SWP IV (Monday, July 20, 18:00-19:40)

Nonlinear parametric processes and random lasing in ensembles of crystalline nanocrystals (Invited)
C. B. de Araújo

Four-wave mixing (FWM) in the optical waveguide with a smectic A liquid crystal (SALC) core layer (Invited)
B. I. Lembrikov, D. Ianetz, and Y. Ben-Ezra

Implications of carbohydrate binding modules of cellulases summarized from visualization (Invited)
Shaomin Yan and Guang Wu

Heterocyclic azo dyes as a new family of photochromic materials (Invited)
B. Derkowska-Zielinska and O. Krupka

Optical properties of advanced gold-based nanowires and exploitation as plasmon mediated remote Raman sensor (Invited)
D. Funes-Hernando, M. Peláez-Fernández, D. Winterauer, J.-Y. Mevellec, R. Arenal, T. Batten, B. Humbert, M. Bayle, and J.-L. Duvail


SWP V (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:25)

A new refractive index sensor based on enhanced surface field of zero-admittance layer in dielectric multi-layers (Invited)
D. Niu, A. L. Lereu, M. Zerrad, A. Moreau, F. Lemarchand, J. Lumeau, V. Aubry, A. Passian, J. A. Zapien, and C. Amra

Can a plasmonic dimer nanoantenna be a spaser? (Invited)
C. R. Simovski

Thermal tuning of resonant gratings using a phase-change material (Invited)
M. F. Kashif, A. D’Orazio, M. Grande, T. Stomeo, M. De Vittorio, M. A. Vincenti, I. Vassalini, I. Alessandri, C. De Angelis, and D. de Ceglia

Plasmonic nanostructures on curved surfaces for fiber-based sensors (Invited)
M. F. Kashif, F. Pisano, A. Balena, M. Pisanello, T. Stomeo, F. Pisanello, M. De Vittorio, A. D’Orazio, and M. Grande

Metabolite identification of helicobacter pylori supernatant using near-IR Raman spectroscopy (Invited)
M. Chauhan, A. Buckley, A. Jha, M. Wilcox, V. Subramaniam, and P. Valdastri


SWP VI (Tuesday, July 21, 10:50-12:30)

Laser-induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) for biomedical and sensing applications (Invited)
J. Heitz, M. Muck, J. Vujovic, W. Baumgartner, A. W. Hassel, S. A. Lone, B. Steinhauser, C. Hrelescu, T. A. Klar, G. Buchberger, A. Weth, and D. Baiko

Biosensing with optical fibres: Past, present and future (Invited)
F. Baldini

A fluorescence-based POCT device for immunosuppressant-drug monitoring in transplanted patients (Invited)
A. Giannetti, F. Baldini, C. Berrettoni, S. Tombelli, C. Trono, G. Porro, R. Bernini, I. A. Grimaldi, G. Testa, G. Persichetti, C. Gärtner, H. Becker, M. Berner, M. Schubert, M. T. O’Connell, D. Carney, G. Orellana, A. B. Descalzo, F. Salis, P. Freitas, P. Luppa, H. Bittersohl, G. Gauglitz, U. Hilbig, and K. Freudenberger

Infrared detectors with natural biological structures (Invited)
D. Grujić, D. Vasiljević, P. Atanasijević, P. Mihajlović, M. Simović-Pavlović, D. Pantelić, and B. Jelenković

Mid-infrared suspended group IV photonics (Invited)
G. Z. Mashanovich, Y. Wu, A. Osman, Z. Qu, A. Sanchez-Postigo, J. Soler-Penades, M. Nezhad, P. Cheben, A. Ortega-Monux, D. Pereira-Martin, I. Molina-Fernandez, R. Halir, J. G. Wanguemert-Perez, and M. Nedeljkovic


SWP VII (Tuesday, July 21, 14:00-15:40)

Fiber enabled optical sensors for biochem detection (Invited)
T. Bond, A. Chang, S. Harrison, B. Bauman, S. Gilmore, K. Heinz, G. Nunzi-Conti, L. Echeveria, and P. Singh

Investigation of bacterial interactions using lab on chips (Invited)
L. Nichele, A. De Ninno, A. Gerardino, F. R. Bertani, D. Visaggio, M. Lucidi, P. Visca, L. Businaro, and G. Cincotti

Advanced optoelectronic devices for neuroscience (Invited)
M. Pisanello, B. Spagnolo, L. Sileo, F. Pisano, A. Balena, F. Pisanello, and M. De Vittorio

Optical fibres for biomedical applications (Invited)
S. Yerolatsitis, H. Wood, K. Ehrlich, A. Kufcsak, K. Dhaliwal, and J. Stone

Polarimetric optical fibre sensing for plasma current measurement in thermonuclear fusion reactors (Invited)
M. Wuilpart, A. Gusarov, W. Leysen, P. Batistoni, P. Moreau, P. Dandu, and P. Mégret


SWP VIII (Tuesday, July 21, 16:10-17:30)

Thin flexible semi-transparent optoelectronic sensors based on inkjet printable ZnO/PEDOT:PSS heterojunction (Invited)
E. Frau, Yipeng Zhang, L. Viau, C. Filiâtre, and S. Schintke

Preparation and study of core shell Fe3O4/Au nanoparticles for traceability of blood vessels and biosensing by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (Invited)
A.-M. Iordache, C. Rizea, C. Giuglea, C. N. Zoita, I. Stamatin, S. M. Iordache, C. R. Stefan (Iordanescu), M. I. Rusu, L. Tortet, A. Tonetto, R. Notonier, and C. E. A. Grigorescu

Theory and experiments in near-field subsurface diagnostics (Invited)
K. P. Gaikovich

Sensibilization of PbS materials by plasma annealing (Invited)
L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, I. Prokhorov, D. Filatov, A. Filatov, A. Gorshkov, A. Kudrin, A. Knyazev, N. Starostin, A. Letnianchik, and V. Vorotyntsev


SWP IX (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-10:10)

New developments in quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensing real-world applications (Invited)
M. Giglio, P. Patimisco, A. Sampaolo, Hongpeng Wu, Lei Dong, F. K. Tittel, and V. Spagnolo

An overview of the recent advances in FBG-assisted phase-sensitive OTDR technique and its applications (Invited)
K. Yuksel, J. Jason, E. B. Kocal, M. Lopez-Amo Sainz, and M. Wuilpart

Polyimide-coated fibre Bragg grating (FBG) sensors for thermal mapping of electric machine windings (Invited)
Kun Shang, M. Galea, V. Brusic, S. Korposh, and Yaping Zhang

