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ICTON 2000


2nd International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks


June 5-8, 2000 - Gdańsk, Poland



Opening Session (Optical Networks) Chair: Hans-Georg Unger 

Mo.A.1 Research towards optical networks in the IST work programme (Invited)

A. Houghton

Mo.A.2 Progress in research on photonic infrastructure for the next generation networks (Invited)

A. Kuchar

Mo.A.3 Improved dispersion tolerance of duobinary optical transmission considering the influence of duobinary filters and optical input power

M. Wichers, W. Kaiser, W. Rosenkranz



WDM Transmission I Chair: Alexander Nosich 

Mo.B.1 Optical fiber devices (Invited)

Y. Sasaki

Mo.B.2 Lucent Technologies – Protection and restoration in optical networks (commercial presentation)

R. Antosik


WDM Transmission II Chair: Adam Majewski 

Mo.C.1 Selective wavelength transparent optical add-drop multiplexer based on fibre Bragg gratings

P.S. André, A.N. Pinto, J.L. Pinto, T. Almeida, M. Pousa

Mo.C.2 Influence of the laser detuning on optical WDM network performance

A.L.J. Teixeira, M.J.N. Lima, J.R. Ferreira da Rocha

Mo.C.3 What is the best fiber for transport networks in Poland?

K. Borzycki


Modelling of Optical Systems and Components I Chair: Pavel Chmela 

Mo.D.1 Fast solution to the scattering by arbitrary smooth dielectric cylinders based on the method of regularization (Invited)

A.I. Nosich, S.V. Boriskina

Mo.D.2 Axial symmetric electromagnetic pulse excitation in a flat waveguide with a time-varying plasma (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh, N.K. Sakhnenko, I.V. Scherbatko

Mo.D.3 Homogeneous upconversion in Er-doped waveguides (Invited)

B. Jaskorzynska

Mo.D.4 Beam propagation analysis of nonlinear tapers

S. Sujecki, T.M. Benson, P. Sewell, P.C. Kendall, A. Majewski

Mo.D.5 Regular oscillation in two-section laser structures based on d-doped superlattices

D.V. Ushakov, V.K. Kononenko, I.S. Manak



Modelling of Optical Systems and Components II Chair: Bozena Jaskorzynska 

Tu.A.1 Spectral propagation methods for OEIC design (Invited)

T. M. Benson, P. Sewell, A. Vukovic

Tu.A.2 Reflection and transmission of a light on a dielectric boundary in a time domain (Invited)

A.G. Nerukh, I.V. Scherbatko, M. Marciniak

Tu.A.3 Modeling of off-axis Gaussian beams in elliptical waveguides: application to mode-locking devices

A.I. Bychenkov, V.L. Derbov

Tu.A.4 Wave propagation through all-dielectric multilayered optical fiber

E.A. Romanova, P. Sewell, T.M. Benson


Non-linear Phenomena in Fibres and Planar Waveguides I Chair: Igor Sukhoivanow 

Tu.B.1 Nonlinear optical propagation in periodical and quasiperiodical layered structures (Invited)

C. Sibilia, M. Bertolotti

Tu.B.2 Propagation of electromagnetic waves in non-linear and non-uniform dielectric structures (Invited)

G. Kalinchenko, A. Lerer

Tu.B.3 Gap solitons in three wave mixing nonlinear media (Invited)

G. Assanto

Tu.B.4 Conversion of LP02-mode into LP01-mode in optical fibers with Kerr-like nonlinearity

E.V. Bekker, L.A. Melnikov, E.A. Romanova


Non-linear Phenomena in Fibres and Planar Waveguides II Chair: Igor Nefedov 

Tu.C.1 Incoherent spatial solitons in inertial nonlinear media (Invited)

W. Krolikowski

Tu.C.2 Characterization of II-VI alloy semiconductor layers by photoreflectance spectroscopy and prism-coupler method (Invited)

W. Bala

Tu.C.3 Light self-confinement in planar cells containing nematic liquid crystals

A. De Rossi, M. Peccianti, G. Assanto, A. De Luca, M.A. Karpierz, I.C. Khoo

Tu.C.4 Experimental study of the third order optical nonlinearities in ZnSe:Ag crystals

B. Derkowska, B. Sahraoui, X. Nguyen Phu, G. Glowacki, W. Bala

Tu.C.5 The application of integral equations to calculation of diffraction on inhomogeneities in lightguide structures

A. Lerer, G. Kalinchenko


Poster Session

Tu.P.1 Frequency modulation to optical amplitude modulation conversion in a dispersion inhomogeneous fiber optics link

K. Perlicki, J. Siuzdak

Tu.P.2 Forming of solitons using the ring optical resonator

Т. Gerasimchuk , V. Katok , А. Manko

Tu.P.3 Optical filters for systems with wavelength division-multiplexing

Т. Gerasimchuk, V. Katok, А. Manko

Tu.P.4 Pressure tuned laser diode as a light source for characterization of optical transmission lines

P. Stępiński, W. Trzeciakowski

Tu.P.5 Long distance analog CATV link utilizing non-zero dispersion-shifted fiber

