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9th International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks

July 1-5, 2007 - Rome, Italy


Co-located with:

  • 6th European Symposium on Photonic Crystals (ESPC)
  • 6th Workshop on All-Optical Routing (WAOR)
  • 4th Global Optical & Wireless Networking Seminar (GOWN)
  • 3rd Reliability Issues in Next Generation Optical Networks Workshop (RONEXT)
  • 3rd Photonic Integrated Components & Applications Workshop (PICAW)
  • 2nd Nanophotonics for All-Optical Networking Workshop (NAON)
  • 2nd Conference on GRAphs and ALgorithms in communication networks (GRAAL)

Special sessions on:

  • 2nd Special Session on Microresonators and Photonic Molecules: trapping, harnessing and releasing light (MPM)
  • 2nd Special Industrial Session
  • 1st Special Session on Novel Glasses for photonic devices
  • 1st Special Session on Broadband Access: making use of optical transparency for user access




Conference Organiser: Marian Marciniak
ICTON 2007 General Chairman: Giorgio Maria Tossi Beleffi

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