Measurements of environmental parameters using FBG systems (Invited)
E. Beres-Pawlik

Effect of the fiber’s core size on a two color pyrometer (Invited)
A. Núñez-Cascajero, A. Tapetado, and C. Vázquez


PAM I (Wednesday, July 22, 10:40-12:20)

Collective resonances of plasmonic metasurfaces as an experimental platform for nonlinear and non-Hermitian physics (Invited)
R. Kolkowski, S. Kovaios, A. Berkhout, S. Roscam Abbing, C. Dieleman, and A. F. Koenderink

Multiple nonlinear optical effects in on-chip periodically-poled lithium niobate microdisks (Invited)
Fang Bo, Li Zhang, Zhenzhong Hao, Guoquan Zhang, and Jingjun Xu

Microcavity-enhanced nonlinear optics (Invited)
Yun-Feng Xiao

Temporal cavity solitons in optical microresonators and fiber resonators (Invited)
Yiqing Xu, Yi Lin, A. Nielsen, I. Hendry, S. Coen, M. Erkintalo, Huilian Ma, and S. G. Murdoch

Multipolar second-harmonic generation from high-Q quasi-BIC states in nanoresonators (Invited)
A. I. Smirnov


PAM II (Wednesday, July 22, 13:50-15:30)

The role of magnetodipole corrections on the spectra of spheroidal whispering gallery mode resonators interacting with nanoparticles (Invited)
L. Deych and Lan Yang

Glass microspheres with add-on structures for optical resonators (Invited)
T. Kishi, T. Kumagai, H. Tang, S. Murai, G. Yuan, F. Prudenzano, and T. Yano

Whispering gallery mode erbium-doped laser: Studies on modal-coupling (Invited)
P. Féron, J.-B. Ceppe, L. Ruel, C. Pareige, and Y. Dumeige

Whispering gallery mode resonators as physical, chemical and biochemical sensors (Invited)
G. Frigenti, D. Farnesi, F. Baldini, S. Berneschi, A. Giannetti, L. Lunelli, L. Pasquardini, M.-Pilar Marco, C. Pederzolli, G. C. Righini, S. Pelli, G. Nunzi Conti, and S. Soria

All-optical photoacoustic sensing with hollow microresonators (Invited)
G. Frigenti, L. Cavigli, F. Ratto, S. Centi, A. Fernandez-Bienes, T. Garcia-Fernandez, S. Pelli, S. Soria, and G. Nunzi Conti


PAM III (Wednesday, July 22, 16:00-17:40)

Recent progress in the development and applications of SNAP technology (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

Recent advances in monolithic nonplanar ring oscillators (Invited)
Guoping Lin and Yaqin Cao

Coupled ring resonators at Fibonacci frequencies (Invited)
C. Ciminelli, G. Brunetti, A. D’Amico, and M. N. Armenise

Non-reciprocity in the multi-mode optomechanical microresonator (Invited)
Chunhua Dong

Resonance modes extremely sensitive to the asymmetry of cavity shape (Invited)
T. Fukushima


PAM IV (Thursday, July 23, 8:30-10:05)

In situ optical study of single plasmonic resonator coupling with two dimensional materials (Invited)
Guowei Lu, Aiqin Hu, Te Wen, Weidong Zhang, Lulu Ye, and Qihuang Gong

Resonant scattering from a non-Hermitian two-dimensional honeycomb PT dipole structure (Invited)
V. Kuzmiak and P. Markos

Edge states in strongly coupled photonic waveguide arrays (Invited)
J. Petráček and V. Kuzmiak

Hybrid micro-ring resonators for enhanced hydrogen sensing (Invited)
R. Petruškevičius, T. Rakickas, S. Matsuura, D. Kezys, A. Balčytis, S. Okazaki, T. Arakawa, Y. Nishijima, and R. Valiokas

Small ammonia gas concentration detection by spherical optical microsphere
D. Zhivotkov, D. Ristić, E. Romanova, and M. Ivanda


ACCESS (Thursday, July 23, 10:25-12:15)

Direct-detection 25 Gb/s PON: PROs and CONs of digital signal processing at the transmitter side (Invited)
M. Tipán, P. Torres, R. Gaudino, D. Dárdenas, and G. V. Arévalo

NOMA-CAP modulation format for next generation converged fronthaul-optical access and data center interconnect networks (Invited)
J. M. Delgado Mendinueta, S. Sarmiento, J. A. Altabás, S. Spadaro, S. Shinada, J. J. Vegas Olmos, J. A. Lázaro, and H. Furukawa

Adaptive multirate FFH-OCDMA networks based on coherent modulation formats (Invited)
A. L. Sanches, M. Abuhelala, T. R. Raddo, J. V. dos Reis Jr, and I. Glesk

Dynamic DU/CU placement for 3-layer C-RANs in optical metro-access networks (Invited)
L. Askari, F. Musumeci, L. Salerno, O. Ayoub, and M. Tornatore

Performance analysis of a hybrid 100G CO-OFDM-CDMA system with 2D signature for LR-PONs
H. Mrabet, F. Bahloul, Yannuo Wen, and E. Giacoumidis

Evaluation of applications latency in server centric passive optical network based data centre architectures
A. E. A. Eltraify, M. O. I. Musa, A. Al-Quzweeni, and J. M. H. Elmirghani


NAON I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-12:00)

Study of the dynamics of spin-polarized vertical cavity surface emitting lasers using largest Lyapunov exponent (Invited)
P. D. Georgiou, D. Alexandropoulos, and C. Skokos

Dynamics of semiconductor Fano lasers (Invited)
Yi Yu, T. S. Rasmussen, K. Yvind, E. Semenova, and J. Mørk

Edge- and surface-emitting lasers applying TM mode confined at the distributed Bragg reflector-air interface (Invited)
N. N. Ledentsov, V. A. Shchukin, V. P. Kalosha, N. Ledentsov, Jr., and L. Chorchos

Short pulse generation from optically and electrically pumped VECSELs (Invited)
E. U. Rafailov

High spectral efficiency (SE) analogous optical link (AOL) with a quantum dot (QD) laser operating in the excited state (ES) (Invited)
Y. Ben Ezra and B.I. Lembrikov


NAON II (Monday, July 20, 12:30-13:50)

Nonlinear dynamics of optical frequency combs generated by gain-switched semiconductor lasers subject to optical injection (Invited)
A. Quirce, A. Rosado, J. Díez, A. Pérez-Serrano, J. M. G. Tijero, A. Valle, L. Pesquera, and I. Esquivias