M. Jaworski, M. Marciniak

Tu.P.6 Realization of SSFM for nonlinear pulse interactions influence on transmission efficiency in soliton communication lines

V.B. katok, V.G. levandovsky, L.I. Netudyhata

Tu.P.7 Ways of raising the effectiveness and evaluating the exactitude of the stratification method of analysis of inhomogeneous dielectric waveguides

V. Katok, M. Kotenko, O. Ometsinska

Tu.P.8 Syntheses of single-mode optical fibers with minimal dispersion

A.M. Gomilko, A.A. Gourjii, V.B. Katok, L.I. Netudyhata, E.D. Shchepkina

Tu.P.9 Computer network based on optical passive couplers

D. Podwika, D. Stefański, J. Witkowski, E. Pawlik

Tu.P.10 Hybrid fiber-optical NxM multiplexers and commutators based on planar acoustic phased arrays

N.M. Ushakov

Tu.P.11 Analysis of reflection coefficient dependence of fibre Bragg grating on index modulation profile

J. Ciosmak, M. Marciniak

Tu.P.12 Propagation of chirped rectangular pulses in nonlinear lossless optical waveguide

T. Kaczmarek

Tu.P.13 Optimisation of short-haul DWDM fibre telecommunication systems in presence of nonlinear optical phenomena

M. Kowalewski, M. Marciniak, A. Sedlin

Tu.P.14 Generation of coherent photocurrent oscillations in GaAs structures with noninjecting contacts by illumination

Yu.N. Perepelitsyn

Tu.P.15 The linear wire in anisotropic medium

N.A. Khizhnyak, N.M. Yatsenko, E.A. Yatsenko

Tu.P.16 Etching of n-type GaAs for fabrication of semiconductor laser

Z.H. Mahmood, S.M. Ullah, J. Rahman

Tu.P.17 Erbium doped fiber for L-band EDFA

K. Poturaj, J. Wójcik, B. Janoszczyk, P. Mergo, M. Makara, W. Spytek, A. Kowalski, K.M. Abramski, E.M. Pawlik


Devices and Fibres I Chair: Wieslaw Krolikowski 

We.A.1 Chi^(2) grating formation in optical fibers due to the self-organized parametric down conversion (Invited)

P. Chmela, O. Samek, M. Minarčík

We.A.2 The Fabry-Perot laser diode controlled by the external fibre Bragg grating

P. Tomczak, E. Pawlik, K. Abramski

We.A.3 Optical CDMA system based on amplifying fiber Bragg gratings chain

H.V. Baghdasaryan, D.M. Meghavoryan, N.K. Uzunoglu

We.A.4 Optical switch of polarization based on high-TC films

K.P. Gaikovich, Ju.N. Nozdrin, A.V. Zhilin


Devices and Fibres II Chair: Ella Romanova 

We.B.1 A survey on low phonon energy glasses and fibers for photonic applications (Invited)

U. Unrau

We.B.2 Conversion efficiency of fiber wavelength converter based on degenerate FWM

B. Batagelj

We.B.3 Effect of homodyne crosstalk in WDM ring/bus networks

Y. Shen, C. Lu

We.B.4 Implementation of a Faraday mirror stabilization scheme for all optical switching in a standard telecom fiber

C. Vinegoni, M. Wegmuller, N. Gisin


Photonic Nano-Structures Chair: Alexander Nerukh 

We.C.1 Achievements in PBG structures modelling and fabrication (Invited)

I.Yu. Vorgul, M. Marciniak

We.C.2 Optical photonic band gap logic elements (Invited)

I.S. Nefedov, Yu. Morozov, V. Gusyatnikov, A. Zheltikov

We.C.3 Towards an all-optical terabit network: the impact of photonic bandgap structure technology (Invited)

M. Marciniak

We.C.4 All-optical analog-to-digital converter for photonic networks using multilevel signaling

L. Brzozowski, E.H. Sargent


Light sources I Chair: Sławomir Sujecki 

Th.A.1 All-optical demultiplexing and format conversion using an ultrafast polarization bistable VCSEL (Invited)

H. Kawaguchi

Th.A.2 Visible erbium-doped ZBLAN fiber upconversion laser (Invited)

F. Kaczmarek

Th.A.3 Calculation of temperature characteristics in the oxide confined VCSEL including non-uniform carrier distribution

P.S. Ivanov, I.A. Sukhoivanov

Th.A.4 Mode transformation in VCSEL emitting pseudorandom sequence of pulses

Yu. Morozov, I. Nefedov, V. Gusyatnikov


Light Sources II Chair: Marian Marciniak 

Th.B.1 Diode lasers for light-wave systems (Invited)

B. Mroziewicz

Th.B.2 Simulation of an optical gain of quantum well lasers taking into account the optical gain and electron density nonlinearities (Invited)

V.V. Lysak, I.A. Sukhoivanov

Th.B.3 Phase locked loops for laser coherent systems

A.J. Antończak, K.M. Abramski

Th.B.4 Erbium doped fibre lasers with loop reflectors

M. Kożak, T. Baraniecki, E. Pawlik, K. Abramski