Enhanced optical frequency comb generation using a gain switched self-seeding passive feedback laser (Invited)
M. N. Hammad, E P. Martin, A. Kaszubowska-Anandarajah, P. Landais, and P. M. Anandarajah

An overview of ultra-thin films in nanophotonics and their applicability (Invited)
R. Malureanu, J. Sukham, S. Köse, O. Takayama, and A. Lavrinenko

Distributed feedback lasers for quantum cooling applications (Invited)
S. Watson, S. Gwyn, E. Di Gaetano, E. McBrearty, T. J. Slight, M. Knapp, S. Stanczyk, S. Grzanka, A. Yadav, K. E. Docherty, E. Rafailov, P. Perlin, S. Najda, M. Leszczynski, M. Haji, M. Sorel, D. J. Paul, and A. E. Kelly


NAON III (Monday, July 20, 15:20-16:55)

Electrodynamics of conductive oxides: Intensity-dependent anisotropy, reconstruction of the effective dielectric constant, and harmonic generation (Invited)
M. Scalora, J. Trull, M. A. Vincenti, D. de Ceglia, Z. Coppens, N. Akozbek, L. Rodriguez Sune, and C. Cojocaru

Optical tunneling at frustrated total internal reflection: Revisited with the wavelength-scale analysis by the method of single expression (Invited)
H. V. Baghdasaryan, T. M. Knyazyan, T. T. Hovhannisyan, G. R. Mardoyan, and M. Marciniak

Waveguide arrays and optical analogies (Invited)
A. Quandt, C. Pelwan, and R. Warmbier

Giant bowing of the bandgap and spin-orbit splitting in GaP1-xBix dilute bismide alloys (Invited)
Z. L. Bushell, C. A. Broderick, L. Nattermann, R. Joseph, J. L. Keddie, J. M. Rorison, K. Volz, and S. J. Sweeney

Comparison of photonic nanojets produced by dielectric prism and cylinder
V. D. Zaitsev and S. S. Stafeev


PICAW I (Monday, July 20, 17:20-19:20)

Boosting third order nonlinear effects in silicon photonics (Invited)
E. Cassan, Jianhao Zhang, V. Pelgrin, C. Lafforgue, X. Le Roux, C. Alonso-Ramos, and L. Vivien

SiN nanophotonics for lasers (Invited)
L. O’Faolain

Low temperature SiN waveguides optimization for photonic platform (Invited)
E. Kempf, M. Calvo, F. Domengie, S. Monfray, P. Charette, and R. Orobtchouk

Optical beam shaping through SiN-based waveguide arrays towards WSS front-ends (Invited)
G. Patsamanis, T. Alexoudi, D. Chatzitheocharis, K. Vyrsokinos, and D. Ketzaki

Functional materials enabling integration of active modulation on silicon nitride platform (Invited)
A. Taute, L. Berguiga, S. Monfray, X. Letartre, and S. Cueff

Influence of multilayer design and post-deposition processing on effective photonic properties of silicon/silicon nitride multilayer structures (Invited)
J. Müllerová, P. Šutta, P. Calta, R. Medlín, and M. Netrvalová


PICAW II (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:10)

Towards all-integrated mid-infrared light sources (Invited)
A. Fuerbach, G. Bharathan, S. Rehman, L. Xu, and T. Fernandez

Applications of subwavelength silicon photonics for light coupling, spectral filters and optical nanoantennas (Invited)
J. H. Schmid, P. Cheben, D. Melati, D.-X. Xu, S. Janz, J. Lapointe, M. Kamandar Dezfouli, R. Cheriton, Y. Grinberg, S. Wang, M. Vachon, R. Halir, A. Ortega-Moñux, G. Wangüemert-Pérez, I. Molina-Fernández, A. Sánchez-Postigo, D. Pereira-Martín, P. Ginel Moreno, and Jiří Čtyroký

High power 1.5 µm pulsed semiconductor laser design with a bulk active layer and an asymmetric waveguide (Invited)
B. S. Ryvkin, E. A. Avrutin, and J. T. Kostamovaara

Progress in interband cascade lasers: From edge emitting lasers to VCSELs (Invited)
S. Calvez, O. Stepanenko, D. A. Diaz Thomas,T. Batte, M. Bahriz, C. Paranthoen, E. Tournie, C. Levallois, A. Baranov, G. Almuneau, and L. Cerutti

Heterogeneous III-V lasers on silicon: Fundamentals and applications (Invited)
J. M. Ramirez, P. Fanneau, C. Besancon, H. Elfaiki, T. Verolet, D. Neel, N. Vaissiere, S. Malhouitre, V. Muffato, C Jany, A. Shen, C. Caillaud, J. Decobert, D. Bitauld, and K. Hassan


PICAW III (Tuesday, July 21, 10:40-12:35)

Glass integrated photonic platform: Passive, active and hybrid devices for telecommunications and sensors (Invited)
J.-E. Broquin, E. Ghibaudo, D. Bucci, A. Morand, J. Poette, and L. Bastard

Metamaterial-inspired integrated photonics (Invited)
P. Cheben, J. Schmid, R. Halir, A. Ortega-Moñux, A. Sánchez-Postigo, J. G. Wanguemert-Pérez, I. Molina-Fernández, D. González-Andrade, J. Čtyroký, A. V. Velasco, A. Herrero-Bermello, J. M. Luque-González, D. Pereira-Martín, A. Hadij Elhouati, P. Ginel Moreno, D. Benedikovic, C. Alonso-Ramos, L. Vivien, J. Lapointe, S. Janz, D.-X. Xu, D. Melati, W. Ye, Y. Grinberg, S. Wang, M. Vachon, M. Kamandar Dezfouli, R. Cheriton, M. Dado, J. Mullerova, and J. Litvik

Ge-on-Si mid-infrared waveguide platform for molecular fingerprint sensing (Invited)
K. Gallacher, R. W. Millar, U. Griskeviciute, M. Sinclair, M. Sorel, L. Baldassarre, M. Ortolani, R. Soref, and D. J. Paul

Infrared-sensor based on chalcogenide waveguide for detecting water pollution (Invited)
M. Baillieul, E. Baudet, A. J. Gutierrez-Arrovo, E. Rinnert, P. Nemec, J. Charrier, L. Bodiou, J. Lemaitre, F. Colas, K. Boukerma, C. Boussard-Pledel, B. Bureau, K. Michel, and V. Nazabal

Silicon meet graphene for a new family of near-infrared resonant cavity enhanced photodetectors (Invited)
M. Casalino, T. Crisci, L. Moretti, M. Gioffrè, M. Iodice, G. Coppola, P. Maccagnani, R. Rizzoli, F. Bonafè, C. Summonte, and V. Morandi

A new approach for refractive index sensing using hybrid plasmonic waveguides
H. A. Okda and H. Shalaby


PICAW IV (Tuesday, July 21, 14:00-15:50)

Disruptive impact of digitalisation on optical technologies (Invited)
R. Caspary

Photonic Integrated Circuits, from small batches to volumes (Invited)
S. Latkowski, D. Pustakhod, M. Chatzimichailidis, X. Leijtens, and K. Williams

800G over 1000 km enabled by real-time DSP ASIC employing probabilistic shaping and digital sub-carrier multiplexing (Invited)
Han Sun, M. Torbatian, M. Karimi, R. Maher, S. Thomson, M. Tehrani, Yuliang Gao, A. Kumpera, G. Soliman, A. Kakkar, M. Osman, Z. A. El-Sahn, C. Doggart, Weikun Hou, S. Sutarwala, Yuejian Wu, M. R. Chitgarha, V. Lal, Huan-Shang Tsai, S. Corzine, Jiaming Zhang, J. Osenbach, S. Buggaveeti, Z. Morbi, M. Iglesias Olmedo, I. Leung, Xian Xu, P. Samra, V. Dominic, S. Sanders, M. Ziari, A. Napoli, B. Spinnler, Kuang-Tsan Wu, and P. Kandappan

Multiple I/Os waveguide-based frontend design for beam steering operation (Invited)
D. Ketzaki, G. Patsamanis, K. Vyrsokinos, and T. Alexoudi

An overview of integrated photonic devices for energy efficient transmitters used in optical interconnects (Invited)
K. Jamshidi, S. Sabouri, S. Dev, M. Catuneanu, and L. A. Mendoza Velasco


PICAW V (Tuesday, July 21, 16:10-18:05)

Doubly resonant GaN photonic crystal cavity for second harmonic generation (Invited)
Jun Wang, M. Clementi, M. Minkov, J.-F. Carlin, A. Barone, M. Galli, D. Gerace, N. Grandjean, and R. Houdré

Fabrication of a new AlGaN/GaN-based multi-layered waveguide structure for modal phase matching (Invited)
R. Tomašiūnas, M. Kolenda, D. Kezys, I. Reklaitis, A. Kadys, T. Grinys, T. Malinauskas, and R. Petruškevičius

Novel photonic integrated circuits for optical datacom and telecom networks (Invited)
M. Mamun, S. Mukit, B. Pan, X. Xuwei, K. Prifti, S. Cardarelli, and N. Calabretta

Micro-structured thin-film optical elements for spectral filtering (Invited)
D. Belharet, L. Robert, F. Lemarquis, A. Moreau, T. Begou, and J. Lumeau

High performance silicon optical modulators (Invited)
D. J. Thomson, W. Zhang, K. Debnath, B. Chen, K. Li, S. Liu, M. Ebert, J. D. Reynolds, A. Z. Khokhar, C. Littlejohns, J. Byers, M. K. Husain, F. Y. Gardes, S. Saito, and G. T. Reed

SOI Refractive index sensor based on tilted Bragg gratings mode conversion
E. A. Elzahaby, A. M. R. F. Elbab, and H. Shalaby


PICAW VI (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-10:10)

Light intensity distributions in Bragg gratings and distributed-feedback resonators (Invited)
J. Yeung and M. Pollnau

Retroreflection by cavity-resonator-integrated guided-mode resonance mirror (Invited)
K. Kintaka, T. Kusuura, J. Inoue, and S. Ura

Sagnac reflector based broadband tunable integrated mirror (Invited)
J. Fernandez, D. Domenech, L. Bru, D. Pastor, and P. Muñoz

Role of self-absorption in the photoluminescence waveguided along CsPbBr3 perovskite nanocrystals thin films (Invited)
J. Navarro-Arenas, A. F. Gualdrón-Reyes, V. S. Chirvony, I. Mora-Seró, J. Martínez-Pastor, and I. Suárez

Low voltage silicon photonic modulators and switches for high radix integrated transmitters (Invited)
A. Brimont, A. Zanzi, C. Vagionas, M. Moralis Pegios, K. Vyrsokinos, N. Pleros, J. Kraft, V. Sidorov, B. Sirbu, T. Tekin, and P. Sanchis


Quantum Communications I (Wednesday, July 22, 10:40-12:40)

Secure, global quantum communications networks (Invited)
I. B. Djordjevic

Field trials of quantum key distribution in fiber links (Invited)
D. Bacco, I. Vagniluca, and A. Zavatta

Correcting polarization degradation in free-space QKD systems (Invited)
P. Arteaga-Díaz, M. Parra-Serrano, N. Denisenko, and V. Fernandez

A components based framework for quantum key distribution networks (Invited)
V. Martin, D. Lopez, A. Aguado, J. Brito, V. Lopez, M. Peev

Quantum abstraction interface: Facilitating integration of QKD devices in SDN networks (Invited)
R. B. Mendez, J. P. Brito, R. J. Vicente, A. Aguado, A. Pastor, D. Lopez, V. Martin, and V. Lopez

Toward industry-ready, high-speed quantum random number generators (Invited)
J. Martinez, F. Martin, C. Abellan, and D. Tulli


Quantum Communications II (Wednesday, July 22, 14:10-16:10)

Quantum communication with orbital angular momentum (Invited)
D. Bacco, D. Cozzolino, B. Da Lio, Yunhong Ding, K. Rottwitt, and L. K. Oxenløwe

Phase stabilization in quantum-optical fingerprinting with coherent signals (Invited)
M. Lipka, M. Jarzyna, M. Jachura, and K. Banaszek

Precise noise calibration for CV-QKD (Invited)
H. H. Brunner, S. Bettelli, Chi-Hang Fred Fung, and M. Peev

Practical Imperfections affecting the performance of CV-QKD based on coherent detection (Invited)
N. A. Silva, D. Pereira, N. J. Muga, and A. N. Pinto

Feasibility of higher key rate continuous variable quantum key distribution with multimode signals (Invited)
R. Kumar and T. Spiller

Secure key generation and distribution using polarization dynamics in fiber (Invited)
Xuelin Yang, A. A. E. Hajomer, Liuming Zhang, and Weisheng Hu


Quantum Communications III (Wednesday, July 22, 16:40-18:20)

Quantum entanglement and teleportation based on silicon photonics (Invited)
Yunhong Ding, D. Llewellyn, I. I. Faruque, D. Bacco, K. Rottwitt, M. G. Thompson, Jianwei Wang, and L. K. Oxenløwe

Hybrid entanglement between time-bin and wave-like encoding (Invited)
É. Gouzien, F. Brunel, J. Etesse, S. Tanzilli, and V. D’Auria (Invited)

The practicality of memory-based quantum communications systems (Invited)
G. Currás Lorenzo, Yumang Jing, S. Sahu, and M. Razavi

Theoretical aspects of quantum temporal imaging (Invited)
G. Patera, D. B. Horoshko, J. Shi, and M. I. Kolobov

A quantum based approach to secure multiparty computation (Invited)
A. N. Pinto and Z. Rahmani


OptSoft (Thursday, July 23, 8:30-10:10)

Study on softwarization and wavelength allocation management in EPON networks (Invited)
H. Khalili and P. S. Khodashenas

An experimental SDN proposal over legacy GPONs to allow real-time service and residential network reconfiguration (Invited)
N. Merayo, D. de Pintos, J. C. Aguado, R. J. Durán, I. de Miguel, P. Fernández, R. M. Lorenzo, and E. J. Abril

Dynamic slice provisioning with backup resource sharing in 5G network (Invited)
F. Tonini, E. Amato, C. Raffaelli, and P. Monti

Leveraging SDN-based management for improved traffic scheduling in PONs (Invited)
M. Zehri, A. Haastrup, D. Rincón, J. R. Piney, S. Sallent, and A. Bazzi

Practical design of a coherent ultra-dense WDM-PON with paired DFB lasers (Invited)
J. Segarra, V. Sales, V. Polo, and J. Prat


D-Photon (Thursday, July 23, 10:40-12:00)

Flexible photonics: Where are we now? (Invited)
G. C. Righini, A. Szczurek, J. Krzak, A. Lukowiak, M. Ferrari, S. Varas, and A. Chiasera

Tunable filters for visible light based on resonant VO2 planar thin films (Invited)
D. de Ceglia, M. Grande, A. Vincenti, C. Baratto, and C. De Angelis

Agri-photonics in precision agriculture (Invited)
A. Massaro, N. Savino, and A. Galiano

Chalcogenide fibre-based platform for the mid-IR evanescent wave spectroscopy of liquids (Invited)
E. Romanova


MOF I (Monday, July 20, 10:20-12:00)

Meta-optical fiber enabled by metasurfaces and epsilon-near-zero materials (Invited)
H. Lee

Soft glass microstructured optical fibers – Development and applications (Invited)
R. Kasztelanic, A. Filipkowski, D. Pysz, and R. Buczyński

Double-clad active MOF and shaped optical fibers for fiber lasers and amplifiers (Invited)
O. Podrazký, A. Jasim, P. Peterka, M. Kamrádek, J. Aubrecht, I. Kašík, and P. Honzátko

Multimaterial and flexible devices made by fiber drawing (Invited)
A. Stefani, B. T. Kuhlmey, M. C. J. Large, J. G. Hayashi, S. Farajikhah, I. D. Rukhlenko, A. F. Runge, and S. C. Fleming

Advanced Lab on Fiber optrodes based on smart materials (Invited)
A. Ricciardi, M. Giaquinto, A. Aliberti, A. Micco, F. Gambino, M. Ruvo, and A. Cusano



MOF II (Monday, July 20, 12:30-14:10)

25 years of photonics crystal fibers: Past, present, and future (Invited)
G. Genty

Modal solution and machine learning: A predictive approach to characterise the photonic crystal fibre (Invited)
S. Chugh, S. Ghosh, and B. M. A. Rahman

Hollow-core fibers with specific modal operation and low loss in the short wavelength range (Invited)
J. H. Osório, F. Amrani, F. Delahaye, F. Giovanardi, L. Vincetti, B. Debord, F. Gérôme, and F. Benabid

Active hollow core photonics using composite material ARF waveguides (Invited)
P. J. A. Sazio, A. H. Lewis, F. De Lucia, Chungche Huang, J. R. Hayes, F. Poletti, D. Hewak, and W. Belardi

Hollow-core microstructured optical fibers assisted spectroscopy of gases in the near- and mid-infrared (Invited)
P. Jaworski, K. Krzempek, G. Dudzik, P. Kozioł, P. Bojęś, Fei Yu, Dakun Wu, Meisong Liao, K. Abramski, P. J. Sazio, and W. Belardi


MOF III (Monday, July 20, 15:40-17:20)

Enhanced second-harmonic generation in periodically poled fibers functionalized with intrinsically nonlinear materials (Invited)
F. De Lucia, N. Englebert, A. H. Lewis, R. H. S. Bannerman, M. M. A. Nunez Velazquez, Chung-C. Huang, J. C. Gates, S.-P. Gorza, J. Sahu, F. Leo, D. Hewak, and P. J. A. Sazio

Nonlinear propagation in higher-order modes of microstructured optical fibers (Invited)
J. Laegsgaard

Microstructured optical fibre for quantum network interconnects (Invited)
T. A. Wright, C. Parry, P. B. Main, and P. J. Mosley

Nonlinear processing with chalcogenide fibers (Invited)
M. Rochette

Raman-free fibered photon pair sources (Invited)
I. Zaquine


MOF IV (Monday, July 20, 17:50-19:30)

Enhancing optical fiber-based sensors with micro-structured optical fibers (Invited)
F. Berghmans

High sensitivity gas detection with microstructured optical fibers (Invited)
Wei Jin, Haihong Bao, Pengcheng Zhao, Yun Qi, and Hoi Lut Ho

Thermally insensitive optical fibres and their applications (Invited)
E. Numkam Fokoua

Optical fibres for healthcare (Invited)
J. M. Stone

Towards full-color cell imaging through microstructured optical fiber with disorder (Invited)
Xiaowen Hu, Jian Zhao, Shengli Fan, J. E. Antonio-Lopez, R. A. Correa, and A. Schülzgen


MOF V (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:10)

Phenomena induced by photoionisation in gas-filled hollow-core photonic crystal fibres (Invited)
F. Tani, J. R. Koehler, M. I. Suresh, D. Schade, F. Köttig, and P. St. J. Russell

3D printing of chalcogenide glasses for the elaboration of chalcogenide microstructured optical fibers (Invited)
J. Carcreff, F. Cheviré, E. Galdo, R. Lebullenger, A. Gautier, J.-L. Adam, L. Brilland, G. Renversez, D. Le Coq, and J. Troles

Silica-based optical fibers for the mid-infrared (Invited)
W. Belardi, M. Kudinova, R. Habert, K. Baudelle, A. Cassez, A. Pastre, O. Vanvincq, G. Bouwmans, and L. Bigot

Non-idealities in hollow core inhibited coupling fibers (Invited)
F. Melli, F. Giovanardi, L. Rosa, and L. Vincetti

Flexible high peak power beam delivery: Practical considerations (Invited)
R. Carter


MOF VI (Tuesday, July 21, 10:40-12:00)

Hollow core optical fibre interconnection and devices (Invited)
K. Harrington

Extruded antiresonant hollow core fibers for mid-IR laser delivery (Invited)
J. G. Hayashi, A. Ventura, J. Cimek, F. B. Slimen, N. White, H. Sakr, G. T. Jasion, N. V. Wheeler, and F. Poletti

Vortex supported waveguiding in microstructured optical fibers (Invited)
A. Pryamikov and G. K. Alagashev

Revolver hollow-core optical fibers as a medium for transportation and nonlinear conversion of ultrashort pulses (Invited)
A. Kosolapov


MOF VII (Tuesday, July 21, 13:30-15:05)

Optofluidic hollow-core fibres as Raman sensors for Li-ion battery chemistry (Invited)
E. Miele, W. M. Dose, M. H. Frosz, P. S. J. Russell, C. P. Grey, J. J. Baumberg, and T. G. Euser

Whispering gallery mode spectroscopy applied to non-invasive characterization of hollow-core fibres (Invited)
M. H. Frosz, H. Suleman, P. S .J. Russell

Temperature compensated optofluidic biosensor using microstructured optical fibers (Invited)
Ran Gao and Xiangjun Xin

Hollow-core antiresonant fibers – Exploring and enhancing the potential in biochemical detection applications
H. I. Stawska and M. A. Popenda (Invited)

Hollow core waveguides made of polycrystalline materials
L. N. Butvina, A. D. Pryamikov, and A. G. Okhrimchuk


Novel Glasses I (Tuesday, July 21, 15:35-17:15)

Bright mid-infrared (MIR) photoluminescence sources and their application in imaging and sensing (Invited)
D. Furniss, Boyu Xiao, A. B. Seddon, S. Sujecki, L. Sojka, Zhuoqi Tang, D. Jayasuriya, D. Mabwa, J. Nunes, R. Crane, S. Phang, E. Bereś‑Pawlik, M. Farries, and T. Benson

Chalcogenide glass fibers for analytical mid-IR spectroscopy of oil products and environmental objects (Invited)
V. Shiryaev, E. Karaksina, T. Kotereva, A. Velmuzhov, B. Stepanov, and E. Boyko

RE3+-ion-doped and undoped 2D-MoS2 thin films for optoelectronic and photonic device applications (Invited)
J. R. Aswin, I. Arel, K. V. Adarsh, C. Maddi, A. J. Scott, and A. Jha

Coupling waveguide-based probes and spectral multivariate analysis to detect liquids and biomolecules (Invited)
B. Robert, A. T. Bendiad, R. Escalier, D. Heran, C. Vigreux, and R. Bendoula

High concentration Yb-Er co-doped multi-component phosphate glasses for compact eye-safe optical amplifiers (Invited)
D. Pugliese, N. G. Boetti, D. Milanese, and D. Janner


Novel Glasses II (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-9:50)

Glass photonics: Advancements and perspectives (Invited)
A. Chiasera, A. Szczurek, K. Startek, O. Sayginer, L. T. N. Tran, M. Bollani, S. Varas, A. Carpentiero, C. Armellini, A. Chiappini, L. Zur, W. Blanc, B. Boulard, P. Głuchowski, D. Zonta, O. Bursi, J. Krzak, A. Lukowiak, G. C. Righini, and M. Ferrari

Impact of Fe2O3 addition on the crystallization of Er3+ doped fluorophosphate glasses (Invited)
I. Dmitrieva, W. Blanc, and L. Petit

Synthesis and properties of Er-doped KPO3-Ca(PO3)2 glass and glass-ceramic (Invited)
V. Lahti, A. Veber, and L. Petit

KLaF4:Nd3+ emission in transparent glass-ceramics (Invited)
R. Balda, S. Babu, A. A. Cabral, M. Sedano, D. Galusek, A. Durán, M. J. Pascual, and J. Fernández


Novel Glasses III (Wednesday, July 22, 10:20-11:40)

Direct laser writing of low loss mid-infrared waveguides and splitters (Invited)
P. Masselin, J. Carcreff, P. Kulinski, J. Trolès, E. Bychkov, and D. Le Coq

Deposition of phase change materials via radio-frequency co-sputtering (Invited)
M. Bouška, T. Halenkovič, V. Nazabal, J. Gutwirth, S. Normani, and P. Němec

Third-order optical nonlinearity of chalcogenide glasses within gallium-tin-selenium ternary system (Invited)
Feifei Chen, Jiao Zhang, C. Cassagne, and G. Boudebs

Micro- nano-structuring particles in optical fibers through the fiber drawing, experimental and numerical study (Invited)
M. Vermillac, Z. Lu, H. Digonnet, F. Pigeonneau, L. Rocha da Silva, W. Blanc


Fiber Lasers I (Wednesday, July 22, 13:10-15:10)

Real time measurements of spectral instabilities in ultrafast fibre laser systems (Invited)
C. Lapre, F. Meng, C. Billet, P.-A. Lacourt, T. Sylvestre, C. Finot, P. Ryczkowski, G. Genty, and J. M. Dudley

Real-time characterization of ultra-long harmonically mode-locked femtosecond fibre lasers (Invited)
J. D. Ania-Castañón, F. Gallazzi, J. Nuño, C. Pulido, I. Cáceres-Pablo, and P. Corredera

Multi-state solitons in multi-wavelength Er-doped fiber laser (Invited)
A. Nady, M. Kemel, G. Semaan, M. Salhi, and F. Sanchez

Ultrafast fiber lasers in multiphoton science (Invited)
P. Pérez-Millán, S. Torres-Peiró, H. Muñoz-Marco, and A. Almagro-Ruiz

Polarization dynamics of mode-locked fiber laser (Invited)
S. V. Sergeyev, H. Kbashi, and V. Sharma

Polarization dynamics of coupled Raman lasers (Invited)
S. Kolpakov, S. V. Sergeyev, A. Udalcovs, X. Pang, O. Ozolins, R. Schatz, and S. Popov


Fiber Lasers II (Wednesday, July 22, 15:40-17:40)

Power scaling of diffraction-limited, narrow-linewidth fiber lasers to beyond 10 kW (Invited)
P. Dragic, N. Yu, G. Pan, B. Meehan, M. Tuggle, M. Cavillon, T. Hawkins, and J. Ballato

Mid-infrared Er3+:ZBLAN waveguide using ZBLAN glass extrusion, femto-second inscription and dual-wavelength pumping for the generation of 3.5 µm lasing (Invited)
O. Henderson-Sapir, S. Oladipupo Fashola, N. Bawden, A. Dowler, A. Ng, D. J. Ottaway, A. Fuerbach, and H. Ebendorff-Heidepriem

600 nm-wide band ASE optical source exploiting a Tm:Er:Yb:Ho co-doped germanate fiber (Invited)
M. C. Falconi, A. M. Loconsole, V. Portosi, S. Taccheo, and F. Prudenzano

Striking nonlinear dynamics of mode-locked fibre lasers (Invited)
Junsong Peng, S. Boscolo, Zihan Zhao, and Heping Zheng

Fluoride fibre lasers operating at wavelengths near 3 micrometres (Invited)
L. Sojka, L. Pajewski, S. Sujecki, T. M. Benson, A. B. Seddon, S. Lamrini, S. Lamrini, and K. Scholle

Nanocrystalline ceramic luminophores for short- and mid-infrared (Invited)
J. Mrázek, P. Vařák, J. Aubrecht, S. Vytykáčová, Y. Baravets, and I. Kašík


NOA I (Thursday, July 23, 8:30-10:10)

Impact and mitigation of polarization- or mode-dependent amplifier gain in ultra-long-haul systems (Invited)
H. Srinivas, E. Chou, D. A. A. Mello, K. Choutagunta, and J. M. Kahn

Polarisation-insensitive fibre optic parametric amplifiers for modern communication networks (Invited)
V. Gordienko and N. Doran

Flat power response in a polarization-maintaining coupler based nonlinear-optical loop mirror (PMC-NOLM) (Invited)
Feng Wen, Long Shao, Biao Guo, Baojian Wu, Feng Yang, and Kun Qiu

Progress on ultra-compact on-chip rare-earth-doped amplifiers (Invited)
J. Bradley

Investigating the creation of a surrogate model for adaptive control of amplifier operating point using machine learning (Invited)
C. J. A. Bastos-Filho, L. M. de Freitas, E. de A. Barboza, and J. F. Martins-Filho


NOA II (Thursday, July 23, 10:40-12:00)

Fiber-chip coupling of SOAs (Invited)
L. H. Spiekman

Intermodal Raman scattering between orbital angular momentum modes in optical fibers (Invited)
K. Rottwitt, A. Arduin, G. Finco, N. M. Mathew, L. Grüner-Nielsen, and L. Rishøj

High capacity wideband discrete Raman amplifiers: Progress, challenges, and future prospects (Invited)
L. Krzczanowicz, M. A. Iqbal, I. D. Phillips, P. Harper, and W. Forysiak

Ultra-wideband Raman amplifiers for high capacity fibre-optic transmission systems (Invited)
M. A. Iqbal, L. Krzczanowicz, I. D. Phillips, P. Harper, A. Lord, and W. Forysiak


LFSRS I (Tuesday, July 21, 8:30-10:10)

Recent progress in metamaterials-based imaging (Invited)
Junsuk Rho

Optical sensors using ultrahigh-quality microresonators (Invited)
L. Poffo, L. Ruel, C. Pareige, Y. Dumeige, M. Mortier, and P. Feron

Using chalcogenide thin films for super-resolution nano fabrication (Invited)
K. Iliopoulos, R.-N. Verrone, C. Moisset, J. Lumeau, and J. Y. Natoli

Label free optical imaging beyond resolution limit of the imaging system (Invited)
S. Alexandrov, N. Das, and M. Leahy

How a simple microsphere offers a non-resonant subwavelength resolution (Invited)
C. R. Simovski and R. Heydarian


LFSRS II (Tuesday, July 21, 10:40-12:00)

Fast tissue investigation using label-free point- and angle-scanning widefield multiphoton microscopies (Invited)
M. J. Huttunen and A. Kiviniemi

Phase compensation in diffraction-limited microsphere-assisted 3D microscopy (Invited)
S. Lecler, S. Perrin, R. Boudoukha, A. Guessoum, N.E. Demagh, and P. Montgomery

Calcium imaging in ex vivo rat retinas for new generation retinal prostheses (Invited)
M. Cunquero, M. Marsal, S. T. Walston, J.-G. Macías-Montero, M. Chmeissani, J. A. Garrido, D. Merino, and P. Loza-Álvarez

Luminescence lifetime imaging for cell metabolism and oxygen sensing (Invited)
S. Kalinina, I. S. Kritchenkov, S. P. Tunik, and A. Rueck


LFSRS III (Tuesday, July 21, 13:20-14:50)

Slot ARROW waveguide: A new platform for optical sensing (Invited)
R. Orobtchouk, P. Rojo-Romeo, and A. Belarouci

Real-time and sensitive detection of hydrogen peroxide using whispering gallery mode lasing (Invited)
Rui Duan, Xiaolei Hao, Yichen He, and Hanyang Li

Silicon photonic label free biosensors with coherent readout (Invited)
J. Leuermann, A. Fernández-Gavela, R. Halir, A. Ortega-Moñux, J. G. Wangüemert-Pérez, L. M. Lechuga, and I. Molina-Fernández

Stem cell tracking in vivo (Invited)
M. J. Leahy


OMT (Tuesday, July 21, 15:20-17:00)

Mapping thermal effects in thin films using Z-scan based technique (Invited)
O. Ba, M. Chis, C. Cassagne, and G. Boudebs

Adaptive-optics polarization-sensitive second harmonic generation microscopy (Invited)
J. M. Bueno, F. J. Ávila, R. M. Martínez-Ojeda, and P. Artal

Towards standards for light scattering studies of protein stability and nanoparticle-protein interactions (Invited)
E. Frau and S. Schintke

Depth-resolved optical monitoring of neural activity in freely moving animals (Invited)
F. Pisano, M. Pisanello, S. J. Lee, J. Lee, E. Maglie, A. Balena, L. Sileo, B. Spagnolo, M. Bianco, M. Hyun, B. L. Sabatini , M. De Vittorio and F. Pisanello

Adipocyte differentiation investigated by stimulated Raman microscopy based on femtosecond laser sources (Invited)
M. A. Ferrara, A. Filograna, R. Ranjan, C. Valente, and L. Sirleto


PNPA I (Wednesday, July 22, 8:30-10:10)

Practical quantum photonics with integrated cavities and standard telecommunications components (Keynote)
Roztocki, S. Sciara, B. Fischer, B. MacLellan, L. Romero Cortés, W. J. Munro, D. J. Moss, L. Caspani, C. Reimer, J. Azaña, M. Kues, and R. Morandotti

Nonlinear dynamics in optics fibers: From real-time measurements to machine learning (Invited)
G. Genty

Nonlinear propagation in fibers for space division multiplexed transmission: Modelling and system impact (Invited)
C. Antonelli

M. Bertolotti (Title to be defined, Invited)

T. Chen (Title to be defined, Invited)


PNPA II (Wednesday, July 22, 10:40-12:20)

Beam shaping in nonlinear volume holograms via optically engineered ferroelectric domain patterns (Invited)
W. Krolikowski

Nonlinear optical properties of chiral metasurfaces (Invited)
C. Sibilia

Nonlinear surface nanoscale axial photonics (SNAP) (Invited)
M. Sumetsky

Hot electrons and optical nonlinearities in graphene (Invited)
S. Mikhailov

Glasses and nanopowders for lanthanide photonics (Invited)
C. de Araújo


PNPA III (Wednesday, July 22, 13:50-15:30)

Second harmonic generation with giant angular and spectral acceptance (Invited)
J. Parravicini, L. Falsi, F. Di Mei, L. Tartara, A. J. Agranat, and E. DelRe

Intermodal four wave mixing for heralded single photon generations in the MIR (Invited)
L. Pavesi

Single state dynamics of InAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers: Stability, instability and chaos (Invited)
F. Grillot

Microspherical resonators: From rainbow to phonon lasers (Invited)
S. Soria

Using cavity resonator integrated grating filters for second harmonic generation (Invited)
F. Renaud, S. Calvez, A. Monmayrant, E. Popov, A.-L. Fehrembach, and O. Gauthier-Lafaye


PNPA IV (Wednesday, July 22,16:00-17:40)

Nonlinear photonics for neuromorphic computing and Ising machines (Invited)
C. Conti

Generation of nonclassical light in silicon photonic structures under self-pumping (Invited)
D. Bajoni

Generation and characterisation of photonic cluster states on chip using frequency- and time-bin entanglement (Invited)
L. Caspani

Entanglement and quantum interference at 2100 nm (Invited)
M. Clerici

Nonlinear optics studies of emerging two-dimensional materials (Invited)
V. Raghunathan


POSTER SESSION (Wednesday, July 22, 13:00-15:00)

Compact stacked patch antenna array using uniplanar EBG structure in mm-wave band
I. Gharbi, R. Barrak, J. M. Ribero, H. Ragad, and M. Menif

Empowering hitless spectral defragmentation in elastic optical networks with spatial multiplexing
Í. B. Brasileiro, L. R. Costa, G. E. V. Silva, and A. C. Drummond

CzechLight Polarilog – Rapid polarization rotation monitoring appliance
R. Vohnout, M. Šlapák, J. Jedlinský, and J. Vojtěch

Energy efficient and delay aware vehicular edge cloud
A. A. Alahmadi, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Optimized distributed processing in a vehicular cloud architecture
F. S. Behbehani, M. Musa, T. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Data center top of rack switch to multiple spine switches optical wireless uplinks
A. S. Alhazmi, O. Z. Alsulami, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

PON-based connectivity for fog computing
A. M. Alqahtani, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

A resilient AWGR and server based PON data centre architecture
R. A. Thabit, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M.H. Elmirghani

Energy efficient neural network embedding in IoT over passive optical networks
M. M. Alenazi, B. A. Yosuf, T. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

A network topology for composable infrastructures
O. O. Ajibola, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Effect of receiver orientation on resource allocation in optical wireless systems
O. Z. Alsulami, K. D. Alazwary, S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Impact of room size on WDM optical wireless links with multiple access points and angle diversity receivers
O. Z. Alsulami, M. K. A. Aljohani, S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Beam blockage in optical wireless systems
S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, O. Z. Alsulami, M. T. Alresheedi, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Impact of user distribution on optical wireless systems
K. D. Alazwary, O. Z. Alsulami, S. O. M. Saeed, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

NOMA visible light communication system with angle diversity receivers
M. K. Aljohani, O. Z. Alsulami, K. D. Alazwary, M. O. I. Musa, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

FSO communication with nonzero boresight and jitter over Málaga atmospheric turbulence
M. Yasser, T. Ismail, A. Ghuniem

Learning of mobile-traffic patterns for resource management and dynamic power controlling
I. El-Shal, M. E. Gad, and T. Ismail

Optimal function split via joint optimization of power consumption and bandwidth in V-RAN
H. H. Mahmoud, T. Ismail, and M. S. Darweesh

Multi-branch transmitter for indoor visible light communication systems
S. H. Younus, A. A. Al-Hameed, A. T. Hussein, M. T. Alresheedi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Improving the confidentiality of VLC channels: Physical-layer security approaches
M. T. Alresheedi

Caching video-on-demand in metro and access fog data centres
W. B. M. Fadlelmula
, S. H. Mohamed, T. E. H. El-Gorashi, and J. M. H. Elmirghani

Engineering the NLO response of fluorographene by octylamine functionalization
A. Stathis, I. Papadakis, N. Karampitsos, D. Kyrginas, M. Stavrou, and S. Couris

Preparation of PbTe thin films for high-sensitive mid-IR photodetectors by PECVD
L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, I. Prokhorov, T. Sazanova, S. Zelentsov, A. Knyazev, N. Starostin, A. Letnianchik, E. Rafailov, and V.Vorotyntsev

Gallium oxide films prepared by oxidation of gallium in oxygen-hydrogen plasma
L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, T. Sazanova, D. Gogova, S. Zelentsov, P. Yunin, I. Prokhorov, V. Malyshev, and V. Vorotyntsev

Zinc oxide nanostructured materials prepared by PECVD as a platform for biosensors
L. Mochalov, A. Logunov, T. Sazanova, A. Kulikov, E. Rafailov, S. Zelentsov, and V. Vorotyntsev

Investigation of the polarization state influence on the auto-focusing properties in the near-field diffraction
D. Savelyev and E. Monin

The size reducing of the focal spot with super-Gauss pulses radiation focusing by a diffractive axicon demonstrated using high-performance computer systems
D. Savelyev and S. Volotovskiy

Virtual reality as cost effective tool for distance healthcare
R. Papara, R. Galatus, and T. Marita